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no.1 g5 smartwatch review

No.1 G5 Smartwatch Review, Price and Specifications

Now it’s time to review another smartwatch, No.1 G5 Smartwatch. It has a smaller screen size than the other smartwatches from No.1. The screen size of No.1 G5 smartwatch is 1.2 inch and comes with the MTK2502 processor. Unlike No. 1 D3 smartwatch it does not have any SIM card slot to make or receive calls. The design is pretty sporty and cool and so does its price. The price of this smartwatch is just $47, though a little more than No.1 S5 and D3. But is it really worth for its price ? let’s find out and start No.1 G5 smartwatch review.

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No.1 G5 Smartwatch Review

No.1 G5 smartwatch has a solid and sporty look that sure is sturdy. It has a button on the right side with which you can turn on/off the screen. To be honest the display of this smartwatch really very great as it has full HD display. But if you want a good looking smartwatch then it might fit your need. As you may already know that I am a fan of round dial watches and it has a round dial so that’s another reason for me to praise its design. Anyway, let’s move further.

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The User Interface of this smartwatch is decent and pretty easy to use. No.1 G5 smartwatch has Sapphire Crystal Glass that is anti-reflective and abrasion-resistive. To give it more sporty finish, the band of this No.1 G5 smartwatch is not made up of leather but of TPU plastic material. The design is pretty and the display is far great compared to other smartwatches with same price tag.


no.1 g5 smartwatch

Heart Rate Monitor
No.1 G5 smartwatch has real-time heart rate monitor. The heart rate sensors are present on the back of the dial. You just have to tap the heart rate button to know your present heart rate. Obviously, the result is not 100% accurate but however, it will give you some idea.


It’s not over, it also has a pedometer that helps you to analyze your exercise every day. With this feature, the watch will count every step by you.

Sedentary Reminder
I believe all of you must know about what Sedentary is. So I got no time to repeat this shit again, right ? Yes, it will notify about long sedentary. So it will help in improving your health. These are the basic features a smartwatch should must have.

Remote Camera
Not only this, you can also control your smartphone’s camera from this smartwatch itself. It has really got some cool features.

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