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cubot dinosaur performance

Cubot Dinosaur Phablet Review – 3 GB RAM, Dual Core

Cubot is one of the emerging cooperations in China, spreading the “Cubot” roots in the global market. Cubot is one of the emerging smartphone brands in China. The company is aiming to develop from a national brand to an international brand.They have launched many of their products and I have already reviewed Cubot X9 smartphone with is at a price range of $108. As the name suggests, Cubot Dinosaur has a really very big battery capacity of 4100 mAh yet the body of this phablet is very slim. The tagline itself says “Large Capacity But Still Keeps Slim“. Cubot Dinosaur might be the slimmest smartphone with such long battery life in the world. Cubot Dinosaur falls under the price range of $119.99, you can easily buy it from everbuying.com which provides worldwide free shipping.  The phablet comes with Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) out of the box. Cubot Dinosaur phablet is powered with MT6735A quad core processor which is a decent one considering the price range. Not only this, this phablet is packed with 3 GB of RAM to make the performance really very fast. Powerful performance, superior graphics, and long battery life equips you for life and work on the move. So without further ado, let begin with this “Cubot Dinosaur Phablet Review”. [quick_offer] cubot dinosaur review

Design And Display

Cubot Dinosaur has an excellent screen size of 5.5″ with an HD resolution display 1280 x 720p. 5.5″ is the best in the class of screen size according to me as a phone with such screen size tends to be more handy and premium looking. The phablet also has a 2.5D arc screen display that facilitates smooth swipe and touch, you can read more about the 2.5D display from androidathority.com

The build is pretty nice, the frame and inner middle housing are made up of Austenitic steel. A 5.5″ display with 3 capacitive navigation button to the bottom of it are present on the front face of the phablet. And a 5.0 MP front facing camera with auto focus is present to the top of the display along with speakers and proximity sensor.

cubot dinosaur performance

A lock screen button to the bottom of volume rocker buttons is present on the right edge of the phablet and on the back side of the phablet, a 13.0 MP rear shooter camera is present along with an LED flash. Overall the build quality is good. The phone does not have any protective glass to protect the screen from getting shattered. So lets continue with the Cubot Dinosaur Phablet review.



Cubot Dinosaur phablet is powered with a quad-core processor which sounds to be a little off the trend but anyway the tablet has 3 GB of RAM which is really great and increase positivity in the fast performance. Moreover, the phablet has 16 GB of internal storage which is quite satisfactory considering the price range of $119.99. Now let’s discuss the phablet performance in detail.


As I already told you, the phablet is powered by a quad-core processor and 3 GB of RAM which makes gaming experience really very great. The performance of this phablet is pretty fast and you won’t face any issue like lagging or something. Yo, the processor is pretty decent that you are getting under $119.99 from everbuying.net

cubot dinosaur phablet

A 3 GB of RAM is really good enough to do multi-tasking and to play high-end graphic games without any lag. The phablet has an internal storage of 16 GB out of which around 12 GB is user accessible. I have already played Asphalt 6 on this Cubot Dinosaur phablet, and the game really ran smooth without any lag. So now move to the battery performance in this Cubot Dinosaur phablet review.

Battery Performance

Now coming to another pro of this tablet, its battery. Cubot Dinosaur has a large battery capacity of 4100 mAh which can easily last more than a day with moderate usage. I’m using Xiaomi Mi4i as my personal smartphone and its battery capacity is 3000 mAh and even that gives a really great standby time now imagine what you’ll get in 4100 mAh battery. Now you don’t need to carry an external power bank as you’ll never run out of battery if you are using this phablet.

Camera Performance

The phablet has a 13.0 MP rear shooting camera to click good quality pictures and the picture captured even during low light are great quality and the rear camera is really very cool. A variety of camera playing means is waiting to be explored. It has the following camera features-

  • gesture capture
  • smile shot
  • real-time hdr
  • focus tracking
  • beauty mode

cubot dinosaur phablet camera

Now coming to the front camera of Cubot Dinosaur, the phablet has a decent front facing camera of 5.0 MP to capture good quality selfies but really I don’t find the front camera to capture good quality images. It was just satisfactory.

Cubot Dinosaur Phablet Review Conclusion

When I was approached to do Cubot Dinosaur phablet review, I looked at the phone specifications & price and I was really amazed by its features like battery capacity and RAM that are coming only t $119.99. The phone has a 3 GB of RAM, a really great screen size of 5.5″, great camera, good design and much more and the price is just $119.99. So I think, you might go with this phablet if you are looking to buy one. Subscribe to get instant updates and reviews of hot smartphones and more hot tablets.  [quick_offer]

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