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How to install stock Samsung firmware using Odin

If you have messed up and done something wrong with your Samsung android phone and you want to install the stock Samsung firmware then you have to do nothing but follow this simple tutorial very carefully. Doing these tricky things with Samsung androids are very easy, Odin is the software that makes it easy to play with Samsung android phones. Odin is the software that is used by the Samsung to flash all those ROM’s and firmware stuffs. But somehow the software has been leaked on the internet and we guys are using it to install custom ROM very easily in Samsung androids.

I have already covered how to root Samsung android phone in my previous tutorial and  if something has gone wrong, you can always refer to one of my tutorial on how to fix Samsung android phone stuck at Samsung logo or how to unbrick Samsung android phone. Now in this tutorial I’m gonna tell you how to install stock Samsung firmware using Odin.

If something is wrong with your Samsung android and flashing the recovery.tar file doesn’t help then you might need to install or flash the stock Samsung firmware that you can do with the use of Odin (designed especially for Samsung android phones). Basically it is a very easy process to install a ROM using Odin, so you don’t have to worry about anything. Now, let’s get started.

Installing the stock Samsung firmware using Odin

Stuff you need

  1. A Samsung android phone
  2. A laptop/PC
  3. Odin software installed in your PC/laptop [download Odin_v3.07.zip]
  4. Stock Samsung firmware file [download your Samsung phone’s firmware from here]
  5. Common Sense

The Tutorial –

Visit the link provided above and start typing your android’s model name in the “Model Selection” tab, select your phone’s model and hit OK. Now download your android’s official firmware specific to your country and save the file in your PC/laptop. You’ll notice the downloaded firmware file is a zipped file, extract it and make sure the extracted file is a MD5 file type.

download stock samsung firmware

Now hold your phone, remove your phone’s battery and put it back after a minute. Now go to download mode by pressing – Volume down + Home Screen Button + Power Button, release the Power button when the device vibrates but keep pressing the other two buttons, hold on a second and your device will boot into the Download Mode. Press Volume up button to continue.

download mode

Extract the Odin_v3.07.zip file and open it. Connect your phone to your PC via data cable. You’ll see a green tab around the ID:com tab on the Odin screen, that means your phone is successfully connected.

Make sure the following options are selected before starting the flashing process –

  • Auto Reboot – enabled
  • Re-Partition – disabled
  • F. Reset Time – enabled
  • Flash Lock – disabled
  • LED Control – disabled
  • Nand erase all – disabled
  • T Flash – disabled

Now click on the PDA and navigate to the extracted stock Samsung firmware file (MD5 type). Select it and wait for a while, the Odin will take some time (around a minute) to check and process the MD5 file. checking md5 file

After around a minute or two you’ll see a message “checking MD5 finished successfully” in the message window. When you see that message just hit Start.checked md5 successfully

Sit back and relax and make sure you don’t interrupt the process. The flashing process will take around 20 minutes. Your phone will reboot after the flashing process.

flashing official/stock samsung firmware

Now you can use your Samsung android normally. Hopefully there would be no problem any more. I hope I was able to save your phone’s life. Share your views in the comment section. Please also notify me for any broken links, it would be very appreciated.

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  1. My phone was rooted using king root. I had removed king root and phone was working fine. I did a reset not factory reset and forgot to unlock my Samsung Galaxy grand prime SM-G530AZ When it came back on the screen shows security error: this phone has been flashed with unauthorized software and is now locked. That’s what the screen shows. What can I do to get passed this? Any help greatly appreciated

  2. Hi Saransh,
    I own a Galaxy Grand Max running on Kitkat 4.4.4, and have rooted it a few days ago. I want to install a new custom ROM but there is no CWM or TWRP recovery for my phone model. Now, I am planning to go ahead and install a new custom ROM (say CM) without the custom recovery. Will back up my apps+data through TITANIUM BACK UP though. Does Flashify app help me with custom recovery in some way, as there is an option to download CWM or TWRP recovery in the app (not sure though, if it can allow me to download, as my device is not in their compatible list). And yes, would like to mention here that your articles on how to deal with soft bricked Samsung phones has provided me with the morale support to go ahead (in case I end up brick in my phone). I also appreciate the trouble you go through into, to address each of the posted queries. Commendable job.

    • Hey, Binoy. Be on the safe side and install cwm recovery first, as you mentioned that you are using a Samsung android. It is very much easy to play with samsung androids. I’ll recommend you to install cwm recovery in your samsung, you can take help from my tutorial on how to install it. Don’t forget to wipe data, cache from cwm recovery before installing the rom. Hope it helps.

  3. HI Saransh

    i have a samsung galaxy core prime model Sm-g360v and i think i soft bricked it.every time i turned it on it shows the basic stuff when you turn on your phone,but when it goes to the verizon screen it just stays their and dosent go to my home screen.please help i really need my phone back to its normal state

  4. I did everything and when i used the firmware in the PDA it failed. now when i enter into download mode it shows a different message on my phone ‘firmware upgrade encountered an issue. please select recovery mode in kies and try again’

    • You must have downloaded a buggy firmware or chosen the wrong type. First try to flash the recovery file for your Samsung android, take help of this tutorial then follow the above tutorial to install stock firmware, make sure you have downloaded the correct file and of correct type.

