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best apps for rooted android phones

10 Best apps for rooted Android Phones -MUST HAVE APPS

Are you actually a Smart Phone User ? Then you must have rooted your android smart phone to make it more smart. A lot of people root their phones to actually become a smart phone user and many may ask which apps to install once their phone is rooted. So here is a list of 10 best apps for rooted android phones that every rooted phone user must have.

10 Best Apps for rooted android phones

1. App Freeze


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This application helps you to freeze any app that is installed in your smart phone. If you have frozen any app, it will not start at all and won’t even run in background. With the use of this app you can disable any of the installed app. If you want to run again the frozen app then you have to defrost it. Hence this app can save memory by disabling any app when not in use. Proved to be very helpful in increasing phone speed and performance.


How to use it:

  1. Open the App Freeze app.
  2. After a few second the list of all the installed apps will be loaded.
  3. Select any app you want to disable and hit FREEZE.
  4. To run the Frozen app again just go to Disable list and select the frozen app you want to defrost and click on Unfreeze.

2. Greenify


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This app never let your phone or tablet to become slower. This app help you to identify and put the misbehaving apps into hibernation mode when you are not using them thus prevent your phone from lagging and leaching the phone’s battery in a very unique way. Works as much as similar to iOS apps hence make your device to work smooth. You can also imply auto hibernation after the screen is off. You can sit back and relax and this app make your phone faster and saves much more memory. Unlike App freezer, Greenify don’t completely disable your app, you can still use the app as usual hence no need to freeze or unfreeze.

3. SCR Screen Recorder


It is one of my favourite app, hence included in the list of “best apps for rooted android smart phones”. This app allows you to record and save your phone’s live screen. I have included a link of the PRO version of the app for free.

Unique Features:

  • On most of the devices, you can record in-game audio without quality loss caused by microphone recording speakers output. The “internal+mic” option lets you to record your live commentary while recording the screen. This app is completely add free. No more annoying adds.
  • Face Cam: This app allows you to add a front facing camera to the recording screen. Hence allows you to share your emotions, also the front facing camera window is customizable, can be adjusted as per concerned.

4. Terminator Emulator


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A rooted phone is incomplete without this application. I hope most of you have heard about this app as it is a very famous app that unleash your inner geek. This app comes with tonnes of hidden features that helps you to control your phone just by writing Linux commands. This is one of the best apps for rooted android phones.

Some interesting commands and their Use:

  • su – to gain root access. This command is used every time to gain root access.
  • reboot recovery – directly reboot your device into recovery mode, no need to press any combination and make it complex.
  • reboot download – reboot your device into download mode.
  • To set the default installation location to the external external sd Card, you can have a look to my other post.

5. Lucky Patcher


This is the app that helps you to explore hidden features of your phone. It really makes your phone a smart phone. This app is developed by developer Chelpus. DO YOU GET IRRITATED BY ADS THAT POPS UP EVERY TIME IN MOST OF THE APP? You don’t have to worry if lucky patcher is installed on your device. This app helps you to remove every ad that irritates you. With the help of lucky patcher you can remove ads and license verification in almost every apps installed on your phone. You can patch any app installed in your phone with the help of this app to remove in app purchase, license verification. Yes you heard it right, this app can remove license verification of many apps installed in your phone that don’t require an internet connection. But there is no  100% surety hence named as lucky patcher. Lets see how much you are lucky today. Click here to download Lucky Patcher.

Lucky Patcher is available for non rooted device as well, but the performance is far much better on rooted android device. Thus it made it place in this list of best apps for rooted android devices.

 6. Titanium Backup


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Most famous and most powerful backup tool available for android. Titanium backup is a backup utility for Android that helps you to backup apps and user applications  along with their data on external storage of your choice. As the name suggest this app helps you to backup every apps along with their data and it can also restore regular system apps with their settings and data. It can also freeze or defrost any installed apps. Other features include:

  • Backup/restore system apps + their settings (include WiFi AP list)
  • Zero-click system app un-installer
  • Move app to/from SD card
  • Unlimited, independent scheduled backups (each of which can run 1 to 7 times a week)
  • and much more.

 7. System App Remover


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System App Remover is also included in the list of best apps for rooted android. It can unintsall any app whether in-built or externally installed. Samsung phones comes with many in built apps like chat-on, Samsung store and many more. Moreover there area many in-built Google apps that area of no use. You can uninstall any app with the help of System App Remover and hence secure more space on your android device and make it more faster and smoother. Increases speed of your device as decreases used RAM by uninstalling system apps.

8. Device Control


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Device control is an app used to control several features of your device like acts as Tasker, App Manager. With device manager you can tweak and edit Vibration Strength, Colour temperature, LCD power reduce, CPU frequency, Voltage control. By the use of Device Control you can add an amazing feature – Fast Charge. This app really boost up your battery life. You can also monitor CPU and battery temperature with the use of Device Control Perfect with devices having a little low RAM, as these devices lag sometime but with the use of Device Control you will feel the difference. Amazing app with tonnes of features.

 9. WiFi Password Recovery


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This app is not a WiFi cracker app. This app helps to recover the WiFi password that was once connected to your device. This app will remember and displays password, IP address, and gateway of all the WiFi networks you will connect to. Hence proved to be very useful.

10. Link2SD


Get it on Google Play

Link2SD is the last but not the least in this list of best apps for rooted android phones. It is another app to move your applications to external SD Card and enables you to manage your apps and storage easily. It also links the application along with its data to the external SD Card of your choice. Link2SD is probably one of the best apps for rooted android smart phone. It can also switch between the default app install location as auto, internal or external. The PRO version also have a feature that auto clear the cache of the background apps and hence boost up your phone performance.

That’s all in this hand-picked list of best apps for rooted Android Phones. Many more apps are available for rooted phones that helps you to customise and run your device flawlessly. RAM Booster, Internet Speed Booster, SD Booster, Full! Screen, GMD Gesture Control are some of the examples.

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