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teclast x98 plus tablet

Teclast X98 Plus Tablet Review, Price & Specifications

Are you confused in what tablet to Let me make this thing easier for you. Presenting Teclast X98 Plus tablet having dual OS, Android 5.1 and Windows 10. In my previous review of Onda V919 Air I told you about all its feature and now this tablet – Teclast X98 Plus is somehow similar to the previously reviewed Onda V919 that also have dual OS, which means you can easily boot into either of the OS (Android or Windows). It comes with pre-installed Windows 10 and Android 5.1. A 9.7 inch dual OS tablet powered with a quad core processor and 4 GB RAM along with a micro HDMI output support might be a wise choice. You can buy it from Everbuying, they keeps providing discounted deals on most of the products + they provides world wide free shipping. So now let’s see what this tablet got.[quick_offer]

Display & Design

Teclast X98 Plus is a 9.7 inch tablet with QXGA IPS retina display as same as Onda V919 has and it’s definitely better than the HD display. The colour quality is amazing, the display is really very good that also supports multi touch upto 10 fingers. As it has QXGA display that means it has a resolution of around 2048 x 1536 pixels. The display part is really very good, excellent colour quality with a decent ppi.

The tablet is light in weight, weighing around 530 gms but you’ll find it a little thicker. The looks and design of this tablet is not much interesting or attractive. It has a good screen size but no physical navigation button. On the front face it has a 2.0 MP front facing camera present on the top left corner of the tablet and a proximity sensor. The body of tecast X98 plus tablet is a combination of meta, bezel and plastic.design teclast x98

On the back face it has a 2.0 MP auto focus rear camera and two loud speakers with the company logo, the bad thing is that the previous version of the same tablet had a better rear camera of 5.0 MP. On the base it has a micro USB port, 1.5 mm audio jack and micro HDMI output port. On the left edge, it has a microphone, a micro SD cart slot, volume rocker buttons and a power button. Basically it has a very simple design that don’t looks much attractive.

Teclast X98 Plus Performance

The Teclast X98 Plus tablet is powered with Intel Cherry Trail T3 Z8300 1.83 GHz quad core processor. For many the processor sounds something new, Even I haven’t heard about it but after using it for somedays all I can say that it is pretty good but can’t compete with the Snapdragon chipset. On the very first boot the tablet has more than 3 GB free RAM out of the 4 GB total RAM size. You will even find some lag if you’ll load this tablet with games and applications.teclast x98 specs

The performance of teclast X98 plus is not that much good as expected by a tablet having quad core processor. You’ll find it a bit laggy when playing high end graphic games. A 64 bit processor with 4 GB RAM and quad core processor should provide a good performance but this tablet has a little lower performance. It has a 16 GB of internal storage out of which around 12 GB of storage is user available.

Camera & Battery

Teclast X98 plus has a front facing and a rear camera, both of which are 2.0 MP. The previous version of Teclast X98 tablet had a 5.0 MP rear camera but now it has been reduced to 2.0 MP. The camera quality is somehow average and takes decent quality pictures. I can’t attach the samples in this post due to some reason but will update the post when I could.teclast x98 camera

Now coming to the best part of this tablet – its battery. It has a battery of 8000 mAh that provides an excellent backup. Even playing high end graphic games with full brightness, it would last for around 5 hours. With 100 % battery and playing movie with a medium brightness level for 2 hours the drained only 18% of the battery. It really has an excellent battery life.


features teclast x98

The medium price range tablet – Teclast X98 plus has an excellent battery life with a not bad performance might be a good choice. So I think you can go with it but you always has a choice so you can also see Onda V919 air that comes at a price range of $140.

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