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Q2 Siri Smartwatch Review-“Wrap the world around your wrist”

Q2 Siri heart rate measurement smartwatch has been designed elegantly. This Q2 Siri smartwatch has been banded with leather and features advanced functions. This smartwatch also permits the user to send messages and make calls without even having to access your smartphone. This tech product couples useful features with a good design in order to offer a smartwatch that is light in weight and powered with enhanced performance. This smartwatch is available in three color variants: Bright gold, high-end silver & classic black. This smartwatch is priced at $57.99 on gearbest. Read further to know more about the features of this startling, innovative smartwatch.

Q2 Siri Smartwatch q2 siri

Smartwatch Engineering

Q2 Siri smartwatch has been designed with a genuine leather band. Other parts have been crafted with metal alloy of high quality. This watch features an IPS full round display. There are no limitations on the functions and the customizations. Seamless performance is offered by the MTK2502 chip used in the design. This ensures that the smartwatch does not demonstrate any performance lag. The performance is further enhanced with the use of 128 MB ROM and 64 MB RAM. The most unique feature of this smartwatch is that the user can extend the storage capacity to 32 GB. All one needs to do is to insert an SD card in the port. There are many other options that you can also look at before buying yourself a brand new smartwatch like MiFone L58 smartwatch, pi smartwatch, and many more.

q2 siri display

This Q2 Siri smartwatch is entirely waterproof and comes with IP54 rating. This implies that you would not have to bother about removing your smartwatch while it is raining. This also eliminates the need for worrying about the accidental drop in water. The IPS touch screen has the capability to resist contact with water for a while. The body has been fabricated with zinc alloy which is reliably owing to its durability and strength. The touch is smooth and poses no hassles while accessing the smartwatch functions. The leather utilized is genuine, breathable and makes the user comfortable. Or else if you are looking for a really cheap option then you can also look at best budget smartwatches under $10.

Battery and Operating System

Q2 Siri smartwatch is powered by a 280 mAH battery. The battery can be charged within two hours and lasts for seven days depending upon the usage. The quick charging feature of this smartwatch is quite commendable in comparison to smartwatches offered in this price range. The software utilized is compatible with iOS 7.0/Android 4.4 and higher versions. This implies that this smartwatch can be run with almost all devices running on the latest technology.

heart rate monitor q2 siri

Features of Q2 Siri Smartwatch

What is amazing about this smartwatch is that it permits monitoring of the heart rate. There is even a pedometer and sleep monitor technology incorporated in the design of this watch. This permits the user to keep a tab on the daily activities and pushes to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. The Q2 voice interaction feature helps in connection with the voice platform of the cell phone. This permits in playing music, sending messages and making calls utilizing the voice platform.

q2 siri smartwatch features

The watch vibration feature is another amazing feature. When the smartphone is out of 10-meter radius, the watch vibrates and this serves as a reminder that your smartphone is not in the vicinity. The high sensitivity voice recording permits the user to record the message clearly. The optical heart rate precision measurement is the central focus of this smartwatch. In addition, the following features make this smartwatch worth every penny that you pay:

  • Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity
  • Notification reminder
  • Multiple Audio, video format support
  • Water resistant
  • Alarm
  • SMS information
  • Automatic screen brightness change

Final verdict

The Q2 Siri smartwatch simplifies the everyday tasks of the user and is an amazing product being offered at $57.99. It is certainly worth having in comparison to analog watches that serve no additional purpose apart from displaying the date and time. The pricing seems quite average in comparison to the features being offered with this smartwatch. If you want to see other options then you might like ZTE W01 smartwatch available at $65, Ulefone GW01 smartwatch priced at $55 and No.1 S5 Smartwatch with a price tag of $40. The battery sustains for a decent time period even when this smartwatch is functioning day and night. The usage of reliable material, nice specifications, amazing design, availability in various colors and the useful applications make this smartwatch quite a desirable option for the price at which it is being offered.

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