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How To Unbrick Samsung Android Phone
How To Unbrick Samsung Android Phone

How To Unbrick Samsung Android Phone

Before we talk about “How to unbrick Samsung Android Phone”, let me clear something with all you guys, most of the people don’t know what a bricked phone actually is. A bricked phone means – your phone won’t turn on at all. A phone stuck in a boot loop or a phone that boots directly to recovery mode is not a bricked phone. If your phone is actually bricked that means it won’t open at all, neither you can boot into the recovery mode nor into the download mode, you cannot unbrick it on your own. However if you are able to boot into recovery mode by using a USB jig, then there is a still hope that you can unbrick it. Otherwise take it to some service centre to get it back to function.

Your phone might stuck in a boot loop or every time it boots into recovery mode during Flashing a new ROM into your device or rooting your device in a wrong way. Usually Samsung phones are easy to root and are also easy to revive from boot loop, so if you are using Samsung Smart phone you got lucky. You can also refer to my other tutorial on “How to fix Samsung galaxy stuck at Samsung logo

Let us assume that there are two states of a bricked phone – Soft Bricked Phone and Hard Bricked Phone.

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Soft Bricked Phone –

Your device is unable to boot into Home Screen but every time it boots into recovery mode or is stuck on Samsung logo – that is your device is stuck into boot loop. You can easily unbrick a soft bricked phone by flashing a stock ROM or flashing a recovery file.

Hard Bricked Phone –

As the name suggest your phone behaves like a brick, no operation can be done, not able to boot even in the recovery mode, no reaction on pressing the power button. You cannot unbrick a hard bricked device on your own, however if you are able to go to recovery mode using USB jig, then there is still a hope that you can unbrick it on your own, otherwise YOUR PHONE IS DEAD. You should contact to some service center.

Samsung phones are so secured to root but if luck don’t favours you, your phone can misbehave or get bricked. In this post you will learn how to unbrick Samsung android phone.

How to unbrick Samsung Android Phone

If your phone is stuck in boot loop

If your phone is stuck in boot loop – that is, your phone keeps rebooting – happen many times if you are flashing a new ROM and you forgot to wipe all the data of the previous ROM, your phone boots every time with some error and hence will keep rebooting.

To fix this type of problem Go to recovery mode, booting into recovering mode varies device to device, here we are taking Samsung case so press volume plus + home screen button + power button, wipe “cache partition” then navigate to “wipe data/factory reset” and format all the data and reboot your device.

If this method didn’t worked then flash the recovery.tar file, adopt the following tutorial.

If your phone is stuck on Samsung logo or in recovery mode

If your phone is stuck on Samsung logo or every time it boots into recovery mode, just follow these steps very carefully to fix this problem.

Before you begin –

  • Make sure latest Samsung USB drivers are installed on your PC.
  • Download Odin v3.07 on your PC, download link.
  • Download Recovery.tar, download link.

Now follow these steps very carefully

  • Run Odin v3.0.7 on your PC as an administrator
  • Switch off your device, go to download mode (volume down + home screen button+ power button), then press volume up to continue and connect to your PC
  • When Odin recognize your device, click PDA option and navigate to the recovery.tar file where you have downloaded it
  • Select recovery file and hit START
  • The flashing process will complete and Odin will show a PASS button with green background, your device will be rebooted

After flashing the stock recovery file your phone should boot normally without any problem. If the same problem persists, then you can do nothing but to install the stock Samsung firmware using Odin. You can refer to that tutorial if you want to install the stock Samsung firmware in your Samsung android.

Now before you flash a new ROM –

  • Make sure you have enabled USB  Debugging on your device
  • Make sure you have latest Samsung USB drivers installed on your PC
  • wipe cache partition and wipe data/factory reset before you flash a ROM

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  1. I am sure this article has touched all the internet people,
    its really really good paragraph on building up new webpage.

  2. This is awesome. My Samsung galaxy core got life back now. Thanks a lot. this app works fantastic.. Gud job ;

    • Thanks for your positive feedback 🙂

      • Dear Saransh,
        my grand prime plus also is hard bricked, but I think major problem is that before to restart the phone I disabled the oem and usb debug. So now when I turn on there is only a small message on the top left black page saying custom binary blocked by frh boot.img. There is still chance to open it? Thank you

  3. Hi Saransh, I have Note 3 N9005 h3g uk version running kitkat 4.4.2.I am in India. I tried Kingo root since it claims that it is one click and safe. however after going through some processes it says …waiting for the device for about hour and phone is shut down and not rebooting. They says it has not bricked any phone since it is only using an exploit. I am not sure if I should disconnect to see if it is bricked or has stuck to recovery mode. My question is if it is bricked how much does it costs to repair at the service center?

