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unable to connect to proxy server


If you’re facing some error “UNABLE TO CONNECT TO PROXY SERVER” while loading a web page (using GOOGLE CHROME OR INTERNET EXPLORER) and can’t access to the internet, in this post I will tell you the details about this error and a complete guide to fix it. I’ll be posting two different methods to get rid of this error. 


Let us understand some basics of a proxy server (what is it and how it is used), proxy server acts as an intermediate between a client and a server, it requests files from a real server.

There are several advantages of a proxy server as it provides faster access to the internet (for example,  if two clients are requesting some webpage from a same server, the webpage for the first client will be fetched from the server but for the second client, the request will be forwarded to the webpage that was previously fetched by the first client hence making the search process faster).

It can also be used for security purpose, for example in a company, with the use of proxy server access to any particular webpage can be prevented.


There are several reasons for this error, one basic cause is due to some unwanted application or a program, or can be due to some malicious extension. To be very frank I also got this error due to misconfiguraition in the LAN Settings when i used my college WiFi.


Now moving next to the procedure to fix this malicious error “unable to connect to proxy server”, carefully follow these steps to fix this problem. If you have any doubt in any step, feel free to ask anything 🙂



Open Internet Explorer, navigate to the “gear icon”  unable to connect to proxy server and click on the “Internet Options”.

unable to connect to proxy server
Open Internet Options


STEP 2. 

Open the Connections tab, Open LAN Settings, check “Automatically detect settings” and uncheck “Use a proxy server for your LAN”.

unable to connect to proxy server
Check Automatically detect settings


STEP 3. 

Now reload any webpage and you will see the error will no longer be appear. If every time you uncheck “use a proxy server for your LAN” it rechecks itself, follow method 2 to solve this problem 



Reboot your PC into Safe mode, I’m not gonna tell you again how to boot into safe mode in this post, click here to read how to boot into safe mode in any version of Windows.


Open “RUN COMMAND” (windows key + R), type “regedit” and hit OK.

unable to connect to proxy server


Open registry files for “Internet Options” [ HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > Microsoft > Windows > Current Version > Internet settings ]


 Delete the following Registry files : – 

  • Migrate Proxy
  • Proxy Enable
  • Proxy Server 
  • Proxy Override
unable to connect to proxy server
delete these registry files

Now just reboot your PC and follow METHOD 1. ( uncheck “Use a Proxy Server for your LAN” box and check “Automatically detect settings” box).

Just load any webpage, it will surely be working by now 😉 

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  1. Thanks Saransh..maine apna unable to connect proxy server shi kya h.,

  2. hi there… thanks for sharing this …. but what if i’m using a proxy and i don’t want to uncheck “use a proxy server for your lan” the same problem will happen again in few hours even i’m sure the internet connection is working in another computer for the same proxy …. do u have any solution to that?

  3. Its still not working.. Pls help me out..

  4. Extremely helpful.. Cheers! !

  5. I’ll give a full proof solution…just do a system restore to a date before the problem started…to a date when u remember everything was running fine… problem solved

  6. im facing the same situation right now and the problem is when I go to the chrome menu > settings……>LAN settings there is nothing to deselect. “use a proxy server for your LAN” is already unticked. So what should I do?

    • @rose, you should read this post thoroughly, every solution is give in this post. If your LAN is already ticked, follow method 2 ( boot into safe mode and delete all those registry files). Do let me know if this helps.

  7. I did all the steps you mentioned and it still doesn’t work. However, when I went to delete the files, two of the ones you mentioned were already missing. Pls help me out I’ve been trying all day to make it work.

  8. Hallelujah! It worked perfectly! A thousand thanks.

  9. Thank you so much. It worked perfect!

  10. The last step is not working for me

  11. Thank u very much this one is the exact solution

  12. I have an Auto Proxy file in my registry that you don’t have in your example. Could this be deleted to because I still have the problem after doing both methods?

    • @Mjdaw, boot into safe mode, then delete this file.

    • I have the same problem. Followed the protocol. Proxy server remains. Went back to registry and the deleted items returned.

      • Please make sure that you are making changes while in the safe mode. That would be helpful for you.

        • Yes I am, however I believe that there is an unwanted optimizer called PC Fix Speed that is responsible. I have attempted to remove this from the registry in safe mode as well but the proxy settings return as well as the PC Fix Speed. Could there be an unnamed registry entry that I am missing when deleting that is allowing everything I delete to return?

  13. Hello. I have followed your instructions and I delete the files that you say to but they keep coming back. what now? Please help. Ty

  14. Hello! I went through all the steps…was able to delete 3 of the 4 proxy registry files you listed. The one called “Proxy Server” was not in my Internet Options list at all. I went back to Explorer to uncheck the Use Proxy Server box, but it was still inactive — grayed out, just like before. Explorer still says — “cannot connect to proxy server”. What else do you recommend? Thanks!

  15. Followed the steps and it still did’nt work. And yes I followed all the steps correctly.

  16. Hey! I can’t access proxy settings in chrome
    when I go to settings>advanced settings the change proxy setting button is greyed and if I click it says “settings enforced by your administrator” but IE works. Also if I right-click on Chrome, the ‘Run as administrator’ option is not present.

  17. Used the first method….worked perfect!

  18. Saransh I’m having a problem where windows cannot automatically detect the network’s proxy settings. Using Windows 10.

    Thank you

  19. There is no proxy override option in my Internet settings as described in method 2

  20. Hi…thanks a lot…it worked like charm!!

  21. SARANSH, YOU ARE THE THE CURE !!!!!! :)))))

    The REGEDIT deletions solved the f…n problemoooo!!!!


    Thanks a LOT!!!!!

  22. Woah, thanks. This works like a charm and I really needed it for my classwork. You’re a lifesaver.

  23. thanks Dear…….

  24. my college wifi uses proxy and when people want to access internet, they must enable proxy. But, my laptop is error “can’t connect to the proxy server”. I already set all proxy to be enabled, but still not work. What should i do?

    • The same problem happened to me. I have shared the same method by which I solved that issue. Follow all the steps carefully, make sure you are altering the settings in safe mode.

  25. I tried everything.. From going to safe mode and deleting files.. It goes for a moment but starts again.. Please help.. Options in the change lan setting are locked to automatic already

  26. Thank you sooooooooo much!
    Method 1 worked perfectly for me. As I type, I’m using the network to send this message.
    Thanks a lot!

  27. Thank you so much for this wonderfully illustrated video! Step 1 worked perfectly alright for me, except that I had to un-check that box thrice over an hour as it automatically selects itself. But other than that, thank you for this lovely guide! I couldn’t locate the thumbs-up button for some reason but I’m still trying lol

  28. Sir, after the second method, the proxy setting has got unticked. But still its not working. What to do?

  29. Hi Saransh How to enable “Automatically detect settings”
    I tried both method still not working. Please guide me what should i do??



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