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Taskbar, Start Menu, Cortana Not working issue

How to fix Windows 10 Taskbar, Start Menu, Cortana Not working issues

Recently Microsoft has launched Windows 10 and they are offering the upgrade for free to their old clients, click the link below to upgrade your Windows PC to the latest version.

Upgrade your Windows PC to all new Windows 10.

Windows 10 was launched in over 190 countries and is installed on over 100 million PCs. Despite all the technical efforts there are some small bugs in the newly launched Windows 10. In this post I’ll tell you “How to fix Taskbar, Start Menu, Cortana issues in the Windows 10”.

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How to Fix Taskbar, Start Menu, Cortana Not Working Issue

Other websites are providing many methods and claim that those will solve the bug, I have also tried those methods but didn’t worked for me. Here @ Kick-It-Easy you will learn about two methods that will surely fix this bug permanently.

Method 1 :-

Using Powershell

Step 1: Right click on Start Menu button and open Command Prompt as an administrator.

Step 2: Type in powershell and hit enter.

Step 3: Paste the following Command in the Powershell(previosuly was Command Prompt) window and hit enter.

Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register "$($_.InstallLocation)AppXManifest.xml"}

Step 4: Wait for the process to finish and complete the command

Step 5: When it finishes try clicking on Taskbar, Start Menu, Cortana, hopefully they will work by now. If not, use the next method.

Method 2 :-

Easiest Method

Fix Windows 10 taskbar, start menu, cortana not working

Feeling lazy, huh ? Don’t worry take help of a small file. It will do it for you.

Step 1 : Download this file » 10services default.bat (6.2 KB)

Step 2 : Open the download file as an administrator.

Step 3 : Wait for 10 seconds, after 10 seconds it will start working
Step 4 : When the working process is finished, close every Window and Restart your PC

Step 5 : Now try clicking on Taskbar, Start Menu, Cortana. They will surely work as normal by now.

You will notice, the WiFi of your laptop is not working anymore. To fix this issue, follow these steps :

Step 1 : Open the Device manager
» To open the Device manager, Right Click on This PC and hit on Manage.

Step 2 : Click on Device manager (see the list on the top left corner)

Step 3 : Now expand the Network adapter list and uninstall all your WiFi adapters (right click and hit uninstall).

Step 4 : Once you have uninstalled all the available WiFi adapter softwares, now look for the option “Scan for hardware changes” and click on it.

Taskbar, Start Menu, Cortana Not working issues

Step 5 : Once the scanning process is done. Your Network adapters will be installed again and your WiFi will start working again.

Method 3 :-

Adding a new user will always be a wiser option. Adding a new local user in Windows 10 will help to get rid of the taskbar and cortana issues. Read this post to learn how to create a new user account.
Add a new user account in Windows 10


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  1. I have tried the second method. but It still not working, even my wireless can’t detect the hotspot

  2. After several days of searching and trying to fix the start menu, I just tried Method 1 above (Powershell) and it WORKED! Thank you!!

  3. Thanks, Method 2 help my 🙂
    yes, yes, yes !!!!!

  4. I tried the first one and nothing happened, so I tried the second one and restarted the laptop. Now my windows is getting an update that never ends! What could I do? I am waiting for 2 hours and the only thing I see is this windows update message. By the way I ran as an adm as you said. If you could help me, I’m desperate now!

  5. I tried the second method which did help the taskbar issue but I kept getting the 651 error which cant get online so I went back to 8.1

  6. I ran the .bat as an admin. I Still cannot use my start menu. Decided to try it again. Ran as admin. Inside the window everything it runs just shows Access denied at the end. That can’t be normal.

  7. Method 1 failed me but Method 2 worked fantastically! Thank you ever so much! =D

  8. When I run the above copy+paste method it says access denied. I confirmed I am running powershell in admin mode.

  9. I am afraid to run the .bat file I have a feeling that it’s a virus..

    • No need to afraid. Give it a run

      • metode 1 still not working after 2 hours of “initialized” powershell is run in administration and the fix hasn’t worked.

        would had been more specific, but just did and the weppage f’ed it up and I didn’t want to write it all again.

