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How To Install CWM Recovery On Any Android Device
How To Install CWM Recovery On Any Android Device

How To Install CWM Recovery On Any Android Device

CWM (ClockWorkMode) recovery is a very famous custom recovery mode for android phones, developed by  Koushik “Koush” Dutta. It is a replacement for stock recovery mode which is usually the basic recovery mode for android phones that comes with very basic features. In this post I’m going to tell you how to install CWM recovery without any trouble on any Samsung Android devices. The features of the basic stock recovery are:

      • reboot system now – to restart your android device with basic functions.
      • wipe data/factory reset – to format all saved data and to reset all data on your android device.
      • wipe cache partition – to wipe all the temporary system data.
      • apply update from sd card – to install official firmware zip from sd card.

These are very basic and limited features, to explore into a newly exposed world of your android device you must install CWM recovery that comes with tonnes of features, and yes for Samsung devices I’d say it would be the best custom recovery option. As it is better than the TWRP recovery. The highlighted features of CWM recovery are-

      • Nandroid backup – Nandroid backups is used to restore your device to an exact state.
      • advanced update zip – to install any custom ROM zipped file.
      • browsing option to choose files.
      • changes device’s primary operating system.
      • flash any custom ROM.
      • and much more…

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CWM recovery can be accessed by turning your phone off, then triggering the bootloader promt. Bootloader promt can be triggered by holding device buttons like volume up, volume down etc which is dependent on the device you are using. If you want to install a custom ROM or do something different with your phone, then you must root your phone. Now without further wait, let’s get started to the tutorial.

How to install CWM recovery on your android phone

Installing ClockWorkMode recovery to your device is quite easy. Here I’m sharing two methods to install CWM recovery. After installing CWM recovery, you can press volume down or volume up to navigate and power button to select any option.

      • Install CWM with ROM Manager (without PC)

        It is the official way to install CWM recovery to your device, it requires a pre-rooted device, download “ROM Manager” apk from play store, use ROM Manager to install latest CWM recovery for your device, reboot into stock recovery and choose “re-install package” two times to temporary load CWM recovery. You can checkout the full tutorial here – Install CWM Recovery without PC


      • With Odin ( Works best for Samsung Android devices) –
        Tested on Samsung Galaxy Grand Quattro

      1. Download Odin v 3.07 on your PC, download Odin v 3.07 .
      2. Download CWM recovery (.tar) file, download CWM Recovery v
      3. Turn on USB debugging ( settings > developer options > turn on USB debugging).
      4. Run Odin v 3.07 as an administrator.
      5. Switch off your device, go to download mode (volume down + home screen button+ power button), then press volume up to continue and connect to your PC.
      6. When Odin recognize your device, click PDA option and navigate to the CWM recovery (.tar) file where you have downloaded it.
      7. Select CWM recovery file and hit START.
      8. As soon as your device starts rebooting, unplug your device and remove the battery of your device.
      9. Now you can access CWM recovery by pressing volume down +home screen button + power button.
  • Installing CWM Recovery with ADB

This is far most the best method for installing CWM recovery on any android device. I have posted a separate tutorial to install CWM recovery using ADB.

Accessing CWM Recovery :-

      • For Samsung Phones – volume plus +home screen button + power button. Also read- How to root your Samsung android phone
      • For most of the Sony Xperia Phones – when LED light turns pink, press volume down or volume plus a couple of times.
      • For HTC Phones – pressing volume down and power button combination.
      • For other Smart Phones – can be accessed by similar manner.
Your comments and suggestions would always be appreciated, thanks !


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    I m using sky vega a850 runinng kitkat 4.4.2 rooted.i want to install coustom rom on it.i have tried to download rom from vegavait.com but failed to download rom.plz give me direct links of best roms or give me link to download lollipop rom for my device.
    Thanxxx a lot if you will help me.

  3. Hi. I want to install CWM on my sony Xperia T2 ultra. Will it unlock my bootloader? will it void my warranty? Thanks

  4. Hi Saransh i tried to install CWM to samsung galaxy core lte but it doesnt work why ?

    • It should work. You Must have Done Something Wrong. *Don’t Let you Phone to Reboot After Flashing* Remove The Battery immediately As soon As Your Phone Starts To Reboot. Hope this’ll Help You.

  5. I have a Samsung Galaxy S5. Do you have to pre-root your device to install Clockwork Mod using method 2 with Odin?

  6. but, in the stock recovery there is no re-install button . my phone is samsung galaxy young 2 duos sm-310h

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  10. i’m using galaxy star s5282, and i’m unable to enter into cwm recovery mode. pls help…..

  11. yes i followed all the steps, but in the last if i press volume up + home+ power it’s simply turning on the device or if i press volume down + home+ power it’s again showing the downloading mode

  12. According to Google Drive for the ODIN file:

    Sorry, this file is infected with a virus

    Only the owner is allowed to download infected files.

  13. Hi There,

    I installed the CWM Recovery, but now it’s displaying red exclamation on the top-left 🙁


    Do I need to root my device for this process. i have tab s LTE.

  15. Hey,Saransh Bhatt

    I have tried to install CWM Recovery in my Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000 using method 2,but it doesn’t work.My phone always boot into normal mode after installing CWM Recovery.When i boot into recovery,it didn’t acces into recovery but in Android 3e.

