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Fix- Can’t continue editing on Instagram upload problem
Fix- Can’t continue editing on Instagram upload problem

Fix- Can’t continue editing on Instagram upload problem

Hey Kicker, hope you are doing well. Yesterday when I was trying to upload a image on Instagram, I got a message “Sorry there was a problem editing your photo. A report has been sent to instagram” and there was this upload problem on Instagram, I didn’t know why this error occurred. I tried to uninstall Instagram and install it again but nothing helped me. I waisted my time to Google this error so that I could find a solution to this but unluckily I failed. So I’m gonna tell you the method to get rid of this frustrating error. I know some of you guys are also facing this same error and browsing internet for the solution so here I’m here to help you.

Fix to error “Sorry there was a problem editing your photo”

In this post I’ll be sharing two methods to solve this irritating error. First try the method 1, if it didn’t help then you can move down to try the other method. So let’s get started.

Method 1. Compressing the image

In the most common case, the image that you are trying to upload might be of a bigger size or having a big resolution. So you must alter the resolution or size of the image. You can do it easily by trying third party app.can't continue editing Instagram upldoad problem

You can download any image editor app and edit the image you want to upload on instagram and save it. The editor app will automatically save the lower quality image on your device, then try uploading the lower quality image. Or you can manually set the resolution or size of the image while saving it, the feature varies from app to app. The error Can’t continue editingSorry there was a problem editing your photo. A report has been sent to Instagram will no longer appear.

Method 2. Try installing an older version

If the above fix didn’t worked for you then there must really be a problem with your Instagram account, you can try signing out and signing in again and try the upload again. Or else you can uninstall the present version of your Instagram and install this previous version of Instagram. Try uploading that image again hope it would be uploaded without any error.

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  1. If your image is CMYK mode it will fail. Re-save as RGB color mode and it will work. This can happen with images saved from design programs.

    • Le-roy, thanks. This turned out to the problem for me. I wish IG would include this message along with the error notification. It would have saved me about 15 re saves and a lot of frustration.

    • This makes a whole lot of sense and is most likely the case on my situation. I am able to upload images of whatever size and resolution, but the only ones I have issues with periodically, are those made with Photoshop

    • Thank you Le-Roy. That was my problem too. I don’t know why Instagram wouldn’t inform users about this. Or maybe it’s there somewhere that I am not aware of but at least it should tell that in the error instead of just giving a vague message.

  2. thanks a million times. you’re a life saver

  3. thnaks very goood methods

  4. wow, thanks! resizing helped me. awesome tip! <3

  5. Woow..
    Thank you so much, I had this problem for one week, and now It solved ..

  6. Le_roy Thanx a lot 👍👍👍

  7. Thank you. That was driving me insane.

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