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LEMFO E07S Smart Wristband

LEMFO E07S Smart Wristband Review – Trendy & Affordable

Hi kickers, in the today’s era of modern technology, smartphones, tablets, PCs, etc. smart watches & wrist bands are also becoming very popular. Smart watches and Wristbands have many new advance features which can be used to do many day to day tasks. You can connect your smartphones and tablets to your smart watches or smart wrist bands to make a call, read text messages, play music, click photos, run health apps, etc. We have reviewed some smart watches in our previous reviews. LEMFO E07S Smart Wristband is a decent band with bunch of features.

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Today I am going to review a Smart wristband which is also a smart health & fitness tracker device. The product is LEMFO E07S Smart Wristband which is available on Gearbest at just $15.99. This is a very low price tag for a smart wristband from a good brand. This wristband has many exciting features which you can use to monitor your health. It can record your sports trail, distance, pace, time, and you can also share your sports trail to the online community by this smart wristband. It has sleep monitoring feature, providing sleep quality and time information which can be helpful for you to change your bad habits or improve your bad habits.

There are various modes in LEMFO E07S Smart Wristband such as riding bicycle mode, running mode, swimming mode, rope skipping mode, etc. With these modes you can use this device while doing any of these activities. You can also stay in touch with social networking with your Smart wristband or make calls & SMS. Facebook, Twitter, Line, Skype, WhatsApp, etc can also be used using this band.  You can also take pictures by connecting this device to your smartphone via Bluetooth and listen to music. Now I am going to give you a full description of this smart wristband.



  • Brand: LEMFO
  • Bluetooth version: Bluetooth 4.0
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • IP rating: IP67
  • Health tracker: Sedentary reminder,Sleep monitor
  • Remote control function: Remote Camera,Remote music
  • Notification: Yes
  • Notification type: Facebook,Twitter,WhatsApp
  • Anti-lost: Yes
  • Alert type: Vibration
  • Other function: Alarm,GPS
  • Screen: OLED
  • Operating mode: Touch Screen
  • Type of battery: Li-ion Battery
  • Battery Capacty: 90 mAh

Buy Now from Gearbest at $15.99



LEMFO E07S Smart Wristband

Smart wristbands are wearable gadgets and their body & build features should be stylish and trendy. LEMFO E07S smart wristband is designed in such a manner so that it can be used by both Male & Females. It has Dial size: 3.8 x 3.8 x 1 cm / 1.5 x 1.5 x 0.39 inches which is good for a wristband. With this dial size you can easily see figures. With a Band size of : 24 x 2 cm / 9.45 x 0.79 inches, the smart wristband is easy to wear.

LEMFO E07S smart wristband has Product size (L x W x H): 24.00 x 3.80 x 1.00 cm / 9.45 x 1.5 x 0.39 inches, which is an ideal dimension for a wristband. It has Product weight: 0.026 kg only which is very less. You will never feel any heaviness on your wrist by wearing this band. The Shape of the dial is Square. Band material is TPU &  Case material is ABS.




LEMFO E07S Smart Wristband

LEMFO E07S smart wristband has a very bright screen because it has an OLED screen which is generally used in smart phones. On this OLED screen you can see every detail of the pictures, fonts, apps, etc. It has a Touch Screen which you can use to easily open a feature, swipe on the screen, etc. It has a unique feature of night vision so that this wristband could be easily used in different environments.




LEMFO E07S Smart Wristband

This LEMFO E07S Smart Wristband is compatible with iOS 7.0 and Android 4.3 or above OS. It has Bluetooth to connect this band to smartphones and tablets. The band also has waterproof feature which protects this band from damages caused by water or any liquid. E07S  can also withstand high temperatures up to 70 degrees and the low temperature up to -20 degrees. It means you can use this band in any harsh & rough conditions.

LEMFO E07S Smart Wristband

It has a smart health management & interaction features like 3D gyroscope, 3D pedometer, Bluetooth connection, swimming mode, calories detection,  ultra long standby, sleep analysis, call reminder, Chat alerts, etc. You can use all of these features to monitor your health status & stay healthy.

Buy Now from Gearbest at $15.99

LEMFO E07S Smart Wristband

You can wake up its screen by just turning your wrist slightly. It is so easy to check time or do any task on this smart wristband. You don’t need to tap on its screen or press any button to switch ON this Smart Wristband.

LEMFO E07S Smart Wristband

It has a 90mAh Li-ion Battery which is good enough for a wristband. You just have to charge this band once in a day to keep in ON whole day. It has 300 hours battery life & 720 hours standby times, which are much better than other smart wristbands.

LEMFO E07S Smart Wristband


This LEMFO E07S Smart Wristband has every feature which a smart wristband must have. You can connect this wristband with your iPhone and Android smartphones. It is a waterproof band which allows its users to use this device even in the rainy season without facing any problem. It has many health monitoring features to keep track of your health status. One main advantage of this smart wristband is its price. It is available on Gearbest at just $15.99 only. So, if you are willing to buy a smart wristband with great features and at a reasonable price, then you should  buy this LEMFO E07S Smart Wristband.

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