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xiaomi mi band 1s review

Xiaomi Mi Band 1S review and features

Hey Kicker! I am back with another review, now, this time, I’m gonna review the one and only Xiaomi mi band 1s which is the latest fitness smart wristband from Xiaomi. This new smart wristband of Xiaomi has optical heart rate sensor. The previous model of Xiaomi Mi Band doesn’t have this optical heart rate sensor installed. Xiaomi is becoming popular worldwide, people are loving their products so now they had launched a smart wristband that not only looks cool but have amazing features that will add up into your daily busy life. So let’s get started.

xiaomi mi band 1s

The Mi Band 1S weigh around 0.014 kg and is IP67 certified, so it would be able to withstand water and dust. It is smart wristband with heart monitoring that will help you to have a good heart rate. Mi Band 1S manages your motion every moment and take a good care of you.

You have to do nothing but to pair your device with this band, to pair it you need to install Xiaomi Mi fir app on your android or iOS smartphone. Xiaomi Mi Band 1s is equipped with optical heart sensor that will detect your real-time heart rate, super cool isn’t it? The gadget is available on GearBest at a price of around $23.99 only.

Mi Band 1s will also give you the notifications of your android smartphone. It has a call reminder feature that will tell you when a call comes hence you never need to worry more about missing any important call. The Band is also equipped with Silent alarm so it will wake you up every morning by reminding you with vibration. You do not need to worry about missing anything.

xiaomi smart wrist band

It’s a full packed featured gadget. It is not only compatible not only with android, but it will suit with iOS device also. It has a 45 mAh lithium polymer battery that will give you 10 days Standby time, that is pretty awesome.

The previous version of Xiaomi Mi Band is a little different from this one, as the previous one don’t have a heart rate monitor but Xiaomi has added it up in Mi Band 1s. Due to the optical heart rate sensor installed, Mi Band 1s is a little heavy and thicker than the previous version (around 1gm heavier than the previous band). Though it won’t affect anything as there’s a very much little difference in the dimensions

The special features of Xiaomi Mi Band 1s includes:

  1. Distance recording
  2. Sleep management
  3. Alarm clock
  4. Measurement of heart rate
  5. Call reminder
  6. Calories burned measuring
  7. Steps counting


xiaomi mi band 1s review

I would strongly suggest buying this smart wrist watch if you are looking to buy a one. As Xiaomi is expanding its products to worldwide, their products are pretty awesome. But currently, it is available only in the Black variant. If you want some other colour then you might have to wait for a little long, as there is no official announcement from Xiaomi side about when will be the other variants would be available.

Xiaomi Mi Band 1s Specifications

Here is the full list specification of the Xiaomi Mi Band 1s, to get a more clear and broad idea.

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