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How to disable Windows 10 automatic updates
How to disable Windows 10 automatic updates

How to disable Windows 10 automatic updates

Unlike Windows 8 or any previous versions, there is no option to disable Windows 10 automatic updates. There is no option to disable Windows update in control panel or in PC Settings. 

In the previous versions of Windows we had the flexibility to turn off the automatic updates or we could choose whether to download and install the available updates. But this feature has blown off from the settings or control panel of Windows 10. Now let us see “how can you disable Windows 10 automatic updates”.

Disable Windows 10 automatic updates

Method 1: By disabling Windows Update Services

By disabling Windows update services, you can disable Windows 10 automatic updates. To do so, Open run Command by pressing “Windows Key + R”, type the following and hit OK.


disable windows 10 automatic updates


Now a new window will open, scroll down and navigate to Windows Update. Right click click on the Windows update and click on properties. Now in the Startup type option, select Disabled and hit OK.

disable windows 10 automatic updates


By clicking OK, Windows 10 automatic updates will be disabled. You can enable it again by following the same procedure.

Method 2: Using Metered Network Connection

This is a new feature that Microsoft has added to Windows 10. By enabling this feature you will have more control over the data usage. Microsoft has provided this feature to the users having limited data plan. Enable Metered Network Connection to disable Windows 10 automatic upgrade. 

You have to enable it for all the networks you use to browse internet. To enable Metered Network Connection, click on the Network button available on the taskbar.


windows networks

Now a list of all the available networks will open. Click on the Network settings and turn on the metered network connection. By enabling it, the updates will no longer be downloaded automatically.

disable windows 10 automatic upgrade

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