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How to set Screen Timeout option in Xiaomi Phones
How to set Screen Timeout option in Xiaomi Phones

How to set Screen Timeout option in Xiaomi Phones

If you have recently updated the MIUI version in your Xiaomi smartphone then you must have noticed that the screen timeout option no longer appears in the display settings. That must be very frustrating for you, the default screen timeout is set to 30 seconds, I guess. When I updated my Xiaomi Mi4i to latest MIUI version and was really frustrated when I was unable to find the screen timeout option in the display settings. In this post, I’m gonna tell you guys how to set Xiaomi Screen timeout option. So let’s get started.

Changing the Xiaomi screen timeout settings

There’s nothing I can tell you more, as this tutorial is gonna be very small. You don’t have to look any further for the screen timeout option in your Xiaomi android. Just follow this tutorial and set the screen timeout option you are more comfortable with.

There was a Xiaomi Screen Timeout option in the display settings, after the MIUI updated, Xiaomi has made some changes and the screen timeout option has been transferred from display settings to some other settings. Follow the below tutorial to change your Xiaomi android’s timeout settings.

  1. Go to Settings and navigate to lock screen settings instead of display settings.
  2. Now, in the lock screen settings, you’ll find the option to change the screen timeout settings.
  3. There you go, open the screen timeout setting and set the screen timeout you are comfortable with.

Easy, right. It’s kind of crazy that I am posting this lame tutorial. But yes, many of you are looking for this tutorial over the internet, so I have posted this to give you some help. Hope you liked this tutorial. Share it with your friends, stay updated.

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  1. Nice Share bro! And now, i can change of the screen timeout. Thank you very much

  2. thankss, ya funny but im really frustated to found how to set screen timeout and the result make me feel stupid 😂😂

  3. Hey, a big thank you for the info. Yep sounds silly to not have found it myself, sure glad you posted about it.

  4. Do you know what’s really lame?? You actually wrote a one page blog for a two line solution. Let’s see if you approve this comment. Perhaps then I will take interest in your other posts

    • You know anything about SEO bro ? If I had posted only the solution part then maybe you won’t be reading this blog to read the solution. There are many other factors to get some rankings. Thanks for your feedback though.

  5. Thanks a lot for this. ✌

  6. Have tried this at least 10 times daily.From 15 secs I alter to 2 mins. Every time I reopen the screen even only within 5 minutes it still defaults to 15 secs requiring me to reset to 2 minutes or whatever I need.. There is no ‘OK or lock in’ mechanism on my mi5. Any more suggestions.

  7. Thanks a lot to you Saransh Bhatt for sharing this valuable information with us,, I have been helped a lpt from this

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