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Oukitel K6000 Pro Review- A 6000 mAh Flagship
Oukitel K6000 Pro Review- A 6000 mAh Flagship

Oukitel K6000 Pro Review- A 6000 mAh Flagship

You might haven’t heard of Oukitel, this is a Chinese smart phone manufacturer and recently have launched two flagship smart phones, Oukitel K10000 (world’s biggest battery smart phone) and Oukitel K6000 pro having 6000 mAh battery. These two smart phones are getting famous due to their huge battery capacity, sources says that the Oukitel K10000 charged three iPhone 6s plus and 10% battery was left behind. This might sound funny but yes that’s a true story. Anyway let’s move on to Oukitel K6000 Pro review. Oukitel K6000 Pro is a 5.5 inch android phablet that comes with latest Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) out of the box. It is powered with 64 bit Mediatek chipset having octa core processor and 3GB RAM. As now most of the people prefer metal body smart phones so Oukitel has a really tough metal body. Let’s move further and see is the phone really got something other than the battery life or not ? [quick_offer]

Design and Display

As the phone has a huge 6000 mAh battery capacity so the phone is going to be a little heavy but it doesn’t seem to be much heavier in hands. Oukitel K6000 pro weighs around 214 gms that won’t bother you much if you are a huge battery lover and doesn’t want to carry a separate power bank with you all the time. The phone looks much similar to Xiaomi Mi4 from the front side. The navigation buttons, position of camera and proximity sensor and the body shape- the phone looks similar to Xiaomi Mi4.

metal body oukitel k6000

It has a unique design on the rear side. The rear camera which is 15.0 MP shooter is present on the top middle of the rear side of the phone. Followed by the finger print sensor present to the bottom of the camera. The phone really looks rough and tough and the design is quite good. I won’t say it has a very attractive design rather I would say the design is rally not bad.

oukitel k6000 camera

Now coming to the display of Oukitel K6000 pro, the phone has a big 5.5 inch 2.5D Arc Screen that gives a resolution of 1980 x 1080 (full HD resolution). Such type of screen resolution will usually give you 441 ppi which is pretty good and produces excellent colour quality and temperature. The screen has also got an additional protection of dragontrail glass that will prevent the screen from getting shattered.

finger print id oukitel

Oukitel K6000 Pro Performance

The phone is powered with 64 bit MTK6753 octa core processor, the best you can get in $145. Moreover Oukitel K6000 Pro also have 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of ROM. With such processor and RAM size, the phone becomes really very fast. The phone can easily handle heavy apps and high end graphic games. Processing mutli-tasks at the same time will give no pressure to the phone.

processor oukitel

Now coming to the camera quality of this beast, the phone has got a 16.0 MP rear camera with dual LED flash and auto focus. The phone really captures amazing quality images and also the picture quality captured at nigh is also very good. The front camera is 5.0 MP, the quality of the front camera could be more better but anyway its not so bad.

Now what to say about battery ? The 6000 mAh battery capacity itself tells you much. The phone has got a really very very large battery capacity and you don’t even need to carry a power bank along with you. This phone can actually behave like a power bank and can charge other phones.

oukitel k6000 pro phablet

Oukitel K6000 pro also has a finger print sensor that most of the newly launched phones have. The touch response is pretty fast and the finger print sensor is present on the rear side of the phablet like the Google nexus series. You can also unlock individual apps using your finger print only.

The phablet is also dust and splash proof. The phone not only looks sturdy but it really is. It is a really rough and tough gadget under $145 which is available on Everbuying. No matter from which country you are from, everbuying offer free worldwide delivery (most of the parts).


Oukitel K6000 pro is really a beast and very powerful phone you can find under $145. You will get a metal body, 3GB RAM, octa core processor, pretty good camera, finger touch ID and much more. Keeping all these in mind, I can easily recommend you to go for it.  [quick_offer]

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  1. Where i can buy it? Please tell me, thanks

  2. Good review,
    My K6000 Pro arrived yesterday and I bought it from Tinydeal free shipping DPD, only took 7 days shipping to the Netherlands from China. It’s a bargain for what they deliver, it’s a little monster.

  3. Rathnakaran Sudhagar

    Saransh, would you please confirm if this phone has one handed mode?

  4. Great battery, but the apperance is not. just order a maya max from bluboo, their apperance is more beautiful.

  5. I can’t recommend anyone to get the Oukitel K6000 Pro. The rooting of the smartphone was a difficult process. I had two previous Android smartphones. One was a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and the other a Xiaomi Mi3. The Mi3 was very easy to root and the Note wasn’t that difficult either.

    On the other hand, the K6000 Pro was difficult to root and I encountered problem when installing TWRP that caused the phone to go into a boot loop. Furthermore, it was hard to get into the stock recovery mode, though I managed to. But I never managed to get into TWRP. In the end, my K6000 Pro was brick and I had to send it to an expert to repair it.

    Besides, Oukitel’s support is poor too. Their support didn’t reply to a message that I sent, and you can’t download many support files like drivers for the phone on their website.

  6. except from big battery, nothing special.

  7. comparing to its competitor, bluboo maya max, there’s nothing advantage with it apart from battery capacity

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