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onda v919 air

Onda V919 Air Honest Review – Dual OS Tablet

Onda V919 air tablet is a 9.7-inch tablet that looks exactly similar to iPad air, but the interesting thing is it can boot to either Windows 10 or Android 4.4. Yes, you can run Windows and android apps on the same tablet. It’s my first review for a tablet otherwise, I have done reviews of many Chinese smartphones and smartwatches in my previous days. No matter you love Windows or android, you can run both of them on a single tablet. The one that supports this awesome feature is named as Onda V919 Air. When you’ll boot it into any of the OS, you’ll be fascinated by its display. As per the company, the screen resolution of this tablet is 2048 x 1536, that is quite brilliant. You’ll also get Windows pre-installed famous apps in it like full Office 365 (including Word, Excel, etc) and other stuff. onda v919 air tablet

I’ve been using this tab for almost 1 month and all I gotta say is it really got something though it has some cons but the features and positive quality compensate them. The very first impression of this tablet is pretty amazing. You’d love using it, the UI is quite clear and attractive, but if it had its own design it would be much better. I don’t know why they tried to mimic the design of iPad. If they were doing so much good work in making this tablet, they could have given a unique design but apart from that, you are going to love this gadget.  It has got almost everything, camera on both the sides, Android KitKat, Windows 10, 2GB RAM, 32 GB ROM, it has got everything. So if you are planning to buy a new tablet but a little confused to choose from, then let me help you as this is gonna be a deep review of the Onda V919 Air tablet. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Design and Build Quality

The design is much similar to the famous iPad, they have tried to mimic the iPad. The button will look much similar to that of the iPad, also the speaker grills present on the bottom of the tablet memorise us of iPad. Moving forward, the tablet weighs 450 gm and is 8 mm thick, that is a bit thicker than iPad. But considering the price range, you can’t accept much. The build quality is quite good as the body is made up of Aluminium.home button

On the right side of the tablet, you will find volume rocker buttons below the power button which are also present on the right side. There nothing you can find on the right side of the tablet. The tablet nowhere looks cheap due to its aluminium body. It looks quite premium in hands. v919 speaker

On the front face of the tablet, you will find a single capacitive home screen button which features a blue light, same as an iPad does and the button looks much similar of the iPad one. On the top, front facing camera is present along with the very known proximity sensor. On the bottom of the tablet, you’ll see a USB jack and on the top, a 3.5mm jack is present.build quality onda

Now coming to the back face of Onda V919 Air tablet, on the top left corner you will find the rear camera. The brand logo is featured in the middle of the back face of this tablet. On the top, there is a unique removable plastic flap is present, where you can insert your memory card and your SIM card.onda v919

The display quality is really very good. The best thing that I liked about this tablet is the display and colour quality. It comes with a screen size of 9.7 inches having a QXGA resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels which is surely better than the HD display. The color quality is pretty amazing and you won’t be disappointed with the display of this tablet. Look I forgot to mention that the tablet has an IPS display, you can imagine such a resolution on an IPS display. It will surely look great in your hands. I’ll give 9 on 10 to the display quality of this tablet. It also got some protection that is used to prevent the screen from getting shattered, I don’t know to what extent it can prevent the tablet screen as obviously this type of protection can’t compete with the Gorilla protection.


Onda V919 Air is powered with Intel Atom Z3735F 1.83 GHz quad core processor. The processor is more than enough to use Office apps like Excel, PowerPoint etc with a little android gaming. The tablet for sure lag sometimes as it has a RAM of 2 GB, I’m a heavy user of Smartphones and tablets so I guess you won’t face such a lag if you are a moderate user. android os Onda v919

The tablet is available in two variants, one with 32 GB of ROM and other with 64 GB of ROM. But currently only 32 GB is available everywhere on the internet, but you can buy it from Everbuying at a huge discounted price of $140. Everbuying also provides free WorldWide delivery, so you don’t need to worry about anything.

A lot of guys will surely ask this basic question, “Is there any heating issue ?” and my answer is No, No I haven’t faced any such issue even after playing Mini Militia constantly for more than an hour. What else do you want fro such beauty which you can own spending some bucks ?windows OS

Now coming to the battery performance of Onda V919 Air tablet, the battery of this tablet drains at a quite faster rate. Though it has a large battery of 7200 mAh, I’m quite disappointed with the battery life it gives. I started playing Mini Militia when the tablet had 76% battery, after playing it for 1 hour the battery was 52%, the battery is not bad but it should give more as it has 7200 mAh back-ups.

Onda V919 Air Camera

This tablet has got dual camera, a rear camera and the front facing camera. Both the cameras are 2.0 MP that takes quite average quality pics. But tablets are not known for their camera so you can manage and go for it. The camera quality is not very bad. Below are some pics taken by the camera of Onda V919 air. It also supports video recording.

r camera sample 1
sample 1- click to zoom



r camera sample 3
sample 2-click to zoom

Last Words

Many of us remain confused on choosing the tablet. What should I buy, an Android tablet or a Windows tablet? But this got everything, you can easily switch the OS by scrolling down the notification tray/settings menu when using Android or from Windows apps in the taskbar when using Windows. The tablet will be Restarted and the OS will be switched.

onda v919 air box

Now considering the price range of $140, it is really a great deal. Quad Core processor with 2.0 MP on both sides of the tablet along with a great internal memory, all this for $140 it’s kind of one-time deal. As everything is not best, it has got some cons also like fast battery drain but all the cons are compensated by its features. You can’t expect much in this price range. So for me, it’s kind of a great deal that you shouldn’t miss.

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