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0xc00007b error

A Complete Guide To Fix “0xc00007b error”

Application was unable to start correctly (“0xc00007b”). Click OK to close the application“, is the most frustrating and annoying error that most of the Windows user has faced once. This error arises when user run an application that is not compatible with the windows version he is using, lets say when you loads a 32bit application in a 64bit system causing 0xc00007b error. 

0xc00007b error

Here is a complete guide to fix 0xc00007b error, tested and worked for the following games :

  • GTA V
  • FAR CRY 4
  • CRYSIS 2
  • CRYSIS 3
  • FIFA 14
  • GTA IV

Follow this tutorial to fix this error from any application/game.

Fix 0xc00007b error :

There are a number of reasons for this error to occur, which ever reason it is try all the steps listed below to get rid of this error.


Install/Update DirectX

Make sure that the latest version of DirectX have been installed in your computer. If not, click on the below link to download latest version of DirectX


Reinstall .Net Framework

In most of the cases this error arises due to .Net Framework issues, so try reinstalling the latest version of .Net Framework, go to the Microsoft .net framework page and download the latest version of .Net Framework. After installin it, restart your PC to take the place the modifications.


Install Microsoft Visual C++

Install Microsoft Visual C++ to get rid of 0xc00007b error. Make sure all the following versions have been installed in your PC-

  • Visual Studio 2013 (VC++ 12.0)
  • Visual Studio 2012 (VC++ 11.0)
  • Visual Studio 2010 (VC++ 10.0) SP1
  • Visual Studio 2008 (VC++ 9.0) SP1

You can visit here to download and install all these versions.

Note : Download only that version that is missing in your computer.

To check : Open Control Panel and go to Programs and Open Programs and Features, and search for Microsoft visual C++.


In 95% of the cases, 0xc00007b error won’t occur if you have-


So. if you have tried all the 3 solutions above then the error should no longer be appear. If not, you should run the application as an administrator.


Run as an administrator

Try running the program as an administrator as some of the programs require administrator privilege. To run any application as an administrator


0xc00007b error



  1. Hit right click on the application shortcut, and then click properties.
  2. In the property dialog box, click on the compatibility tab.
  3. Mark the “Run as an Administrator” box and click OK



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  1. i installed all the above, the game 3 times but still get the same error. running Windows 10 Pro x64. Any other suggestion ?

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