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How to Install CWM Recovery through ADB
How to Install CWM Recovery through ADB

How to Install CWM Recovery through ADB

Having trouble with installing cwm recovery on your Android smartphone? As we have already talked about the ClockWorldMod Recovery in our previous post on how to install CWM recovery with ROM Manager so we will not go much into details this time. The stock recovery that comes pre-installed on your Android smartphone is limited to basic features, you can’t install or extract 3rd party zipped files through it. This problem has been solved by installing any custom recovery like CWM recovery or TWRP recovery – the 2 most famous custom recovery. I have already shared one method to install cwm recovery through ROM Manager that is said to be the official method to install it. But for this method, your device needs to be rooted. If you are having trouble installing cwm recovery with ROM Manager then you should try this method. So let’s get started.

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Pre-Requisite (Before you Start)

Before your start with anything, make sure the below points are satisfied.

  1. Latest USB drivers of your smartphone must be installed on your PC.
  2. USB Debugging should be enabled (scroll down to see how to enable it)
  3. Your device bootloader should be unlocked.

Using ADB to install CWM Recovery

Enable USB Debugging

Now the very first thing is really obvious, you need to enable USB debugging on your Android device. Follow the below steps to enable USB debugging on your smartphone.

Enable developer options
tap on Build Number 7-8 times to enable developer options
  1. Go to Settings > About Phone and tap on Build Number 7-8 times to enable developer options.
enable USB Debugging
enable USB Debugging
  • No go back and open Developer Options, scroll down and navigate to USB Debugging and enable it.
  • Install ADB and Fastboot Drivers

    Now the next thing is to install ADB drivers on your PC. You can use the 15 seconds ADB installer tool created by an XDA member. Follow the simple steps to install ADB drivers.

    You can also see this post to install ADB & Fastboot on Mac OS

    1. Download 15 seconds ADB installer tool (9.18 MB)
    2. Run it, type Y and hit enter 3 times to install
      ADB and Fastboot
      ADB system-wide
      Device Drivers
    install ADB Driver install cwm recovery

    Flashing CWM Recovery through ADB

    1))  Download cwm recovery (.img file), rename it to recovery.img and move it into drive C: > adb

    2) Open Command (cmd) window inside adb folder. To do so, Shift + Right Click on the empty space and click on Open Command window here.

    3) Now type adb devices and you should see your device in the list displayed (see the screenshot).

    install cwm recovery

    4)Now type adb reboot bootloader and click enter. Your device will be booted into fastboot mode.

    5) Type fastboot devices and hit enter. You should see your device in the list displayed.

    6) Nowtype fastboot flash recovery recovery.img and hit enter.

    7) Once CWM has successfully flashed on your device, type fastboot reboot and press enter to reboot your device.

    CWM has been successfully installed on your Android device. You can install Quickboot app to reboot your device directly into cwm recovery.

    So far, this is the best method that I would suggest to install cwm recovery. But if you are still facing any problem with this method which you should not, you can try using another method to install CWM recovery without PC.

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    1. Will i lose my data if i do this?

    2. Thanks mate! It was really helpful and easy. 😀

    3. I have really enjoyed reading through your tutorials and comments. it’s nice to see someone be so helpful to strangers. Unfortunately, looks like its my turn to seek some help, if you’re willing and able. My first question is, will the Odin method of flashing CWM work on a Galaxy Luna SM-S120VL with Marshmallow 6.0.1? I usually go the TWRP route, but I have been looking for a good excuse to try CWM. This phone does have KNOX and I have not yet unlocked anything on this phone. But it needs it, BAD 🙂

      My second inquiry is in reference to my Samsung Core Prime SM-S820L. I believe it’s 4.4.4 Kitkat. Forgive me fr the length, but this one is complicated for me to explain. I unlocked its bootloader, rooted with SuperSu through Odin and installed TWRP. Two issues presented in the first couple weeks. 1.) The keyboard in TWRP was off-set just enough to the right that the enter key could not be selected. 2.) When creating back-ups, the log would read “unable to mount data/”. The backups did work. After some study I learned that the error for issue 2 was brought about because i used encryption on the phone. Here’s where things went bad. I found a fix on XDA (I love that forum and put no blame towards them. just bad luck). It envolved going into TWRP and repairing the partitions (a function found under the “wipe” section of TWRP). I followed the instructions and the error went away. I created a new back-up. When i attempted to reboot to normal function (system), i was brought to the encryption password screen (as normal); however, this time my password and any old password would not work. I can find no means to factory reset (due to keyboard in TWRP being out of sync). After contacting Samsung and my carrier to no avail, I tried restring backups, wiping everything that I could access, updating TWRP to fix keyboard; nothing worked. I managed to wipe the OS, but any that I install brings up the encryption password page. Everyone that Ive talked to and I am at a loss. The Galaxy Luna is my new phone; so, its not a dire emergency or anything. I’m trying to toss it up as a learning experience.