  4. Hi Saransh. I have Galaxy Grand 2 G7102 running kitkat 4.4.2 Ver Indonesia ****NH1. And my phone is stuck on Samsung logo. About your file Recovery.tar, is it compatible to my device??? And i’m not sure about enable USB Debugging on my device. Is it important to enable USB Debugging before flashing my device? If not, what happen to my device if i do flashing without Debugging USB??? Thank’s.

  5. I did all u said but , it is not rebooting .it is showing Red exclamation mark on the top left corner . can u help p;zzzzzzzz. im using samsung gran neo plus gt-i9060

  6. hi! i did all the instructions listed but when i boot there’s only a red exclamation mark on the top left of my phone

    really need your help!!

    model: SM-J100MH/DS

  7. what if i did’nt enabled my USB DEBUGGING ?

  8. Hey Saransh! I’m using a GS4. After trying to update my SuperSU, i rebooted my phone and have been stuck at the Samsung logo with blue sparks ever since. I have tried flashing a new ROM but to no avail. Is there any other way to unbrick my phone?

    • @jay, follow the instructions given in the post. Flashing a new ROM will never help you to get rid of bootloop. You have to flash the recovery file for your device. I have given a link for the recovery.tar in my post. Flash it using Odin. 🙂 Do tell me if it helps

  9. Hi Saransh! I am using a GS4. I was trying to root my phone. After rooting my phone, my superSU app stated that i needed to update it. To update it, it requested me to reboot my phone which I did leading to a bricked phone( stuck at samsung logo ). I’ve tried the steps you suggested to unbrick my phone but to no avail. Is there any other way to solve this matter? Please give feedback to me, thank you! 🙂

    • The main and the crucial step is that don’t let your phone to reboot when the downloading/flashing is completed. As soon as your phone starts to reboot, remove the battery immediately. Try flashing once again and be aware to remove the battery as soon as your phone starts to reboot.

  10. Hi Saransh. I have Galaxy Note2 GT-N7100 running kitkat 4.4.2 Ver Indonesia And my phone is stuck on Samsung logo “Galaxy Note II GT-N7100. and don’t go any where. About your file Recovery.tar, is it compatible to my device? And i’m not sure about enable USB Debugging on my device. I’ve tried ODIN v3.09 with ROM from SamMobile XSE version, but the log said “nand write” Failed.. I don’t want to root my device, just wanted it comes alive. Can you help me please? Thank’s before

    • Renata as I you said that you are stuck in the bootloop. You can use two methods to recover your phone from botloop
      1. Flash the CUSTOM ROM (1.2gb approx) using ODIN.
      2. Flash the recovery.tar for your phone. The recovery.tar file that I have provided in my post might work for you but I will suggest stock recovery file for your phone,click here to download. After the download flash this recovery file via ODIN and your phone will breathe again.

  11. hi,
    I have galaxy core prime SH-G360H.
    my phone is stuck on Samsung logo and stop there. i am trying as you say but it did not work.
    is there any other method to solve it? is your recovery.tar file comfortable for my mobile?

  12. Hey, I have a Note 4 apparently stuck in a bootloop. It has a dm-verity verification failed notice, and I have tried a multitude of solutions, from using Odin, to One click, and I apparently cannot flash anything to my device due to an error stating that things are deprecated.

    What now? Take it to a Samsung Kiosk and let them deal with it?

  13. hiii saransh thanks for this….
    after i got PASS button with odin still not able to take my phone in recovery mode when i press Vol up + home + power
    still not able to go into recovery mode and also not able to sign in google even after factory reset my phone…

  14. hii saransh thanks for this guide
    but still not able to take my phone to recovery mode and also not able to sign in google…
    plz help me bhai
    will be so much thankful of your help

  15. Hi Saransh,I am from Bangladesh.My android device is walton primo e2.I was rooted it,and some system file accidentally deleted.i haven’t install any custom recovery.Though it is not samsung device,can u please give me any suggestion?

