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5 best fitness trackers under 20 bucks

Best 5 Fitness Trackers/Smart Bands under $20

Picking out a fitness tracker that is not only the best but also cheap or you can say that selecting a good and cheap smart wristbands is a difficult task. Everybody these days wants a fitness tracker to record their steps and do some good stuff to stay healthy. Let me tell you a smart wristband is nothing but a fitness tracker, a device that is used for monitoring and tracking fitness related things. So to make things easier for you, I have prepared a list of 5 Best Fitness Trackers under 20 bucks that you can buy if you are really looking to buy a one.

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Now in this post I’ll tell you about some of the cheap smart wristbands that not only have cheap price but also have some pretty cool features. So if you are looking to buy a fitness tracker smart wristband then I can help you in such case. Below is a list of 5 cheap smart wristbands that I found + they all have some really good features. So let’s go into it.

5 Best fitness trackers under 20 bucks- 2016

Teclast H30

teclast h30

Buy Now   | Price – $18.95 | Available on Gearbest 

Teclast H30 is one of the best smart wristband that has pretty cool features that a fitness tracker must have and its cost is also very low. That’s why I am including this fitness tracker in this list of Best fitness trackers under 20 bucks. You can pair this band with your smartphone and get all the important notifications right away on this Teclast H30 smart band. This cheap smart wristband comes with heart rate monitor that will intelligently record your heart beat and show a report right to you. The tracker comes with 0.86 inches OLED with 96 X 32 resolution.

It has a cool design, Just like any other fitness tracker smart wrist band it has a small but long display. The design is rather decent and simple. You can even remove the tracker from the band and you can choose other bands of different colors. I really find this feature to be really good as you will have an option to choose from the different colors. You can even easily charge the dial by simply detaching it from the band.

Now below are the cold specs and features of this Teclast H30 smart wristband that you’d really like to know –

  1. Heart Rate Monitoring
    As already told you the smart wristband comes with heart rate monitoring sensor that can record your real-time heart rate.
  2. Push Notifications
    Weather WhatsApp notifications or Facebook notifications, all those would be delivered right away top this tracker so you’ll no need to check out your phone every time. Cool, right ?
  3. Sedentary Reminder
    H30 smart wristband will also notify you for long sedentary which is believed to be bad for your health.
  4. Pedometer
    Pedometer means the tracker will track every step took by you and will generate a report that includes like how much calories burnt, how many steps taken etc.
  5. Sleep Monitoring
  6. Remote Camera

Buy Now   | Price – $18.95 | Available on Gearbest 

ID 107

ID 107

Buy Now    | Price – $16.88 | Available on – Gearbest

Now here comes the second in the list of best fitness trackers under 20 bucks. ID 107 is another heart rate monitoring smart wristband that also comes with many colors like Black, blue, purple, orange and green. This wristband can also be paired with your smartphone and get each and every notifications right on it. So you no need to check out your phone every time. In case, you receive a notification the band will be vibrated and pop a sound if enabled.

The band has a button to switch the display as per choice. The heart rate sensors are present at the bottom of the dial. I believe to pair it with your smartphone you need to install an app named as VeryFit in your Android smartphone. It has a display of 0.49″ OLED display Below is the list of basic features of this cheap smart wristbands –

  1. Heart Rate Monitoring
  2. Pedometer
  3. Sleep Monitoring
  4. Sedentary Reminder
  5. Calorie Consumption Management
  6. Remote Camera
  7. Call Reminder
  8. Push Notifications

Buy Now    | Price – $16.88 | Available on – Gearbest

Teclast H10

teclast h10 best fitness trackers under 20 bucks

Buy Now   | Price – $13.55 | Available on – Gearbest 

Teclast H10 is really similar to Teclast H30 smart wristband but have a couple of different features. Teclast H30 is actually more advanced than H10 as H10 does not have a heart rate sensor that makes it cost even lesser than the H30 variant.

Other than that, this tracker has exactly the same design and even the same features to that of Teclast H30. It made me to include this smart wristband to include in this best fitness tracker under 20 bucks list. So if you are OK if your tracker lacks a thing called heart rate monitor, then I will recommend you to go with this one.

