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share apk files on whatsapp

How to share ZIP or APK files on WhatsApp without any other app

Hey what is going on guys, many of you must be wondering if there is any way to share ZIP or APK files on WhatsApp. Previously, WhatsApp allowed only photos, audio, and videos to be shared using it. But a few months back they released an update in which a user can share document files like DOC, PDF on WhatsApp. Good thing, right. But what about the ZIP or APK files? There should also be a feature to send ZIP or APK files on WhatsApp.

For many of us, it is an essential feature that a user should also share such files. For that one can use hike, similar to WhasApp as hike allows sharing such files. Now in this post, I will tell you two methods to share APK or ZIP files on Whatsapp, obviously on an Android smartphone. So, let’s get started.

Share ZIP or APK files on Whatsapp directly through File Manager (No other App required)

This is the simplest method that you can use to share APK or even ZIP files through WhatsApp. You can share APK files on WhatsApp in a jiffy using this method. All you have to do is follow these couple of simple steps carefully.

  • Open File Manager on your Android smartphone
  • Browse to the ZIP or APK file to be sent through Whatsapp
  • Long press the file and click on Rename
  • Now change the extension of the file from .zip or .apk to .txt
  • For example, if you want to share minimilitia.apk, rename it to minimilitia.txt.
share apk files on whatsapp
                                            1. Click on “Rename”
share zip or apk files on whatsapp
                   2. Change the extension from .apk to .txt
share zip files through whatsapp
                  3. Now long press the file and click on share

That’s it. Now after sharing the file, tell the receiver to rename the file & change back its extension to .apk, to begin with the installation.


If you are using UC browser that has its own File Manager, then you can directly share your download ZIP or APK files on WhatsApp. Just go to the Downloads, long press the file and rename to change its extension from .zip or .apk to .txt


Long press on the file again and click on “Open Folder”. Now select the file, long press on it, and click on send file. Now you can send the ZIP or APK file on WhatsApp directly through UC browser on your Android smartphone.

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