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iNew U9 plus review

iNew U9 Plus Phablet Review

Hey what’sup guys, this is Saransh Bhatt and today we’re gonna review iNew U9 Plus phablet that has been launched recently. Recently iNew has launched 3 new series of smartphones including iNew U9, U8W and U9 Plus. You can also read my last review of iNew U8W smartphone that has been priced at $69 only. iNew U9 plus is a 6.0 inched phablet that comes with MTK6735 chipset and has a quad core processor. Quad core processors are not very hot these days and the phone has only 2 GB of RAM that is quite disappointing. But when we consider it with its price range then everything comes in bright light. The phone has been priced at only $109.99 available on everbuying and gearbest. So let’s get started with this iNew U9 Plus Review.

The phablet is a dual SIM phablet and there is no hybrid slot for the external SD card. That means you can simply insert your external SD card in a separate slot and extend the storage from 16 GB to 64 GB.

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extended memory


The phone has a great screen size of 6.0 inch that makes it a perfect size phablet. The overall look of iNew U9 plus is pretty decent but not much impressive. The 6.0 inch screen has a resolution of 1280 x 720p which is pretty decent considering the price range. Moreover iNew U9 plus has a 2.5D screen that makes images clear and vivid. It also provides much greater screen quality when viewed at different angles.

design iNew U9 plus

At the front on the top, it has a 5.0 MP front facing camera and a proximity sensor followed by a 6.0 inch HD display screen. Below the display it has 3 capacitive ultra soft buttons to navigate as per desire. Now, a 3.5mm headphone jack with a USB jack are is present on the very top of the smartphone. And I don’t think that there is anything below the smartphone apart from a small space for mic.

build inew u9

Now to the back on the bottom, it has a good quality speakers. iNew U9 plus also has a 13.0 MP rear shooter with an LED flash light followed by the iNew brand logo. As usual, volume rocker and power buttons are present on the right side of the iNew U9 plus smartphone and I guess there’s nothing on the left side.

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build quality

Now to be honest, it is quite comfortable to hold iNew U9 plus in your hands. As you’ll find a little odd pattern on the back panel of this phablet and it is pretty interesting. You will feel quite a rough feel that surely gives you more comfort and confidence while holding it in your hands. Anyway let’s move further in this iNew U9 Plus review and discuss more about it.

design inew u9


As I have already gave you some hint about the display of iNew U9 Plus, the phablet has a huge screen size of 6 inches. With such a big screen, you can do many thing with easy. Surely, playing with YouTube on such a big display will give you an awesome experience.

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Some of you may ask is it really recommended as it might be difficult to attend and answer calls on such a big phablet. But let me tell you with my experience, it is pretty cool to make or answer calls on this phablet. It just sounds so big but it is actually cool. Remember the time when we used to think a 5.0 inch device to be really big but now it is consider to be an average display size.

display inew u9 plus

It is just a matter of time when you really get used to it. The display is not very much impressive. But yeah, to some extent it is pretty cool and has a decent quality. It is just because the phone has a 6.0 inch display but has a resolution of around 1280 x 720p that makes the display quality a bit low. But I am fine with that when my mind gets reminded with its price.


Now coming to the camera quality of iNew U9 Plus. For those who are really in to the world of clicking pictures and selfies, then let me tell you. You surely won’t be disappointed with it. The phone has a pretty decent camera that can capture good enough images. It has a decent camera for its price. Don’t feel disappointed if you start comparing it with high end expensive smartphones. As iNew U9 plus is quite cheaper and has a good quality camera for its price tag.

With 13.0 MP rear camera that also comes with an LED flash, you can easily capture good quality images. The images captured with the rear camera won’t have much noise in them. But unfortunately, the phone does not give the same quality when you use it under low light. So you have to keep in mind that you provide enough good light to cancel all the noise and take decent quality images. Below are some image samples taken by iNew U9 Plus smartphone.

Photos taken by U9 Plus
Photos taken by U9 Plus

The same goes with its front camera. iNew U9 Plus has a pretty good front camera to capture selfies. The 5.0 MP front camera is enough to capture decent quality of images. It really performs well in video calling too. So overall you won’t be disappointed with its camera and if you are looking to buy a cheap smartphone with camera perspective then you might go with it.

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Benchmark Test

Now coming to the performance of iNew U9 Plus phablet. The phablet is powered with MTK6735 chipset which is not very famous clocked at 1.3 GHz and has a quad core processor. By hearing this specs the phone must provide a decent performance as it also has 2 GB of RAM. Surprisingly, when I did the Antutu Benchmark test on this device, the result was not much impressive. As you can see from the below screen shot the device has a benchmark score of 21473 that some of you may find cool as the phone is priced only at $109.99

Antutu Benchmark score iNew U9 Plus

iNew U9 Plus Benchmark rank

But some of you might not be happy with the benchmark score. But I have tried playing a couple of games on this phablet and they runs pretty fine without any noticeable lag. The phone temperature was also fine and does not crossed a degree from 45. Overall the performance of this smartphone is pretty good as the processor is well optimized so you would be happy with it.

Now that was with the Antutu Benchmark test. I also ran a test on Geekbench and found some pretty good results. Test on a single core gave me a score of 407 which is pretty good for any device with this price tag. Below is the screenshot for the same and you can compare the result with the closest of the devices.

GeekBench Ranking

Now the results were more interesting and impressive when I did the multi core benchmark test on it. As the phone has a quad core processor the results were impressive too. Here is the shot of what we got with this little beast.

GeekBench Ranking multi core iNew u plus


Now leaving everything behind, let’s move on to the battery of iNew U9 Plus smartphone/phablet. iNew U9 Plus has 3000 mAh of battery that can surely can provide you a good battery life. If you are a moderate user who is not much into games but feeds constantly on WiFi then the phablet can give you a backup of around 7 hours easily. 7 hours according to me is pretty good and you can blindly say yes to it.

UI inew u9

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iNew U9 Plus Verdict – Worth Buying ?



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