  16. hello..pls help me..my galaxy J1 just stuck on its boot logo..it can go to recovery mode and download mode but cant detect by Odin..what can i do? plssss help me :'(

    • Download the latest samsung USB drivers, original samsung USB is recommended. Now follow these steps
      1. Open odin as an admin
      2. Goto the download mode and vonnect your phone to your PC.
      3. Now press Vol plus button to continue, odin will surely detect your phone by now.

  17. i had rooted my samsung galaxy star pro and tried to instal custom kitkat rom on it but my phone strucks while booting and only a black screen appears ,is there any way to make my phone alright

  18. Hi Saransh. My phone is hard bricked, I have a Samsung core prime. I took it to a service center but the guy there told me that it’s dificult to unbrick. I wanna now if he is liying to me or telling the truth. Thanks! amazing info by the way!

  19. hi saransh i do all these steps but my samsung j1 still stuck what should i do? thanks

    • @chris, if flashing the stock recovery file isn’t helping, then you might need to flash the official firmware of your phone via odin. If you want then I’ll post that tutorial too.

      • Hope you can help me with my samsung grand prime i rooted the phone I flashed the recovery.omg file but now my phone is stuckon the samsung logo screen in odin mode it was supposed to be a pc free all in one root anyway I can fix it?

  20. Hi saransh i do all these steps but my samsung j1 still stuck what should i do?please tell me

  21. Hi there!
    My friend tried to root galaxy grand prime. He used Odin to root his phone and he said that his phone went off while this process. Now when he turns on the phone, bootloop comes.
    Will the above procedure fix it?
    Or is there any shorter method without using software?

  22. Hi there!
    I have dowloaded Odin but able to connect the phone as it restarts frequently
    plz help

  23. sorry not able to connect the phone as it restarts freqyently

  24. sir.. doesn’t work on my galaxy j100ml..

  25. Tried this and others still comes up and says: Custom binary clocked by
    FAP under that in small red letters it says SECURE FAIL ; KERNEL. This is really strange as I had rooted it (as I do with all my phones.) (This one I used King Root) and it seemed to work fine, then one morning I turned it on and got this message, tried hard reset, wiped it, tried your remedy and still the same………….. Im an older man so I dont have tons of apps or silly facebook or other social networks………very strange guess I should have stuck with LG’s………….

  26. Im sorry its Custom Binary Blocked (not clocked) by FAP and its secrue fail: kernal not (;)

  27. Hey what if I restart my sgn3 running 5.0 and it doesn’t get to home screen bit gets through everything else ? I need help and u can see my email ([email protected]) I’ve tried recovery also and it said I’m okay…

  28. Hey what if I restart my sgn3 running 5.0 and it doesn’t get to home screen bit gets through everything else ? I need help and u can see my email ([email protected]) I’ve tried recovery also and it said I’m okay…
    Its stuck… Well frozen when it gets to the sprint logo

  29. tried your remedy it does not work, keeps coming up failed and the samsung core prime piece of crap still says blocked by FAP……Lg’s are much better phones ……..I learned my lesson…….samsung sucks !!!!

  30. hey the recovery file that i downloded from here is not a .tar file but a .img file and it does not show up when i try to load it in Odin, any help please

  31. thnx a lot bro u r a life saver

  32. Hi Saransh

    Firstly , big up’s on your awesome blog, I sure have learnt a great deal thus far.

    I still however do have a problem with my Grand Neo GT-I9060I/DS. My phone powers up and stays on the boot up screen displaying “the Samsung logo powered by Android” with a red exclamation mark in the top left hand corner”. I tried booting up the phone in recovery mode but fails to do so and boots up into the exact screen mentioned above. I am able to boot up the phone into download mode to connect it to the pc to use Odin but Odin doesnt identify the device and neither does windows. Windows picks up a device is connected but is unable to install its drivers. I have downloaded an array of Samsung and Android drivers in the hope of resolving the issue but the only progress Ive made is the device been shown in device manager with an exclamation mark and error “device is unable to start (Code 10). Unfortunately whilst the phone was working I tried rooting it and for some reason wasnt succeeding despite following all the neccessary steps in doing so and further more tried installing a zip file via CWM Rom Manager which was the last activity performed on the phone, the device rebooted and that was it. Im not too sure whether this is considered a Hard Brick but I am certainly hoping you could possibly assist despite reading a plethora of blogs regarding resolving the issue and yours been the most likely…

    Thanking you in advance

    • @Sebestian, don;t worry your phone is not hard brick. Hard brick is something that you can say if your phone doesn’t light up at all. As per your comment, your device has no problem booting into download mode. I’d recommend you to use some other USB cable. Note that, you have installed the latest Samsung USB drivers in your PC/laptop.
      First open Odin in your PC and connect your device to your PC and then try to boot your phone in download mode and then volume plus button to continue. Hopefully your device would be detected and then you flash whatever you want.
      Do notify me if this helps. and you are always welcome @Sebestian.

