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MiFone L58 Smartwatch Review and Specifications
MiFone L58 Smartwatch Review and Specifications

MiFone L58 Smartwatch Review and Specifications

Looking for a good and a cheap smartwatch? then you landed on a very correct spot. In this post I will tell you about the new MiFone L58 smartwatch. Don’t get confused as the product is not from Xiaomi as MiFone is a separate brand. Now coming to the smartwatch itself, MiFone is a combination of smartwatch and smart band. It is actually a smart band with a dial like smartwatch. It has quite good features and pretty good looking strap. MiFone L58 comes with most of the feature, never-mind the heart rate monitoring featuring. It has every important feature like Pedometer, Sleep Monitoring, remote camera, calls and SMS reminder etc. The watch is pretty well built with great features and is available only for $15.99 for a limited period. The original price of this smartwatch is $15.99. So let’s start the MiFone L58 smartwatch review.

Build Quality

The build of this smartwatch is pretty professional and steady. The simplicity of this watch makes it more attractive. The dial is quite strong as the material used is Aluminium. It is also made with CNC precision technology. A new generation of advanced safety anti-allergy composite material is used in making the strap of L58 smartwatch. Not only this, In $15.99 you are getting an IP67 certified product that means the watch is water & dust proof.

Lifone Mifone L58 design

Now coming to the overall dimension of L58 smartwatch in MiFone L58 smartwatch review. The diameter of the dial is 40 mm, thickness of which is about 6.8 mm. Overall length of the smart band is 228 mm, thickness of which is around 2.2 mm. The MiFone L58 smartwatch comes in 4 different variants that are-

  • elegant black (front)
  • classic black (back)
  • fashion white (front)
  • elegant white (back)

folors mifone

The dial is quite strong and made with quality. On the back of the dial, you’ll find the magnetic suction charging slot and the brand logo. The shape of the dial is round which is also another plus point for me. As I really like watches with round dials. My previously reviewed Zeblaze Cosmo smartwatch does have cube dial. The display is also pretty, as the watch has ultra sensitive capacitive touchscreen. Let’s give a kick and move further in this MiFone L58 review.

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This L58 smartwatch has many features including the basic pedometer, sleep monitor etc. Anyway, what’s so special in this smartwatch that is making it so hot. Let’s find out. As fashion and technology are no longer monotonous, so the smartphone has a good design and pretty good features.  Some of them are listed below.

  • pedometer
  • sleep monitoring
  • remote camera
  • calls and SMS reminder
  • distance and sport trajectory


The watch can be run either with Android platform and also on iOS device.  Now only this MiFone L58 smartwatch has 64 MB of RAM and 128 MB of internal memory. The screen size is 0.66 inch and the screen resolution is 64 x 68 with OLED display. It can easily make your life easier.

The MiFone L58 Smartwatch Review Verdict

The option is available on Gearbest at only $15.99 which is a pretty good price for such features. You can buy it from Gearbest at as you will also get free worldwide shipping so it would be very beneficial to you.

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