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sma-band smart wrist band

SMA-BAND Dynamic Heart Rate Monitor Smart Wrist Band Review

There are a lot of options available when it comes to fitness bands. While looking for an inexpensive option, the SMA-BAND dynamic heart rate monitoring smart wristband is a wonderful choice. It is one of the best smart wristbands available in the price range. Priced at $29.99 at gearbest, this smart wristband has been designed with a lot of useful monitoring and tracking features that have been summarized in the subsequent paragraphs.

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Overview of SMA-BAND smart wristband

SMA-BAND is a new wristband that has been launched in the market segment and has been loaded with a lot of appealing features in addition to a quality build. The professional looks and the neat design makes this wristband quite a lucrative purchase. The functions of this wristband are vast. This wristband features a heart rate monitoring unit that offers accuracy of medical grade. Although, this is a wristband, it comes with a touchscreen interface. In addition, this wristband is also waterproof. This can also be worn while in a shower or while swimming owing to the water resistant feature.

This wristband connects to an iOS or Android phone with the aid of Bluetooth technology. It does not permit answering calls or listening to music. These are the only two features that are missing from this wristband or else it could have competed with smartwatches in terms of functionality. Message and call notification is offered by this band. This band is ideal for fitness enthusiasts owing to the tracking features.

sma smart wrist band features

Key Features

This wristband has been powered by a lot of useful features and they have been mentioned below:

  • Accurate heart rate monitoring
  • Automated heart rate testing with data stage on a cloud server
  • Pedometer for tracking the calories burned
  • Sleep monitoring
  • Sedentary monitoring
  • Message and call notification
  • Alarm clock
  • SMS and call reminder

Buy SMA-Band from Gearbest at $29.99


This wristband offers notifications for messages, calls, activity tracking and alarms. This device is powered with RGB light that switches to various colors based on the activity being performed by the user. For instance, no color change is observed during warm-up whereas the band turns green while performing aerobic exercises.

sma wrist band heart rate monitor

Build and Design

The SMA BAND exudes a professional and elegant look. The middle dial features a curvy design at the bottom and the top. The dial is rectangular in shape. The sensors are present in the in an uplifted bezel in the inner side of the dial. The strap is thick and is made of rubber. This ensures that the band has a perfect grip on the wrist of the user even while sweating out in a gym. The touch functions have been enabled on the OLED screen.

sma-band touch button


This wristband can be connected to any iOS or Android device that is running on the latest version with the aid of a Bluetooth. Once the wristband is enabled with connectivity, it can be used for tracking and monitoring apps, message notification, and call notification and for utilizing a lot of other features. This wristband has been powered by Bluetooth 4.0 which permits connecting to devices within a range of 30 feet.

Waterproof feature

This wristband comes with IP67 certification. This rating is offered to electronic devices to specify that they are waterproof. This implies that the SMA BAND does not get impacted if dropped accidentally in water. In addition, the manufacturer claims that this band remains unaffected even while swimming or showering. However, this wristband should not be used in a steam room or sauna.

Buy SMA-Band from Gearbest at $29.99


This wristband has been powered by a 90mAh battery. This is more than sufficient to power a wristband. This permits the wristband to sustain for a week. This wristband requires three hours to charge which is bit lengthy. However, the best thing is that the user needs to charge the wristband once in a week.


Final verdict

This SMA-BAND is priced at $29.99 and this seems to be quite reasonable owing to the features being offered with this wristband. The heart rate monitoring feature is quite impressive. In addition, the automated heart rate check and auto-save feature is the remarkable thing about this smart wristband. The design and features being offered is worth for the price being paid by the user. [quick_offer]

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  1. Which application can be used with this band in android, other than SMA application?
    Can it be connected with Google fitness App?

    • Fundo app would be fit for this smart band. I don’t have the smart band anymore I have returned it to the company so I can’t tell if it could be connected with Google Fitness app. But I don’t think so that it would be connected to that app.

  2. Looks really nice, it’s also available at Geekbuying for $29.

  3. Bought it but it is not syncing with the App (SMA Wear) from iTunes. As a result it is not showing the correct date and time and also syncing other data. Must be doing something wrong.

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