      • Hey Saransh,

        Ive tried every possible sequence and process there is but to no avail. Ive installed various USB driver files trying to get Windows to pick up my device and connected it to approximately 16 USB ports with no luck. Windows seems to alternate the error codes on connecting the device on different USB ports from Code 10 to Code 43 (Device can-not start to Problems with device) I’ve connected and intentionally looped my J1acelte and was able to recover from bootloop. Ive soft bricked my Galaxy Tab 3 with no recovery mode boot available to the Tab and was able to flash a recovery rom and boot up my Tab but for some reason I am failing dismally with the Grand Neo Plus. Every attempt or effort results in the same end result, that is Windows not permitting the device into manager. Not sure if this info might help but prior to the devices current state I was in Rom Manager v5.5.3 from the Install Zip from SD card menu, selected a zip file (gt-i9060I.zip) and was asked if I am sure I want to reboot into recovery mode to install the zip file, I selected yes and that was the last my device was operable. Immediately after the device booted down it got stuck where its at now with no sign of anything else.

        Thank you for taking the time to respond to my query, its greatly appreciated…

  33. Hi Saransh!

    The recovery file only comes in “recovery.img” when i unzipp it, and odin won’t find the file.

  34. Hey Saransh…. I want your help please….. Can you give me ur email id….. Please please……

  35. Hi Saransh,

    I tried to put a custom rom on my Galaxy Note 2 from Verizon Model SCH-I605 running kitkat 4.4.2 after using Kingroot to root. I now get a yellow exclamation point at boot that says System software not authorized by Verizon Wireless has been found on your phone. Please turn off your phone and go to the nearest Verizon Wireless store for help. I can get the phone into odin mode and have tried using it but it always comes back with Nand write fail. There is no recovery mode available after i messed rooting. Help.



  36. Need help, flashed with the king flasher, phone was from criket,,

    seemed to work and then I restarted my phone and it said it was flashed from a 3rd party and to bring my phone to a qualified person..
    so I tried to do the pree the 3 buttons and now comes up with download a new operating system.. now has the big android and said downloading do not turn of target..

    what can I do am I scrwed?

  37. I know this thread is really old but you just fixed my bricked galaxy core prime SM-S820L even Samsung Kies wouldn’t work but this did keep up the good work.

  38. I downloaded odin v3. 07. But it wouldn’t open?? I don’t know what to do please help.

  39. This is the best website. I am eternally greatful. My problem was tough but its all good now.

  40. i have Galaxy grand (gt-9082) stuck on samsung start screen and when i plug charger shows the battry loading logo and that`s it ,
    when i try to flash it – root – or do the Recovery.tar part it either stuck at Initialzation… in odin or takes long enough then faild saying Get PIT for mapping..
    There is no PIT partition.
    please some help here i have spent the last 16 hours searching the internet trying to fix it 🙂

    • Another error accored while used the 3.07 odin ( was using the latest before 3.10 ) the error says :
      Odin v.3 engine (ID:3)..
      File analysis..
      Can’t open the serial(COM) port.
      All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)

  41. Glenn Phillip Gardiner

    I have a cricket Galaxy grand prime sm-g530AZ. But the flash fails and gives the message “r/l enabled not allow to download non-r/l recovery binary”. Please help.

  42. Help! I have a At&t Galaxy Note 2 that I took into a repair shop to be rooted & flash VRToxin 6.0.1 on it. It was stuck on 4.4.2. After 3 weeks of getting the run around I received the phone back rooted but was told it couldn’t be done because the file was corrupt – loaded with viruses. Long and short the system was booted back to 4.1.1 & started to update. I tried to stop the update by turning off my phone. Now I have the black screen with logo. Took it to Samsung and they told me I’m on my own. The phone is bricked w/o an operating system.

