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facebook profile video

Turn your facebook profile picture into facebook profile video

Facebook is one of the best social networking service available today. People visit facebook profile more than four billion times a day, Facebook says. Now the company is making Facebook profile more better by introducing some new features.

Facebook is improving:

Facebook is the best place for people to connect with others. The company has unravel some new mobile friendly features for Facebook Profiles. There will be more better profile control that will allow you to add some creativity to your profile. You can add featured images and add a customizable bio at the top of your profile. These all features are in testing phase, Facebook will take some time in rolling out all these great features. So stay tuned.


By giving people the power of share, we’re making the world more transparent.
                                                                                             -Mark Zuckerberg

Turn your profile picture into Facebook profile video

facebook profile video


Facebook has changed a lot, soon you will be able to add a short looping video that will play for anyone who visits your profile. This feature is in testing mode and soon will roll out with the new update. Profile pictures will no longer be static, you can add some creativity, “bring your profile to life by adding facebook profile video”. You just have to wait until new update starts to roll out. You can see a Coming soon:Profile videos button when you tap “upload your profile picture” option.

facebook profile video coming soon


Improved profile controls

Facebook has always provide you the power of what other people see, when they visit your Facebook profile. Now Facebook is introducing more improved profile controls. Facebook is adding new customizable space at the top of your profile. You can utilize that space by adding a small ‘Bio’, that space will be visible to anyone who visits your profile.

facebook profile video

You can even add your favourite photos as featured images to display other people your best side. You will have the option to add a temporary profile picture that will automatically replace with the permanent profile picture after the temporary period. I should say, Facebook is really great and the best social networking service. You can watch this small video to get some more idea about these features.


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