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How to install ADB & Fastboot on Mac OS
How to install ADB & Fastboot on Mac OS

How to install ADB & Fastboot on Mac OS

As Android is an open platform and it’s pretty easy to do make customization of your choice, unlike iOS. Now if you want to unlock the bootloader of your Android smartphone, unlock bootloader, install a custom recovery, or root your phone, the very first thing you need to do is install ADB & Fastboot on your PC. But what if you don’t have a Windows desktop to make things go easy for you, don’t worry I’ll be sharing a super easy method to install ADB & Fastboot on Mac OS.

This method will work on almost every Mac OS, I am using Mac OS Mojave. This is going to be the most easy and shortest method to install ADB and Fastboot on your Mac OS. You don’t even need to install the whole big SDK tool to your Mac, just follow these below simple steps and install it yourself in minutes.

Install ADB & Fastboot on Mac OS

Step 1. Open this link
Step 2. Scroll down to Downloads and click on Download SDK Platform-Tools for Mac.
Step 3. Now check the Terms & Conditions button and click Download.
Step 4. Unzip the zipped file and move the ADB & Fastboot file in a new folder named “Android”, you can move the rest of the files to Trash.
Step 5. Now place the Android folder in Applications and you’re done. You’ve learnt to install ADB & Fastboot on Mac OS.

install ADB & Fastboot on Mac OS

Now open Terminal from Spotlight search, and change the directory by typing the following command and hit return:

cd /Applications/Android

Now to check if the ADB and fastboot type the following command and the screen will show all the available fastboot commands, and then you’re good to go.

./fastboot -h
Fastboo & ADB commands

Now just boot your smartphone in Fastboot mode and connect it to your Mac. Type the following command and hit enter, your device must be appearing on the list of fastboot devices.

Install ADB & Fastboot

Some of the most common and useful fastboot commands-

./fastboot devices
./fastboot reboot
./fastboot flashing unlock
./fastboot erase PARTITION

Hope you’ve liked this post, share this post with your friends if they are also using Mac OS and want to do some customisation with their Android devices, Sharing is Caring!

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