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Finding the best Android smartwatch under $150 – Top Picks!

Hey what is going on guys, Saransh here back with another awesome post to help you guys in selecting your new driver. This time let’s talk about smartwatches, these gadgets are pretty awesome and are gaining more popularity. Before a couple of years, these smartwatches were not so famous and were really heavy on the pockets $$$. Now as they are becoming common and addicted to users, the price has also come down. I have already posted some blogs on budget smartwatches like Budget smartwatches that you can find under $40 and how to forget about the best smartwatches under $20. In this post, we’ll talk about the best android smartwatches precisely. An Android smartwatch is a type of smartwatch with Android OS installed on it. The first smartwatch to feature Android OS was LG G watch that was launched back in 2014 with a price tag of $250.

Now coming to the topic itself, I am going to help you if you confused in selecting a good android smartwatch. In this post, I’ll be telling you about the best Android smartwatches options that you can buy under $150. $150 is something that comes under the budget margin while talking about the Android smartwatches. I have been using and reviewing these gadgets since a long time, you can read them in my previous smartwatch reviews. Anyway, let’s move forward and get the first name in this list of best android smartwatches under $150.

Best Android Smartwatches that you can buy under $150

Moto 360 sport

best android smartwatches moto 360

This round Android wear smartwatch caught an impressive attention due to its great design. This android smartwatch was the first smartwatch launched by Motorolla in 2014. The wristband of Moto 360 is made up of silicone material and is really comfortable on the wrist. The watch feels solid and durable, the dial size is 42 mm and is round that is Perfect for me. Moto 360 comes with GPS, Bluetooth, and comes with Android wear interface. The build of this smartwatch is pretty awesome. It can definitely catch anyone attention, such a pretty looking watch. On the contrary, it has more important features like – Optical heart rate monitor, WiFi Connectivity, and much more.

It is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 chipset clocking at 1.2 GHz speed with a quad-core processor. Backed with 400 mAh battery, the standby time of Moto 360 is decent and makes it place into one the best Android smartwatches that you can buy under $150. Coming to the display of Moto 360, it has a 42 mm dial (Men) with a resolution of 360 x 330. The display is even protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 3 that makes it even more durable. With 4 GB internal storage and 512 MB RAM, Moto 360 is a wise choice.

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Asus Zenwatch 2

asus zenwatch 2 smartwatch

If you are reading my blogs lately then you must know that personally, I am a fan of round dial watches, but Asus Zenwatch 2 has a rectangular dial. Even with the rectangular dial, Zenwatch 2 attracted me maybe due the round corners. The design of Zenwatch 2 is equally good and the build quality is really solid and dope. The 1.3″ dial has AMOLED display with 320 x 320p resolution. It also has an additional 2.5D curved Corning Gorilla Glass 3 and because of the 2.5D display, it has excellent viewing angles.

zenfone watch 2

Packed with Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 chipset clocking at 1.2GHz speed, Asus Zenwatch 2 has a pretty nice performance. With Android Wear interface, the watch is packed with the same 400 mAh battery just like the MOTO 360. Stable chipset, good battery life and great performance the watch is clearly a winner one. It really deserves to be at one of the top positions in best Android smartwatch list. The watch will cost you around $130 on amazon.

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Sony Smartwatch 3 (SWR50)

best android smartwatches sony smarwatch 3

Now here comes another brand in this list of best android smartwatches under $150. Sony is known for great build products and this smartwatch is not an exception. The design is however not the prettiest but they have done no compromise with the performance and adding features into this smartwatch. Supports the same Android wear software, it is packed with quad-core processor clocking at 1.2 GHz speed. The main drawback of this smartwatch is that it is not compatible with iOS.

best android smarwatches

The hardware is similar to the above two drives as it also has 512 MB RAM and 4 GB of internal storage. It is backed with a good 420 mAh battery with pretty nice standby time, it can easily run up to 2 days. It is IP68 rated that makes it dust and water proof. The above two smartwatches are not the exception, they are also water and dust resistant. It also comes under the same price range, hence it made its place in this list of best android smartwatches.

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These were the three best Android smartwatches that you can buy under $150. Hope you have liked all the options. If you liked this post subscribe to our weekly email newsletters and follow us on different social platforms.

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