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Google Play store is not working – FIX

Most of the android users may have experienced Google Play store errors. [“Unfortunately Google Play Store has stopped working”, “No connection or error in connection”, app is not being downloaded, keeps on loading but the download don’t starts at all] these are the common errors that many android users may have faced and yes they are really very much annoying. In this tutorial you will learn how to get rid of all these annoying errors.

Clear Google Play Store Cache

Clearing the Google Play Store cache works for most of the time. Cache is the temporary memory of any device that holds some data that can be retrieved again, no need to reload.

To clear the cache of Google Play Store, go to the Settings then go to the Application manager and then look into “All” and find the Google Play Store, click on it and hit the “Clear Cache” button. After clearing cache of Play Store, the error will no longer be there.


google play store



Clear Google Play Service Cache

If clearing Play Store cache don’t help then you have to clear Google Play Service Cache. To clear Google Play Service cache, go to the Application manager and open Google Play Service and click on “Clear Cache” button.


google play store



Remove the existing Google account

Clearing the cache works most of the time but if it didn’t helped you then you have to remove the existing Google account and sign in again and do remember to enable the sync. To remove the existing Google account, go to Settings and then open Account Section, select Google and remove the existing Google account.


google play store



Perform Factory data reset

If above tips didn’t helped you, then there is nothing better than a clean factory data reset.

Warning: Doing Factory data reset will erase everything from your Phone storage so make sure you have backup of all your data. Download Super Backup, with the help of this app you can backup all your contacts, files and apps.


google play store


To perform a factory data reset go to Settings, then go to Backup & reset and select Factory data reset and click on RESET PHONE. Sit back, grab a cup of coffee as it will take a couple of minute or two. Wait for the factory reset,  once its done then you can use the Google Play Store. It won’t have any problem/error by now.

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