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no.1 d3 smartwatch

No.1 D3 Smartwatch review, price and specifications

Now it’s time to review another smartwatch, No.1 D3 Smartwatch. It has a 1.22 inch screen with sleep monitor and mediatek MT6261 processor. You can buy this super low budget smartwatch from Gearbest only at $22.99. You will find this watch similar to apple smartwatch as the look and design resembles to apple watch. No.1 D3 smartwatch is powered with its own dialer. Unlike all smart watches, D3 smartwatch can independently make/receive phone calls with its own sim card. It has very cool features that are unique from the other smart watches. So let’s get started.

no.1 d3 smartwatch touchscreen

No.1 D3 Smartwatch Phone Review

It has only one button that is present on the side of the watch, you can turn the screen on by pressing that button for a second or two. You can connect this smartwatch with your smartphone via bluetooth or either way you can use it by inserting SIM card into the watch.

You can swipe left or right as the smartwatch is powered with a small touchscreen. You can connect this watch easily with your smartphone via bluetooth, but in order to synchronize the incoming calls, messages & notifications, you’ll have to install an app in your smart phone, BT Notification app. You can install it directly from the Google Play Store.

By pressing the side button for a few second, you can access the new notifications about recent calls or messages. You won’t have to check in to your smart phone every time for that. It has a battery capacity of around 350 mAh. The battery won’t last long, though the charging time is very less.

No.1 D3 Smartwatch has a small camera of 0.3MP, though the resolution is pretty low- 128 x 128. So you’ll find it useless. You can change the background of the screen by going into the Themes app. It also has a Image Viewer app, you can use it to view the images in your SD Card that is installed into the watch. Yes, the phone supports external SD card storage, you can insert a micro SD card into the watch. It has an expandable memory of about 16 GB.

No.1 D3 watch also have a Audio Player app, you can listen to your favourite music from the SD card or from your phone over bluetooth. The screen resolution of this watch is 240 x 240 and has 32 MB of RAM and around 32 MB of ROM. Anyway, you can expand it any time using Micro SD card upto 16 GB.

no.1 d3 smartwatch features

Now coming to the Sleep Monitoring, you can use this smartwatch and wear it at night to improve your sleep patten. It also comes with Heart Rate Monitor to take care of your health. You can use it to know your present heart rate, pretty well?

It also comes with a thing called pedometer, it can be used to track every step you take to help you achieve your fitness/health goal. You can record your sound as it has an inbuilt sound recorder app. It also comes with an alarm clock, you can set an alarm and the watch will be alarmed along with some vibrations.

You can also measure your body temperature with this device as it also comes with inbuilt thermometer. The one thing I liked about this smartwatch is its soft rubber band, You’ll find it really comfortable wearing this smartwatch as the rubber band is made up of some deluxe material, and its quite comfortable on your wrist.

With some cons, I’ll still reccommend your to go for it consdering the price range. You won’t find such features in a smartwatch in this price range. No.1 D3 Smartwatch is the one to go. Click on the Buy Now link, you’ll be redirected to the Gearbest Page. I hope you liked this review, comment and share it with your friends.

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