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Announcing Zeblaze Cosmo Smart Watch

Hey Kicker, hope you guys are doing good. Crazy about smart watches? here’s a good news for you. Zeblaze has recently announced their latest variant of smart watch – Zeblaze Cosmo smart watch. If you haven’t heard about Zeblaze then let me tell you that Zeblaze is a newly born Chinese company. Zeblaze Cosmo would be the third watch made by this Chinese manufacturer. Zeblaze has made a couple of smart watches last year, Zeblaze Rover was the first smart watch followed by Zeblaze crystal. The second watch, Zeblaze crystal got a good feedback that forced the Chinese manufacturer to add a third one to the list.


Zeblaze Cosmo Smart watch features

If you can’t wait and want this smart watch right away, then you can pre order this watch from Gearbest, click on the above link to participate in the presale event. The presale is live from Jan 13 and it will end on Feb 03. I’ll get a review unit of Zeblaze cosmo smart watch very soon and will post a complete detailed review, so now I can’t tell much about the watch performance. So let’s see what this smart watch got?

Design & Display

The company claims that the dial of the smart watch is specially designed so that it will appear on the wrist at the right size by making full use of every bit of space. Zeblaze Cosmo Smart Watch uses a 1.61 inch full view 3D single arc lens having a resolution as high as 256*320 p. The arc display will help the user to actually have a clear view of display at different viewing angles.

According to numbers, dial is 5.6 cm long and 3.6 cm wide. The smart watch gives a sleek designed that will actually give a premium look in your hand.

design zeblaze cosmo


The watch will come with 22 mm Italian leather strap. The company claims the strap to be sweat proof and has high flexibility and abrasive resistance. Zeblaze Cosmo Smart Watch features an easily disassembling strap connector so you can also replace different straps that can change the overall wearing style.

Zeblaze Cosmo smart watch is IP65 level certified that means the smart watch actually comes with water proof and dust proof ability. It can also withstand the test of 1-hour 1-meter soaking.

User-Interface (UI)

Now coming to the UI of Zeblaze Cosmo smart watch. It has a premium and highly customizable UI. You can choose from 20 exclusive dial UI to fit your need and style. The desktop has a 6-app fashion, means you’ll see a classic design featuring 6 apps on a single screen that makes it even fast to operate.

I can’t tell much about the UI as I haven’t got the review unit till yet. I’ll post the detailed review after a week when I get the watch. So stay updated for latest posts and reviews.

display ui zeblaze cosmo smart watch

Processor and Performance

Zeblaze Cosmo smart watch is powered with a MTK2502 chip that according to sources has increased its speed by upto 60% and decreased the power consumption by 30%.

preocessor zeblaze cosmo

The smart watch comes with 64 MB of RAM and 128 MB of ROM which is quite good. This means the watch shouldn’t lag at all. More things would get clear when I’ll use the watch.

Battery & Connectivity

Zeblaze Cosmo smart watch has a 250mAh battery that can give a standby time of around 72 hours and 120 minutes of call time, which is pretty cool. Now the interesting thing is, Zeblaze cosmo uses a magnetic suction charging interface. You can charge the watch by bringing the charging interface close to the watch’s back, interesting enough.

charging zeblaze cosmo smart watch

The smart watch is compatible with both Android and iOS operating systems. It has a bluetooth v4.0, you can connect and sync the watch with any android or iOS smart phones. You can control your smart phone to take photos and play music as it comes with Remote camera/music. You can also answer your calls using this smart watch and you can receive real-time notifications directly on Zeblaze cosmo smart watch.

Smart Features

smart features zeblaze

Zeblaze Cosmo Smart Watch comes with all the must smart features that a smart watch must have. It includes-

Built-in heart Rate Monitor – The watch will monitor your heart rate and gives you the accurate real time feedback from your heart.

Sleep Monitoring – This watch also comes with sleep monitoring so that you can monitor or adjust your sleep time and have a quality sleep.

Pedometer – The watch also has pedometer that will monitor and note every step you take. Basically this watch can record Motion track, motion speed, calorie consuming and other data in real time and display it on cosmic screen.

Long Seat Reminder – As long term sedentary adverse health, this watch will remind you and can relieve fatigue.

Real Time Notification – You will receive Real time notifications of your phone on this smart watch. Real name will display on cosmic screen and you can hang up or answer the call from the watch. You’ll also get push notifications of Facebook, messages on the cosmic screen.

Remote Camera and Music – You can control your smart phone to take photos and play music as it comes with Remote camera/music.

How to buy

If you want to buy this smart watch then you can head over to Gearbest using the above link. The presale of this smart watch is live and will end on Feb 03. The watch is available at $56.99 on Gearbest. Click on the above link and you’ll redirected to the sale page.

I have included every feature in this post, I’ll be doing a complete review of this watch very soon. So stay updated and share it with your friends. You can also see reviews of some other smart watches –

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design and display zeblaze cosmo

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