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Onda OBook 20 Plus 10.1 inch Tablet PC Review

Onda OBook 20 Plus

Hi Kickers, We have presented many outstanding products to you from everbuying, such as Smartphones, Tablets, Phablets and much more other High-end gadgets. Tablet PCs are becoming famous and making their space in the technology world as they provide the features and satisfaction of both smartphones and Laptops. You can …

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NO.1 D5+ Android 5.1 3G Smartwatch Phone Review

NO.1 D5+ Android 5.1 3G Smartwatch

Hi Kickers, We have reviewed lots of products such as Smartphones, Tablets, Phablets, etc. from Everbuying on Kickiteasy. With the advancement in the technology, everything is becoming smarter than earlier. The highest effect and outcome of technology has been seen in Smart gadgets like Smartphone, Tablets, etc. Now watches are …

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CUBOT V2 Smart Wristband Review – Elegant & Cheap

CUBOT V2 All-weather Smart Wristband Review

Hi Kickers, As the technology is getting improved every day, new tech gadgets are being introduced to us almost every week. For now, we have only Smartphones, Smart TVs, Smart Electronic Appliances, etc., but Watches are also getting smart with the advancement in technology. Smart Watches and smart wristbands were …

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Z80 3G Smartwatch Review – Worth the price ?

Z80 3G Smartwatch Review

Looking to get in on the smartwatch craze without spending a boatload? The Z80 3G Smartwatch just might be the best way to do so. Z80 has been offering incredibly affordable smartwatches for quite some time now, and this latest model is a well-needed update to a tried and true …

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