      Again, thank you for your time, and I apologize for the length.


      • Hey Stephen. Yes, you can flash cwm recovery on any Samsung Android device through Odin. Odin is specially designed for Samsung devices, you must already be aware of that. Switching the stock recovery with any custom recovery will trip Knox. You should remember that it will void your device’s warranty. You can not restore that warranty because of the Knox.

        Now coming to your second issue. I haven’t encountered such problem ever. As you already said that the encryption password page is still present after refreshing the OS, so I can’t help you in this. Sorry !

        • I have the same phone as Stephen. It’s a Straighttalk phone. The Samsung J1 (SM-S120VL). I get to the fastboot steps. I can successfully type adb reboot bootloader and it goes to a screen saying ODIN MODE and shows a bunch of info. And it has a graphical image that says Downloading…Do not turn off target.

          But when I type fastboot devices

          It shows nothing.

          Device Manager doesn’t show anything about the phone, minus SAMSUNG Mobile USB CDC Composite Device, underneath Universal Serial Bus controllers.

          There’s also a SAMSUNG Mobile USB Modem listed under Modems. There’s no Android section in Device Manager and fastboot devices shows absolutely nothing.

          I’d really love some sort of custom recovery on this phone. Any suggestions?

    4. how to recover cwm without debuging ,and use odin pc software

    5. sir good evening,

      i tried my samsung galaxy grand neo GT-I9060 to root with kingo root apk which was successful then i went further to install costom recovery through odin which was also successful.after this i opened cmw rod manager apk in device n reboot in recovery so came in cmw recovery after reboot. then i wiped cache which hanged the device and now i can only go to cmw recovery mode but can’t reboot device. it just stuck on samsung logo. tired intalling rom download from sammoibile.com n some other custom roms too but says intallation aborted.. plz help so once i can boot into phone now i dont want any rom to be installed… this was my first attempt to root and recovery boot as i m not any tech guy.. but i love android

    6. sir i tried the adb.exe method was nice but after reboot as my device stuck on samsung logo as metioned earlier. the command window works fine till reboot bootloader after that device restarts and stuck to logo and command window keep on waiting for device to connect again. plz help… honestly the tutorial you wrote is so easy to understand after read so many tutorial i found this thread helpful n easily understandable for non techy n new people like me.. thanks again sir

    7. Hey i need help, i did all the steps exactly but when i type fastboot devices nothing shows up and then when i just brush it off as i glitch i type in the next thing u say and it says waiting for device and its been staying like that for hours please help my device is a samsung galaxy grand prime Model G530T

    8. I did It but it tells me seandroid recovery anytime I boot into recovery mode.I can’t boot into recovery mode now

    9. This bricked my device 🙁
      Now I can’t even flash a different recovery img with adb

    10. Hi, my phone was working fine – then I tried the steps you suggest, as I wanted cwm to flash newer firmware…so I ran the steps up to step 4. I ran step 4 , the phone rebooted and stuck at the android warning screen, I then could either cancel or proceed to Odin mode. Proceeding to Odin mode, ADB then couldn’t see my device , so I couldn’t proceed. I ran ‘adb devices’ and ‘fastboot devices’ but it doesn’t show as attached. So I tried cancelling/rebooting – and the phone doesn’t reboot anymore – it just gets stuck at the battery picture screen-and wont seem to charge – no green filling of the battery. So I cant start my phone anymore, I can only seem to get it to Odin mode or nothing. Basically its currently unusable it seems, as I cant start it. OK, a known risk I took in running the steps above-which didn’t work for me-but any advice on how I can fix the phone. Maybe refresh it completely with stock firmware or something? or even better, get it back how it was 🙂 thanks

    11. i alredy do all the steps bur i cant boot into the recovery i install

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