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How to fix Samsung galaxy stuck at Samsung logo
How to fix Samsung galaxy stuck at Samsung logo

How to fix Samsung galaxy stuck at Samsung logo

Quick fix to Samsung Galaxy stuck at Samsung Logo

Somehow done something wrong with your Samsung galaxy device ? If your Samsung Galaxy device stuck at Samsung logo, then there must be different reasons for that. It mainly occurs due to flashing some unofficial ROM or files. It can also occur due to third-party apps. Anyhow, here is the solution for Samsung galaxy stuck at Samsung logo that might help you if you are facing the same problem.

In this type of problem, your Samsung galaxy device won’t boot up, rather it would either stuck on Samsung logo or boots every time into Recovery Mode. If you are facing such issue then don’t panic, you’ll find a hope here. Playing with your phone’s software could be a challenging task, so I recommend you to please follow all the steps very carefully given in this tutorial.

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A hard reset could be a way to go

Before we move further, you should try to do a hard reset of your Samsung android. A hard factory reset means – to wipe all your phone’s data, cache. Doing a hard factory reset will wipe all your phone’s data so do it at your own risk.

A typical Samsung Galaxy Android device has a pair of volume rocker buttons on its left side and a lock screen button on its right side. To do a hard factory reset, you need to boot into recovery mode. Follow these steps carefully in order to boot into recovery mode.

Step -1 Remove the battery from your Samsung Android phone and insert it back in a minute. Press and hold the combination of Volume up button + Home Screen Button + Lock screen button for a few seconds

Step – 2 Release the lock screen button when the device vibrates, but keep pressing the Volume up button and home screen button.

Step – 3 Wait for a few seconds and your device will boot into the recovery mode.

booting into recovery mode

There you’ll see a list of options, navigate to wipe data/factory reset using volume rocker keys. Select the option to wipe data by pressing the power button. Select yes and a hard reset would be done, it would take few seconds or could take up to a few minutes.

Now navigate back to the main menu and select reboot system now and hit the power button. Your device will reboot and if luck favors you, you won’t face such problem again.

Update– Some of the Samsung devices won’t boot into the recovery mode rather they just boot normally. I personally faced the same issue on Samsung Galaxy S Duos (7562). To boot into recovery mode in such devices, you have to press both the volume rocker buttons along with home screen button and power button. Release the power button when the device vibrates but keep pressing the other buttons, your device will boot into recovery mode. Refer to the attached image to get a clear idea.

samsung galaxy stuck at samsung logo

Flashing the recovery.tar file or installing official firmware

If the “same issue persists – Samsung galaxy stuck at Samsung logo”, then your phone must be soft bricked. Doing a hard factory reset won’t solve the issue of the soft bricked phone, In order to unbrick your soft bricked Samsung phone, you must flash a recovery.tar file or install the official firmware in your phone. Soft brick only occurs if you did something wrong while installing a custom ROM.

So you must follow this tutorial in order to unbrick your device

How to unbrick Samsung Android Phone

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