  5. I got a phone from my cousin and he said he jailbroke it himself, its the sm-g530a model. I cant find anything on it. Everytime i try to boot it up, it says system software not authorized by at&t. Please turn off your phone and go to the nearest AT&T store for help.
    I dont know much about doing this, but i would like to fix the phone. Any ideas or anything you can do to help?

  6. please help, I’ve been trying to find a way for weeks now with no help. i rooted my galaxy tab a with king root and a few days later I’m stuck on samsung screen . i went to recovery mode and cleared data and restored but still stuck on samsung screen. at the bottom of the recovery screen i noticed something that said dm-verity verification failed. i tried to go to samsung web page to download software but they had nothing but a manual to download. it would be great if you can help me,thank you in advance.

  7. Hi Saransh. My Samsung N8000 is stuck on Samsung logo and i can only enter in download mode, can’t go to recovery mode. I’ve already try to flash recovery.tar and a stock rom via Odin. Odin finish green with “Pass” but then it reboots and is in the same state. Can you help?

  8. Please help. I tried to root my galaxy s5 afterward it didn’t work right the screen would be black and only a bunch of error messages would pop up. I already flashed the recovery file using odin and it didn’t fix the problem so I used your tutorial to install the stock firmware. I followed all the instructions carefully. When I get to the part to start it almost immediately says All threads completed. (Succeed 0/failed 1) up at the top it also says fail!
    What else can I do?

  9. Yes it was definitely thr md5. Not sure why this wouldn’t work

  10. i did everythink but when i press start at odin it takes to long and failed how to fix that ???!!!

  11. Thanks for the tutorial, it’s clear and easy to use.
    I greatly appreciated using it to recover my Samsung G5308W.
    Keep up the good job.


  13. And anyone find the firmware for the SM-G530AZ Im on Cricket and did the kingroot thing and messed up my phone and im trying to get it back im 100 miles form the nearest bestbuy

  14. I really need help fixing my sm-g530a galaxy grand prime I have looked every were but I have found nothing please help

  15. Hi Saransh, My Samsung Galaxy SM-J100H/DS just went into a Boot Loop. I first reset it, which didn’t solve my problem and just caused me to loose all my info on my phone.
    I than used the Odin software to root it successfully (Installing CWM Recovery) and tried to install the Super SU v1.65 which I couldn’t get right. I than Unbrick it by downloading the Firmware using Odin again and Install that. I was successful doing that.
    A HUGE THUMPS UP for your software and step by step instruction. Thank you guys!!!!!!
    When finishing with CWM Recovery installation FOR REMOVABLE BATTERY SMART PHONES, the last point said “As soon as your device starts rebooting, unplug your device and remove the battery of your device.
    Now you can access CWM recovery by pressing volume up +home screen button + power button.”
    Does that mean I must access CWM Recovery with out inserting the Battery again. Please advise?

  16. Hi Saransh, my Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime SM-G530T is soft bricked and it’s due to me forgeting to go into developer options and enabling one of the features but the soft brick didn’t occur until I removed my kingroot and it restarted and left me stuck on one screen each time I boot up. I’ve followed the instructions above but didn’t succeed. it fails saying “Volume Size is too big 4362240 < 4546560 ODIN : Invalid ext4 image" I have no clue what this means please help me.

  17. I keep geting “there is no PIT partition”

    I even downloaded the pit file, and market that option in the PIT box, selection the file.

    But the it also crashes.

    Enter CS for MD5..
    Check MD5.. Do not unplug the cable..
    Please wait..
    I9300UBUGMK6_I9300ZTOUGMK3_I9300UBUGMK1_HOME.tar.md5 is valid.
    Checking MD5 finished Sucessfully..
    Leave CS..
    Odin v.3 engine (ID:4)..
    File analysis..
    Get PIT for mapping..

    There is no PIT partition.
    All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)
    All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 0)
    All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 0)
    All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 0)
    All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 0)

  18. yo thanks a bunch…saved me a few thousand dollars lol….

  19. You are a wizard mate. Thanks a lot.

  20. Hi, it’s 2017 and your solution worked just fine. Thank you so much!

  21. Hi , I flashed the stock ROM for my samsung s3 using odin but it is still stuck on logo , i went to recovery mode and deleted all user data and cache but still it is stuck, one of my good friend told me that it is a motherboard issue( boot loader error) , cannot be fixed by flashing. i need your thoughts

  22. Hello Saransh,Please help me out I have samsung G360V and my phone is lock cos i forget my samsung account now and it has been locked that i need to login with my previous samsung account,I have try to bypass by downloading es file explorer but won’t work and I need the phone please help me out

  23. I have just followed all your advice as a complete beginner and it has resurrected my phone, thank you so much for the easy to follow step by step guide. the links make life easy too.

  24. i droped my phone in the sea water. then I received the security error. I am also not getting LTE connectivity sometimes. Using the note 5 via calls over WiFi.
    It works but then goes into security error mode all the time.
    Where should i begin.

  25. Firmware SM-N920T / N920TUVU4EQE1
    @fter 1Gig and 2 hours of download (thrice), it stops downloading.
    Kindly suggest another download link. I have tried from your suggested website and others as well.
    Don’t wanna pay so using slow download version. Anyone else having issues. How did you find a fix.

  26. my samsung galaxy j1 is stucked on the samsung logo i can’t find a firmware for it or what to do.can you help me with this? thank you 🙂

  27. Thanks A LOT Saransh i successfully run my phone in normal state!!

  28. Thank you so much. Finally after trying so many videos on youtube over a month now i got my phone to turn on. You’re the best.

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