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How to enable Ok Google on your android phone
How to enable Ok Google on your android phone

How to enable “Ok Google” detection on your android phone

You might have heard about the “OK Google” detection. This feature will allow you to start a voice search very fast or you can ask Google to do something for you such as navigate to a place, set an alarm or reminder. OK Google detection will allow you to unlock your smartphone by saying OK Google, you don’t even need to enter the password or pattern of your phone all you have to do is enable OK Google detection feature. It is a very smart feature which everyone should try in their smartphones. In this I will tell you how to enable OK Google detection on your android phone and I’ll provide you with some tricks that you can do using this smart feature. So let’s get started.

Enable OK Google Detection

The very first thing you have to do in order to enable this feature is open Google App, and go to settings there you can enable OK Google detection. If you are not able to find a separate Google App then you can directly open Google Settings App, scroll down and open Search & Now option. There you’ll see the main Google app settings.

Now select Voice Option and click on “OK Google” detection. Now you’ll see some options, check the first option “From the Google App” and then you’ll also be able to check the next option “From any Screen”.

As soon as you select that option, you’ll see a new screen to add your voice sample. Now click on Get Started and just say “OK Google” three times and click on Finish.

Now you’ll be able to use “OK Google” detection feature in your smartphone. Just say “OK Google” to start a voice search.

What You can do

You can many things with this feature that includes-

Start a Voice Search 

Just say OK Google and then you’ll be able to start a voice search. When you’ll say OK Google then the voice search will be popped up. Just say anything you want to Google.

Set Reminder

You can also set the Reminder with this feature. Say OK Google, then you’ll be asked to give voice input. Just say “Set a reminder on date/time

Start Navigation

You can even start a navigation within no time. Use OK Google and say navigate to XYZ. The navigation app will start within no time.

Turn On/Off WiFi

You can also turn on/off your WiFi with this feature.

And Much More

The more you’ll play the more you’ll learn. You can explore more with Ok Google detection feature. You can ask some questions like – What’s the temperature, What’s the time etc.

If the app is not responding every time then you may have to Retrain your voice Model. To do so follow the same procedure and you’ll find an option to Retrain your voice model. There you can start using OK Google detection with ease.

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