Buy Now   | Price – $13.55 | Available on – Gearbest 

37 Degree L18

37 degree band

Buy Now  | Price – $18.99 | Available on – Gearbest

It is actually an unique fitness tracker. The thing is, the L18 tracker does not have a display. Really sounds crazy ? But yes, it is real. All you gotta see is a heart pulse and a small LED light. The overall design is quite pretty. The dial is two finger wide and has a good build quality.

The main con of this tablet is that you don’t get any screen at all. So you can’t read notifications and all. It is a pure fitness tracker with dozen of fitness features. It doesn’t have extra features like the above smart wristband does.

The tracker is compatible both with iOS and Android. So it does not matter whether you are an iOS or Android user. Pretty cool, right. You just need to download an app on your Android or iOS device to pair it with your smartphone and start using it. OK, so let me highlight some cool features of this smart wristband.

1. Tell your present Mood

Wearning this fitness tracker will show your present mood on the app screen of your smartphone. I don’t know if it is accurate or not as it works on your heart beat and blood pressure, I guess. If your heart beats and blood pressure are normal then it might be showing your mood as Balanced. I haven’t seen any smartwatch or fitness tracker with this feature, moreover its really interesting to check out your mood with the help of this cheap fitness tracker.

2. Blood Pressure

As I already told you that the Mood detector might be working on the results of your present blood pressure and heart rate. This fitness tracker does have a blood pressure sensor that actually records your live blood pressure. As it is a pure fitness tracker so it must be having some great tools/features to record your daily fitness plans. The intelligent monitoring blood pressure provides reasonable movement to a better health. The result of the blood pressure will again be shown on the app screen of your smart wristband as it does not have any screen of its own.

3. Water Proof

Now here is another pro of this cheap smart wrist band, the band is made of up of TPSiV material that makes it waterproof and durable. Don’t you worry about falling in the water or breaking this bracelet/fitness tracker.

Now the other features includes the following. I am not explaining all the shit again as I have already told you everything and repeating things would be meaningless, right? –

  • Heart Rate Monitoring
  • Sleep Monitoring
  • Sedentary Reminder – Fatigue State
  • Pedometer

This fitness tracker is really recommended if and only if you don’t care about the push notifications feature. Apart from that, it is a really great product and thus becomes one of the 5 best fitness trackers under 20 bucks.

Buy Now  | Price – $18.99 | Available on – Gearbest

Xiaomi Mi Band 1S

mi band 1s

Buy Now  | Price – $15.99 | Available on – Gearbest

How can we even forget the most popular Xiaomi Mi Band 1S. Last but not the least, Mi Band 1S is undoubtedly one of the best fitness tracker under 20 bucks. With very basic and classic design, Mi Band looks so adorable in your wrist. The dial is really very light weight and I just love its design.

It is not the latest product as they have launched another smart wristband Xiaomi Mi Band 2. But still it has a premium build quality and is really cheap. Its design is really good and the dial is detachable. You can choose from the different attractive colors of the bracelet and change them according to your style.

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So let’s take a look at the features of Mi Band 1S. Is it really worth giving it a shot ? Let’s find it out.

The common heart Rate Monitoring

Like all the other smart wristbands included in this list, Mi Band also has a heart rate monitoring sensor to measure and displays your actual present heart rate. You just have to pair it with your smartphone by downloading an app and then it is good to go.

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and all the other basic features like –

  • Sleep Monitoring
  • Silent Alarm (Remind you with vibration)
  • Password Protection to unlock the phone
  • Call Reminder
  • Pedometer

You can also watch this video for better understanding.

Mi Band is really awesome, simple and classy smart wristband, plus it is also a cheap one and falls under the price range of $20. So it makes up its place in the 5 Best fitness trackers under 20 bucks.

Buy Now  | Price – $15.99 | Available on – Gearbest

Hope you guys liked this post. If you have really liked it then you can share it with your friends and other people out there seeking for a good option of a cheap fitness tracker/smart wristband. You must also subscribe to our newsletters and we respect privacy and quality. So you will get only quality updates via email.

Stay tuned guys, will be back with many more great articles. Take care, see you.

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