  43. Michael Guajardo

    My phone isn’t soft bricked or hard bricked, instead it says I have an FRP error, it will respond when I press the power button, it will show the initial Samsung Logo but then it flashes to the FRP error screen, how do I get it to turn on?

  44. Hi I have a Samsung galaxy go prime and Im not sure if its bricked or anything, I used kingroot to root my phone and it suddenly restart. After turning on my phone its says on the top left corner “Secure Fail:Kernal”, Ive tried a few methods such as kies and odin but it doesnt seem to reconize my phones firmware or model. Could you please help me reboot my phone, Thanks.

  45. thank you so much for this page!! my phone was stuck in a boot loop and i thought i was doomed, never going to touch a root kit again for as long as i live haha

  46. My head is practically drained out. pls i need your help, i already have all the needful files and drivers. The problem is odin is not detecting my device (samsung galaxy grand) Have tried all i could. pls what am i missing? Thanks in anticipation.

    • try with another USB cable, theat might work. Also try this thing, first Open Odin with admin privilege and then connect your phone with USB cable and then boot into download mode. Do tell me if this help

  47. I keep getting a fail message (Auth), After NAND start. I have a Grand Prime SM-G530T. FRP lock is showing: ON.

    Custom Binary Recovery Blocked by FRP on the Device Screen.

  48. Thank Q for saving my Mobile’s Life! <3
    WoW, your SERP Position is too high! 🙂

  49. i have tried all methods.still my device struck in bootloop.i have tried even flashing stock rom ,still in bootlopp.anyone have differnt method?

  50. I did this and it leads to it saying : Custom Binary(recovery) Blocked By FRP Lock
    what do I do?

  51. I used Odin 3.07 and when I pressed start, nothing happened, said all threads completed but nothing changed to my phone.

  52. Good post. I’m facing many of these issues also..

  53. Thanks for your help.
    It takes only 1 minute to recovery my mobile.
    Thank you again for this wonderful post.

  54. THANKS TO YOU AFTER I’VE ROOTED MY PHONE NOTE 4 WITH ODIN AND CF-ROOT. I ended up in a boot loop!!! I am about to buy my new phone!!!

  55. The link of recovery is showing as .img not .tar. what shld be done?


  57. hello, I have a Samsung galaxy mega GT-I9200 that died unexpectedly during the night. When plugged in the blue LED was on. The usb port/charging port has had some issues for a while, and I would have to move the cord “just right” in order for it to charge. I think there was a provider update during night and my phones battery died during this update, thus soft bricking my phone? After holding power, vol up and home keys, I would get the resting android pic that said “No Command”. After holding vol up and power until it vibrated once then releasing power(while still holding vol up, I entered the screen with the yellow triangle, which allowed me to enter “Odin mode”, and it says “downloading, do not turn off target!” I got a new cheap phone to use while I tried to fix this one, so it doesn’t have service currently. I have Samsung Kies on my PC. Can I use Kies to reinstall the firmware, or do I need to use Odin? I would like to keep my files, but its not completely necessary. Id rather have my phone working again!
    Thanks in advance 🙂 🙂

    • Hi Karim, I completely understood your problem. As you already said that your phone turned off during the installation of the update. Now to get back your phone’s life you’ll need to flash stock firmware on your GT-I9200 via Odin. Sorry to inform you that you won’t get your files back.

      Here are the steps you should follow –

      1. Download stock/official firmware of GT-I9200 (should be in MD5 format after extracting)
      2. Now go to the download mode in your device
      3. Open Odin and enable Auto Reboot and F.Reset Time
      4. Click on PDA, navigate to the downloaded firmware file and select it
      5. Wait for 10-15 minutes for the installation process to complete
      6. Your phone will reboot and works normally.

      You can read this complete tutorial – how to install Stock Samsung firmware using Odin
      If you still have any doubt, leave a comment down below are email me – [email protected]

      Note : You might get your files back, do tell me if the files remains unaffected.

