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dm88 heart rate monitoring wristwatch

DM88 Heart Rate Monitoring Wristwatch Smartwatch Review

The DM88 Heart Rate Monitoring Wristwatch Smartwatch is a perfect smartphone companion owing to its functionality and amazing features. This smartwatch is priced at $39.99 and is available in three color variants: Gold, silver and black. The core selling point of this composure beauty is the low power consumption feature, convenience, stylish design and accurate heart rate detection. [quick_offer]



The DM88 Heart Rate Monitoring Wristwatch Smartwatch features MTK2502 chip. The IP53 rating signifies that it is waterproof. This smartwatch is powered with 128 MB ROM and 64MB RAM. Double mode Bluetooth 3.0 permits seamless connection with smartphones. This device features IPS screen of 240×240 resolution. The screen size is 1.22 inch and the mode of operation is touch mode.


DM88 Heart Rate Monitoring WristWatch  Design

The 1.2 inch circular disk screen is made of aviation grade metal alloy. The genuine Italy calf-leather band adds to the look of this wristwatch. The users have the option to choose from multicolor straps: Fashion silver, Jazz black and luxury gold. The use of alloy watchcase guarantees corrosion resistance. This also ensures the absence of friction. The watchband interface can be replaced easily. The adsorption charging technology ensures safety and also convenience to the users. Mere shaking of the wrist switches to next interface. The IPS HD screen makes this device stylish. The altitudinal technology design makes this watch sleek. In addition, this watch is anti-sweat, dust proof and waterproof and is signified by IP53 level.



The 1.22 inch touch screen features a high definition display that offering great experience to the users. This wristband permits you to receive and answer phone calls. Remote notifications are also offered by this wristband. This watch alerts the users whenever there is an incoming call or message. The Bluetooth sync feature helps in data synchronization without the use of any data cable. The most impressive thing about this wristband is that the users can control the images being captured by the smartphone. This wristband alerts the user when the Bluetooth gets disconnected or if the smartphone is out of the range of the Bluetooth.

dm88 heart rate monitoring wristwatch waterproof

The DM88 heart rate monitoring wristwatch also allows the users to play MP3 music by connection to the smartphone. Pedometer is another interesting function that can be utilized with this wristwatch. This permits the user to count the number of steps taken and also offers an insight into the amount of calories burnt and consumed in a day. The sleep monitoring feature helps the users in tracking their sleeping activities. The sedentary feature is another interesting feature. The most striking feature is the heart rate monitor. The use of heart rate sensor in this smartwatch helps the users in gauging intensity while working out.

dm88 features

This smartwatch does not support language synchronization and SMS history. Once the app is excited, the weather and anti-lost function stop functioning. Although this smartwatch is IP53 waterproof grade, you should not risk exposing this to water frequently. This may damage the smartwatch and also the functions. Hence, care must be exercised by the users using this smartwatch.

dm88 waterproof



This smartwatch features a Lithium ion battery. The battery capacity is 320 mAH. The standby time is one week and time required for charging is two hours. This is appreciable because you can use the smartwatch for a week day and night by merely charging it for two hours.

Operating system


This smartwatch is compatible with Android and iOS devices which feature the latest versions. The language support is offered in English, Dutch, German, French, Italian, Hebrew, Polish, Portuguese and Korean.

dm88 smart wristwatch design

Final verdict

The ergonomic design and the functionality of this smartwatch make it really a best catch for the price at which it is being offered. $39.99 seems to be a reasonable price for the features being offered such as the dual Bluetooth feature, information push, heart rate monitoring, remote camera, music play control, calculator, recorder, pedometer, sleep monitor and a lot more features are offered with this smartwatch. The anti-lost function is a plus and offers a practical application. Overall, this smartwatch seems to offer amazing features and is quite inexpensive. This is worth purchasing if you are looking for a professional looking smartwatch at a reasonable price that you can get from gearbest.  [quick_offer]

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