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new user account in windows 10

How to create a new user account in Windows 10

If you share your Windows PC with other people, then each user must have their own account or you each person should create a new user account in Windows 10 so that they will have their own sign in and desktop. Windows 8 was powered by Microsoft account that allows you to sync files and settings from PC to PC. There are more advanced options in Windows 10 that were limited in Windows 8 or Windows 8.1.

Create a new user account in Windows 10

In Windows 8.1 you are allowed to add or create a new user account as a local account or a Microsoft account. But in addition to these features Windows 10  allows you to create a new account for your family member. You can add an account for your child or create a new user account for an adult.

Creating a new local account

There are many methods to create a local account in Windows 10, but I will share the best & the easiest two methods to “create a new local account in Windows 10”.

Method 1 :- Using Command Prompt

To create a new local user account in your Windows 10 PC just type in the following command in the command prompt and hit enter. Change the username and password as per your preference.

net user [username] [password] /add

new user account in Windows 10

Make sure you are running the command prompt as an administrator.

Method 2 :- Using Run Command.

You can also create a new user account in Windows 10 by using Run Command Windows. To do so, open the Run command Window by pressing “Windows Key + R”, type in the following command and hit enter.

control userpasswords2

An user account Windows will open. In the Users tab click on the Add button.

new user account in windows 10


A sign in window will open. You will have two options, you can sign in with a Microsoft account and add it in to your PC or you can add a local account by skipping the signing in procedure. Click on the “Sign in without a Microsoft account” and continue to the next window where you will ask to add a new user. Click on “Local Account”. Type in the User name & password and you are done creating a new user account in Windows 10.

new user account in windows 10


If you want the newly added user to be the administrator, type in the same command that was used in Method 2 in the Run window and hit enter. Select any user and click on properties, now open the “Group Membership” window and select the second option – “Administrator”.

Adding a Family Member account

Windows 10 has brought an all new feature that allows you to add an account for any of your family member, weather a kid or an adult. To add a family member account, go to Settings and open “Accounts”. In the Accounts section, click on Family & other users. Hit on “Add a family member”.new user account in Windows 10


Click on Add a child or Add an adult, enter the email address or create a new one. An invitation will be sent to the new user’s email id containing an invitation link that will have a validity of 14 days. So make sure, the new user will click on the invitation link within 14 days.

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