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best music player for android

Top 5 best music player for android 2015

Are you sick of the music player that came pre-installed in your android smart phone and looking for an alternative for it? If you’re addicted to your songs playlist and looking for a good music player that will boost your experience, then you should check out this hand picked list of the 5 best music player for android.

5 Best music player for android

#1. Poweramp Music Player (14 days free trial, $1)

Poweramp is the most powerful music player available on the Google Play Store. It is the best music player for android, has more than 50 millions downloads from Google Play Store. It has all the features that makes it rank to the top of the list. Poweramp should play most music formats available on your device and it consists of configurable audio effects such as 10 band optimized graphical equalizer. Poweramp also have song lyrics support, including lyrics search via musiXmatch plugin. Poweramp supports high level of customization including themes, style, skins, bass adjustment via Settings. It has the best and the powerful equalizer as compared to other players.

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best music player for android


#2. Neutron Music Player (5 days free trial, $6)

Neutron is a professional music player with a high quality audio sound engine that provides the best quality of sound on an android device. The best app for audiophiles and those who just loves music. It supports all the audio formats and also displays song lyrics. It is also one of the best customizable music player. Neutron Music Player includes sleep timer, wake timer, clock mode and many other amazing features and hence all these features makes it different from all the others music players.
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best music player for android


#3. Fusion Music Player (FREE)

Here comes the number 3- Fusion Music Player. It is also one of the “best music player for android” available on Google Play Store. Fusion Music Player is  free and designed by Lava International Limited. Fusion is most feature rich and the only player having music discovery feature integrated. It includes built in mp3 cutter and sharing feature. The claimed Powerful equalizer isn’t up to the mark. But overall it is a very nice music player for music lover so I have included it in my list.

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best music player for android


#4. Gone Mad Music Player (14 days free trial, $3.82)

Gone Mad Music Player is one of the most beautiful player available in the Play Store. With 250+ customizable options, you can listen to music the way you want to. The built in theme builder makes it one of the best recommended Music Player. You can choose with 1000+ themes. GMMP also includes high powered 2 to 10 band graphic equalizer with 3 quality settings.
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best music player for android


#5. MusicXmatch music and lyrics (FREE)

musicXmatch is another popular Music Player available on the Play Store. As the name suggests, it is quite famous due to its world’s largest lyrics catalogue. It is rated one of the best music player for android, and is a must have app for music lovers. You can listen to music in your music library with synced lyrics. You can also search the lyrics of the songs you love. Floating lyrics feature makes it one of the best. The equalizer and Sing features are very impressive.

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best music player for android


P.S. Poweramp and musicXmatch are my favourite.

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  1. thanks for your suggestion, we will surely update the list if necessary.

  2. superb list, poweramp is the best. jhon, are you mad?. Nothing is special in Usic and more over it has only 50 downloads. Don’t download. My vote if for poweramp and Neutron.

  3. MyAudioStream is not mentioned, but it’s not a good music app but also a streamer and downloader.

  4. These are nice music players. I created an android music player of my own with some cool designs and themes, check it out. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.musicplayer.mediaplayer

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