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Doogee X5 Max 3G Smart Phone Review


A few years back, smart phones were considered to be out of routine phone sets. However, during the last few years, almost the entire world is now hooked to them and now it is a race between manufacturers to produce the best smart phone that is great and sellable not only in style and its physical appearance but also loaded with a host of features and functions that makes life different for the users. Smart phone without fast internet connectivity and operation is like Laurell without Hardy. These days, all the preferred smart phones have that function. One of them is Doogee X5 Max. Doogee X5 Max is a 3G enabled smart phone. It has many features that make it stand above the rest of the same type of smart phones that are available in the market. Use of Doogee X5 Max is an enthralling experience where comfort, luxury, style and usability all are blended together. No doubt this is one smart phone that is causing stir and making waves.  [quick_offer]

Basic Details:

Doogee X5 is a 3G smart phone with built-in Android operating system version 6.0. The best part of the basic specifications and details is that it comes with unlocked status which means that it can be used anywhere in the world with some exceptions. This becomes a great feature and provides a comfort for the end users. One must check out with local mobile service provider whether this phone is compatible with their service or not. If it is compatible, it is the right choice.

Design & Screen:

Doogee X5Max  is designed in a sleek and handy style. The user feels good carrying it in his hand. It is neither too thin nor too thick and rests in hand perfectly. The back is build up of material that can easily be gripped in the palm of the hand making it very convenient to use. At the same time, its height is ideal in terms of handling the phone even while driving. The screen size of 5 inches is just about the right size to use it as a normal phone and big enough to see pictures and videos. The screen is 1280 X 720 HD that makes it just the right choice for watching movies and videos. Anything smaller or bigger than this will not work as a smaller size will take fun out of watching videos and bigger size will take it closer to tablet that has a different usage. At the same time, its weight of 0.145 kg can also be considered ideal for the phone.

design doogee x5

System Configuration:

The phone carries quad core processor which gives it a really high speed and capacity. However, a RAM of 1GB might be on the lower side that may prove to be a hindrance especially when someone is using multiple applications or utilities at the same time. Despite lower RAM, the processor itself is quite handy and user of this mobile phone will not feel any slowness until a certain level of operations. The external memory slot can support up to 32GB which gives enough room for storing a lot of pictures, movies and audio files. specifications doogee x5

Camera & Media:

The quality of camera is also very good and it comes with 5 MP both front and back cameras, which is a unique feature and often not available in mobile phones. With its touch focus and auto focus functions it really gives the ease and comfort both for snapshot and video making. The overall quality of the camera may not be considered superb but still its very handy. Just imagine taking a selfie with 5 MP can be really something. Moreover, the mobile phones are all commonly used formats of saving the photos, videos and audio files that make it convenient to use them through some other platform.


Doogee X5 Max smart phone has a very powerful battery capacity of around 4000 mAh. With the resolution of 1280 x 1080p the battery performance is extremely great. You will not have any problem with the battery of Doogee X5. The Full HD display of this phone performs very great with this battery capacity. battery doogee x5http://www.anrdoezrs.net/links/7895865/type/dlg/http://www.gearbest.com/cell-phones/pp_351839.html

Other Features:

There are many other features of this Doogee X5 Max that make this phone set different from the others. Another important addition is the ambient light sensor which really works well, especially in sunlight. Similarly, the sound recording quality is also very good and since the audio files can be saved in different formats, it enhances the utility of sound recording feature. finger print sensor doogee x5



Doogee X5 is a feature packed smart phone that comes with 4000 mAh battery and Full HD display, powered with quad core processor and 1 GB RAM. Of Course the RAM size is a little less but considering the price range, other features compensates this drawback.  [quick_offer]

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  2. excellent phone at very good price, is bad that it has no support of new networks 4G. I look for phone at the price to $60-70 with support 4G. Now I think to purchase Uhans

  3. As for battery life, the wishful thinking deystitelno. A lack of support for 4G networks puts him in a difficult position

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