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  17. Cannot enter CWM recovery. Every time I flash using ODIN. Everything is successful. But it does not boot into CWM . Instead it boots into default recovery. I have tried taking out battery. un checking auto reboot in ODIN. Nothing seems to work. After every hassel. whenever I try to enter recovery mode I hit the default one.

    2nd Process says, need a pre rooted device. How do I ROOT without CWM / ODIN?

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    My name is Anoop Im frm Bengaluru i want to knw hw to install CWM for Samsung galaxy A8 im rooted but have to install CWM recovery mode..Im waiting for ur reply..
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    i install cwm recovery (.tar) using odin and as you mentioned (dont let your phone to be reboot) but my tablet battery is unremovable and i forgot to unchecked auto-reboot p/z help me. My tablet reboot after installation and my tab turned off now it is not starting p/z p/z p/z help me
    I have lost my tablet

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    are ou on skype please tell me your skype id so i will show you more about this problem p/z p/z saransh bhattt………………now only you can help me i also searched it out on internet but nothing helped me…….


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    Get PIT for mapping..
    Firmware update start..
    NAND Write Start!!
    FAIL! (Auth)
    All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)

    Any Ideas?

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    my email [email protected]
    mobile 09577073309

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  35. mine installation was successful but it is not showing cwm on acessing

  36. iam seeing download mode when i enter boot menu its saying can not do normal boot pls help me

  37. Please send me the links for installation of proper cwm recovery…on my galaxy grand max.sm-g7202…

  38. can i install this in my Samsung Galaxy Core Prime (SM-G360)??????

  39. It is possible to install in samsung galaxy core prime (g360h)

  40. OK bro..So here is what is happening..I am using samsung s6 edge 5.1.1..I have tried flashing numerous recoveries including twrp and cwm…Everything appears to go fine with a “PASS” message and i also keep my auto reboot option unchecked..So when i try to get into the recovery after rebooting the following message appears:-

    “recovery is seandroid enforcing”

    And so it goes into a bootloop…The same thing happened when i was trying flash a pre-rooted kernel onto my s6 edge (The so called safest method to root my device) and now I get this message when i try a normal boot:-

    “kernel is seandroid enforcing”

    What is happening wrong?? The only thing I am doing differently from the tutorial is using a mac..I use a port of Odin called JOdin in association with heimdall to flash my device…Everytime I flash it asks for a .pit file which I am pretty sure is not required with the windows version of Odin..It automatically assigns a .pit file (whatever in the world that means!) and starts flashing…It gives me a “PASS” message and when I start to think that everything has gone fine that SEANDROID message comes to haunt me alongwith the dreaded bootloop and I am back to square one…Pls bro help me out..

  41. hey please help me i tried to root my samsung galaxy j1 ace i installed odin and started the boot tar thing but now i can power on my phone there is only samsung galaxy j1 ace appearing and a red exclamation note on the top left

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  46. you people that keep asking give-me give-me are f’ing retards! you want this guy to literally link you to the recovery for ur devices! get off ur arses and go to the recovery sites and get em urself. This guy has already offered what he offered and yall want him to hold ur fracking hands thru rooting ur devices, u r the people who should just go buy an Iphone/Ipad and kindly fuuk off. I mean shit it aint this dudes responsibility to skype with you, call u, or even answer ur pleas for help when its ur own faults for trying to do shyt without doing ur researsh first. Hell as we speak i have over 50 tabs up teaching myself a new skill, why, cause I put in my own effort and work. Sure everyone has a right to ask for advice but sheeze do some footwork b4 attempting shyt u dont know about. Do to”friends” just like you “TARDS I am always unbricking, rooting, custom recovering and yada yada cuz u shyts see people make it look easy and think if he can do it i can? u ever wonder why those people make it look easy? They do there own research/homework and actually learn what they need to accomplish what they need.So to all u asking for hand outs to shyt u fracked up urself cuz u didnt do enuff research b4 attempting what people warn time and time again is not their faults if u fudge up due to being a M0R0N, well tuff tittiez. u shouldnt of tried to halfass shyt u dont know shyt about. Have a good day

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    My mobile is samsung galaxy J1 ace (J110H).

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  53. Dear Saransh Batt

    Turn on USB debugging ( settings > developer options > turn on USB debugging).??

    Where do i find this settings? I dont see it in Odin and i cant get in my Phone.

    • Dear my friend A3KP

      Turn on USB debugging ( settings > developer options > turn on USB debugging).?? this u must turn on from u phones
      1. setting
      2.about device
      3.press build that 7 time ( pop show developer is on )
      4. back to setting open that developer
      5. mark that usb debugging

      note on developer that have 3 deferent animition if setup factory i think 1x if me i change become 0.5 and more again u can find on there. i hope that can help u and please asking saransh again to make sure that correct. thank you

  54. this i try on galaxy S5 SM-G900A version 6-01 from AT&T =fail
    from download mode result on odin 3.07 that Fail ( AUTH )
    I did that all u say usb debugg on top but still i trying already few time

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  61. Sorry odin doesn’t work!

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