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pi heart rate smart watch band

Pi Heart Rate Monitoring Smart Watch

Pi heart rate monitoring smart watch wrist band

These days, there has been a great trend of having smart gadgets including smart phones, tablets, etc. With the invasion of smart phones, great strides were made in this type of technology and a lot of features were added. However, one relatively recent addition in this trend is the smart watch. People all across the globe have really appreciated this product and more and more people are now buying the smart watches and getting hooked to it. Initially, smart watches were quite a basic version. However, now the smart watches have also evolved and these days, smart watches have really become smart. Pi heart rate monitoring smart watch wristband is also one of them.  [quick_offer]

Hardware Features:

The Pi heart rate monitoring smart watch comes in black color and is equipped with a range of features and functions that make it a really favourable among all the other similar watches that are available in the market. The first noticeable feature in its hardware is its high quality and super fine finished leather strap that gives it a very elegant look. It has blue tooth version 3.0 which means that blue tooth connectivity is very quick and efficient. This means that the watch can get connected to almost all the other devices that are normally being used these days. Like any wrist watch these days is expected to be, it is also water proof which gives more convenience and freedom to use it. This smart watch has a RAM of 64 MB with ROM of 32 MB. This might be the only drawback in this watch as this memory level is considered to be low especially when the watch is equipped with so many features. However, the overall performance can still be considered smooth.pi heart rate watch battery

Weight & Size:

The weight and size of Pi smart watch is yet plus point for the watch. Its dial size is 5.6 x 4.4 x 1.32 cm while its band size is 21.8 x 2.3 cm. This is completely manageable and very easy to handle. The wearing diameter of 17.5 – 21.5 cm might be considered to be on the higher side but it does not affect the overall size or feel of the watch. In fact, this size gives the watch a heavy and full look. The best feature in weight & size category is its weight which is only 0.054 kg. Anyone who wears it can feel the lightness and power at the same time.

Functions & Features:

There are many functions in the Pi heart rate monitoring smart watch. Some of them are standardized as per the common requirements these days while others are unique and give this smart watch a clear advantage. The blue tooth connectivity can be used for performing various functions including dialing, call reminder, browsing contacts, etc. This gives an added advantage of getting freedom even from mobile phones. Similarly, the smart watch is also equipped with remote camera and remote music player which makes it very effective to operate. It can also give notifications that are very much required especially for those who are frequent users of applications like WhatsApp and face book. It means that wherever you are and even if you cannot manage to handle the mobile phone, this watch will still keep you in contact. Its other features would include calendar, alarm clock, etc. and that too with a variety of ring tones. In short, this watch can very well serve as your personal assistant who is managing all your schedules and the list of things to do. It hosts a range of languages including English, French, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish. This really gives it a global touch and also makes it very much competitive with other watches around.

The heart tracker is perhaps the most important and core function of Pi smart watch. The users of Pi watch have expressed satisfaction about the accuracy of heart rate, something that is very important for all health conscious people. Pi smart watch can store data regarding health conditions and then keep monitoring the heart rate. It can also prompt whenever there is a deviation so that any issue can be addressed quickly. Thus if you are unable to manage time consuming and expensive appointment with the doctors, Pi watch is just here to serve as your personal doctor.

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