  58. Hi, Im running a note 4 (n910a) and have attempted a couple of stock roms via ODIN saying success and green window, but phone reboots and starts “optimizing app # of 48 apps” and then freezes on random numbers and shuts off into a bootloop of the same scenario…optimizing app# of 48 apps”
    Have tried flashing with your recovery.tar but ODIN states that it has some form of binary error.
    Is there any hope of saving this phone?
    Thanks in advance 🙂

  59. Hi, I have Samsung grand neo G i9060 and did factory reset and hard set but now I get error .Android process and media has stop.. And the phone gets off/ on automatically and in recovery mood I get error when rebooting what can be done please help

  60. Hi saransh can you tell me the size of recovery

  61. i have J100H/DS and tottaly hardbricked.

    cant go to download mode, can u help me sir?

  62. hello Mr. Saransh, i like the way you explain issues on samsung. i believe you have a solution to my problem. Sir, i have GT-I9060 that was restarting during calls before it went to a coma. now when i reboot it get stuck at SAMSUNG GRAND Neo log but when press (vol up, home button, power button) it goes to download mod. i downloaded its firmware, odin and usb drivers to flash it but it get stuck at initialization. i have also tried with kies which fails to connect. Sir, if you have ever encountered such a problem kindly assist.

    • Hello Patrick, hope you are doing well. When you select the firmware file in Odin, it will take some time to initialize. The initialize process can take up to minutes. So I’d suggest you to wait for a little longer till the initialization process will finish. After this process, you will see the “Flash” button. Just hit on it and you are good to go.

  63. After I followed your steps for flashing with Odin this is the message shown: Initialzation..
    Get PIT for mapping..
    Firmware update start..
    NAND Write Start!!
    FAIL! (Auth)
    All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)

    What did I do wrong?

  64. I have a Galaxy Grand Prime that I tried to root with KingoRoot. Now my phone will come on but not past the service providers screen. I can get to the recovery mode and have erased everything and still nothing. I am new to all this and need help to fix my phone please. Thanks.

  65. I tried to root my Samsung galaxy core prime with odin and now i cannot normal boot, boots to download mode. I can/did go to the boot menu tried everything there no go, the computer no longer recognizes the phone; any suggestions?

  66. Will the tar file work in samsung galaxy core prime? I deleted all the knox files using file explorer and got a bootloop after restarting’

  67. Is there anyway I can do this without losing any data? I had a lot of photos on my phone and a lot of other stuff I don’t want to get rid of 🙁 (My phone is stuck on the screen where it says “Samsung”.

  68. hi Saransh, Before I try your method,is it possible not to lose my data?! I’m stucked on the boot loop
    I’m not sure how bad the satiation is
    my device is unrooted Samsung galaxy s3 9300i with stock jelly bean I can access to the recovery mode and download mode as well, the recovery mode show “E:failed to mount /cache its E:Failed to Mount /EFS

    I don’t care to root my device all I need is to back up and save my data , whataspp, contact, images

    what is the first step!!

    please help me I found your post very useful for the rest of the people and your method should work

    waiting you answer

  69. bro i have samsung galaxy gt i8552 i was installing cwm without pc then suddenly my phones screen goes and i tried to switch on my phone so there’s only Samsung’s logo has been seen
    my phone is also not going indowload mode help me also plzzz give me link 4 files thnxxxxx in advance

  70. Dude it’s not a tar file it’s an img file, how is this supposed to load in odin?

  71. hey buddy so I soft bricked my phone am able to get into recovery and odin I factory reset the sm g9000v downloaded odin 11 got the pass sign but my phone never reboots t I wipe everything again this time I try and put new firmware on it does same thing says pass but never reboots? which part am I missing. I have downloaded the recovery files the tar file all of it I’m still stuck in boot loop. here’s hoping you can help. thank you

  72. hey saransh…ma phone is galaxy gt-s7262, when i tried your recovery then also ma phone is struck at logo and it keeps on vibrating..

    plz help…….need ua help

    waiting for reply

  73. Good day, admin.
    I am using Samsung Galaxy SM-J100ML and my problem is I soft-bricked my phone. I tried to install a custom rom and it made my phone stuck at the Samsung Logo.
    How can I fix my phone? Please help.

  74. Hi, I need help, my sm-j110h Samsung wont turn on after I flashed a new stock ROM, I thougth it was the battery but ill try simulate it and I prove that it was the phone just wont Turning ON, what should I do? i think they called this case as Brick Phone, not sure if it hard or soft brick. you can email >>[email protected] thanks

  75. hi i m pintu. im using samsumg glaalxy s duos GT 7582 problem is whenever i try to start the phone it will stuck at Samsung Logo i tried ur soution but it wonot work.plz help me suggest me

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