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Some of the best and handy online File Converter – 2019

What is a File Converter?

File conversion is a process in which you take a file in one format and change into different formats. As we know that computer technology has been enhancing day by day, so there is no need to install a file conversion program on your computer. There are several online websites like Alto PDF, Filezigzag, etc. providing you the facility to convert your file into different formats. Some of the online file converter details are as follows:

Best Online File Converter –

1. OnlineConvertFree.com:
Online converter is one of the popular file converting website where you can convert your files into your required formats. It also allows you to convert videos into a specific format. This website contains the following tools-

  • It converts a video into MP4 format.
  • It can convert the music into MP3
  • It converts documents into a pdf file
  • It is also useful to convert e-book and archive
  • It can also convert images into JPG and SVG
free online file converter

2. Zamzar:
It is a very useful file converting website. It not only provides you to convert pdf file into word documents but also into many other formats. It allows different conversion which includes video conversion, image conversion, etc. Although it is not the leading file conversion website, you perform file conversion task on it easily. You need to open their website, go to the file conversion tool, upload your files, select the required format and press the convert button. You can also use Zamzar for web development.

best free file converter

3. Free Encoding: It is also a very authentic and reliable file converter website which also offers you to convert your videos in mp4, 3gp, and many other formats. Using this website, you can convert your files and videos into different formats for free. The free encoding website allows you to set the quality of the video before the conversion. You can also convert the videos during the streaming by entering the URL of the website. It also provides you with a feature of resolution which helps you to set the video size before conversion.

4. Apowersoft Video Converter: Apowersoft is a very reliable website for the conversion of videos. It helps you convert your videos to any other format. It covers all the desired formats such as MP4, MOV, etc. This web application allows you to adjust the size of your videos and change the effects of your videos. You can also set the quality of your video before conversion. Recently Apowersoft launched its screen recorder feature which helps you in capturing your data and games on your android phones. There are also many other options provided by Apowersoft like frame rate, resolution, etc.

5. FileZigZag: It is one step ahead file converting web application. In Filezigzag the conversion of the file is based on email. You need to open your file, select the format, provide your email address and hit the convert button. You will receive an email after doing these steps, and you need to follow the instructions and get your converted file. This application provides you a better service.

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