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Google Voice Access Download (beta) – Control your android using your voice

On April 11-2016, Google announced the beta launch of Google Voice Access, the service that should be launched in last year. But anyway, its better late than never. With the help of this app you can control your smartphone with your voice as it uses speech recognition to control Android devices. The app has been launched to make life easier, although there is no such substitute for touch-screen. Many people faces disability during their life time which makes it hard to cope up with the new technology, this app is specially designed for those people out there. Google has always been a fan of voice recognition, now there is a new thing to the area of accessibility. Now you can use this app to control your smart phone in every way, said Eve Andersson, Manager, Accessibility Engineering at Google.

You can give certain commands like ‘Open Chrome’, ‘Go Back’, ‘Go Home’ to navigate around the phone and you can also interact with your smartphone’s screen by giving commands like ‘scroll right/down/up/left’, ‘click next’ etc. Now Google has also improved their voice recognition, so you gotta enjoy this. This app is currently in testing/beta mode, so it isn’t available on Google Play Store right now, anyway I’m providing the download link in this post for all the kickers out there. I’m using Google Voice Access from 3 days and trust me its amazing, though it has some glitches & bugs, but we can’t expect 100% as it is still in testing mode. I believe the app will be available on the Google Play Store in some days. Till then stay tuned, lol I forgot, I also gotta show you how to activate and what you can do with this app.

How to activate Google Voice Access

The very first thing you need to do is download the Voice Access app, the download link is provided below. First you need to first enable “OK Google detection” from any screen of your android smartphone. Lucky you, I’ve already written the post to do so. After enabling the “OK Google detection” you need to install the Google Voice Access app. Now when you’ll open the app, you have to turn on the access to the app from accessibility to make it function properly.


After giving the access to the app, open the Google Voice access app – you’ll see many options, scroll down to “Activate to lock screen option” and uncheck it. Now just have to pull your notification window down and tap to the Voice access notification to start the app or you can say “OK Google” and when the Google start listening just say “start Voice Access”, the app will be started and activated.

activate google voice access

What it can do ?

As soon as the app gets started, you’ll see numbers on each & every app and options. There could have been a confusion between the similar sounding apps, so the numbers are provided over the app to eliminate it. You can just say the number to open the particular app or to tap on something.

Note – To use this app, you need to enable “OK Google detection” from any screen on your android smartphone.

use voice access

There is a list of commands present in the Google Voice Access app which you can use to control your android smartphone like. Some of the commands are given below-

Basics and Navigation-

  • Open [app]
  • Go Back
  • Go Home
  • Notifications
  • Turn off/on Bluetooth/WiFi
  • Recent Apps
  • Mute/Unmute Volume


  • Tap
  • Long press [something]
  • Scroll left/right/up/down
  • Scroll to bottom

Text Editing-

  • Type [anything]
  • Undo/Redo
  • Insert [text] before [text]
  • Insert [text] between [text] and [text]
  • Capitalize [text]
  • Uppercase/Lowecase [text]
  • Delete [text]
  • Select [text]
  • Select/Unselect [text/all text]

and much more. So just download and start exploring with the beta version of Google Voice Access. Go and test this app and let me know your thoughts in the comment window. Stay tuned & subscribe for newsletters to get more awesome tutorials and reviews on your email.

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