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How to make a bootable pendrive in Windows
How to make a bootable pendrive in Windows

How to make a bootable pendrive in Windows

There are other methods to install Windows in your laptop/PC rather than using an external DVD for it. You can install Windows in your PC using an USB flash drive, say it a pendrive. To install Windows in your PC, you’ll need a bootable pendrive. In this tutorial I’m gonna show you how to make a bootable pendrive. There could be several reasons for using pendrive to install Windows. If your DVD-ROM is somehow not working and still you want to install the Windows then it would be the last option for you. Also formatting with USB drive is way faster than with the CD/DVD drives.

Making a bootable Pendrive

In this post I’ll be sharing two methods to make a bootable pendrive, one with a 3rd party software and other method would require no external software. If you are lazy enough to type in some commands, then you don’t need to look for method 2, just follow method 1 that require a 3rd party software to make a bootable pendrive. You have to do nothing but plug and play.

Make sure you have selected the option to boot from removable devices from the BIOS. To do so, restart your computer and click F1, F2, F8, F10 or some different key to boot into BIOS during the initial startup screen. Use arrow keys to navigate and navigate to Boot Tab and select Boot from Removable devices and click F10 to select and exit the BIOS.

Now let’s get started.

Method 1 – Creating a Bootable Pendrive with WinToFlash

Now comes the method that uses a 3rd party software to create a bootable pendrive. In this method you have to do nothing but to download and install the WinToFlash software that will help you in making a pendrive bootable. After downloading and installing the WinToFlash software, proceed with the next steps given below.

wintoflash make a bootable pendrive

  1. Open WinToFlash and go to Advanced Mode tab.
  2. Now nagivate to Transfer Windows7/8/10 setup to a USB drive if you want to install any of these version of Windows or select any other option accordingly.
  3. Click create, now select the path of the Windows files in the first section and in the second section select the path of the USB that you want to make bootable.
  4. Click on Run and wait for the process to complete.
  5. The drive will be formatted and all the necessary files will be copied to the pendrive.
  6. Restart your PC and begin installing the Windows.

wintoflash software

Method 2 – Using Command Prompt (No software needed)

This would be best and smartest method if you are somehow friendly with the command prompt of your Windows PC and do have an exploring mindset. No 3rd party software is required for this method. Follow these simple steps very carefully to make a bootable pendrive.

Step-1 : The DISKPART command

DISKPART command is used to manage disk, partitions by direct input in the command prompt. So better to use it carefully.

bootable pendrive command

  1. Insert an USB drive/pendrive in your PC.
  2. Run Command Prompt as an administrator. To Run it as an administrator, type in ‘cmd‘ in the search box, you’ll see the command prompt application. Right click on it and select ‘Run as administrator
  3. Now type in DISKPART and hit enter, wait for the program to run.
  4. Type listdisk in the command prompt and hit enter. Now you’ll see all the drives that are connected to the system.
    Disk 0 is the system drive in which Windows is installed, all other drives are mentioned as Disk 1, Disk 2 and all. Better to remove all the external drives and plug only the pendrive that you want to make bootable.
  5. Now type select disk 1 or theand hit enter, this disk 1 is the external pendrive that you have connected to your PC. Now it would be processed further in the next steps.
  6. You’ll need to erase all the data in the pendrive, so type clean and hit enter. Tht pendrive would be formatted.
  7. Now here comes the main step, to create a primary partition in the pendrive. For this you have to type in create primary partition in the command prompt and hit enter.
  8. Type select partition 1 and hit enter. It will select the partition made in the last step.
  9. Type active and hit enter for making the partition active for booting.
  10. Now you’ll need to apply a quick format to your pendrive. Type format fs=ntfs quick and hit enter.
  11. Now exit the diskpart command by entering exit in the command prompt.

Step 2 : Copy & Paste the OS file

Your pendrive has become bootable. The next thing to do is copy all the files from the CD/DVD consisting of Windows setup files. Now just restart your PC and proceed forward to install the Windows OS on your PC.

Hope you liked this post, please do share with more methods to make a bootable pendrive. Drop a comment below for any query.


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  2. Does not boot, some thing is missing. If I use unetbootin or rufus or any other tool it always works, but I would like to learn how to get it working without 3rd party software. Somehow the drive is still not seen as bootable. Way back there was something with /s to format/copy system info…

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