      • .bat is a virus as i ran 10times my interner security never let it either to run or to stay on pc. i tried everyting i.e. powershell, sfc.scannow, 10services_default.bat notjing worked still strugling with start isnt working and cortana also stopped need solution . i was getting message as powershell crash something month back and ask me to call some number for solution but i ignore from that i m facing problem i tried malware scan virus scan nothing work

    • it is, my antivirus stopped its execution

  10. Get-AppxPackage | % { Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)AppxManifest.xml” -verbose }

    That is the code you need to run, but unfortunately i have to do it every day.

  11. how can I use the method if the start button wont work to click into it.

  12. I tried both methods (twice) and I still don’t have a Start menu. I used the Command prompt (Admin) and started powershell and pasted the command but that did nothing except repeated red error messages and I ran the bat file and that didn’t work. After the bat file I had to restore my wireless but I still have no Start menu. I used both methods twice and got nothing.

  13. Kick A$$! Thank you! Tried several other solutions, and this one worked perfectly. I suspect that my Win8 to Win10 update didn’t bring the start menu to life due to my moving several user files to other drives in order to preserve space on my OS drive. (I run the OS off a smaller 180gb SSD)

    Thank you!

  14. Same thing is happening to me, the powershell command does nothing.
    Just after making a post on G+ about how MS is killing the info on updates I came upstairs to find my PC with a black screen, unresponsive so I had to hard reset it and sure enough it finished Windows updates only to reboot while it was finishing up.
    Now my Note, One Drive, etc keep crashing and I have a dead Start and Notification menu.
    I said no more to this “ad based OS” and went to do a roll back and well…I cannot do that because in MS’s infinite wisdom they allowed their media creation tool to overwrite your much needed BT & WS folders thus eliminating the ability to revert…bravo MS!
    I loathe where MS is going now and want nothing to do with 10 anymore.

    Actually…the only thing that works with a left click on my task bar is task view and show hidden icons.
    Start, search, networks, volume, and notifications are unresponsive however I can right click on them.
    When I try to do a refresh and keep my files it tells me everything needs to be reinstalled so what is the point.
    I cannot create a new account either as those choices do nothing when I click on them, the OS is totally borked.

  15. solution 1 does not work and solution 2 is inaccessible because of the stringent method of getting registered into the forum. Sad affair!

  16. For me both solutions have failed

  17. Both the methods aren’t working for me.

  18. tried both methods 🙁 still no luck 🙁

  19. Hello,
    Method 2 worked for me.

  20. Method 1 worked for me…. thank you kickiteasy….

  21. A HUGE THANK U, just the fix I needed! I saw this site posted on windows central forum by Saransh El iteboy:” Hey guyz, google “taskbar, start menu issues kickiteasy” Open the link for kickiteasy website
    OR google kickiteasy and open the post “How to fix Windows 10 Taskbar, Start Menu, Cortana Not working issues:

  22. This worked! I used method 1 and it is now working. I was about ready to go back to 7 and try to reinstall 10. This solution save me a lot of time! Thanks.

  23. Thank you so much! I was freaking out after trying SO many things. I’ve had Windows 10 since it was released, and this problem just occurred whenever I got on my computer. I’m going to bookmark this page just in case this happens to anyone I know.

  24. I’ve tried running all three of the methods you suggested. None have worked for me.

    Method 1 just won’t run for me (i was in Administrative powershell through cmd). I get red text reading “Get-AppXPackage : Access is denied….” followed by some more information (i can type in rest if it helps).

    The download for method two runs, but doesn’t fix anything. every operation fails and “Access denied” is once again provided.

    I created a new user account, but on startup, it displays the same issues that my old account does.

    I have run multiple registry and virus scans (malwarebytes, ccleaner, winthruster, and /scannow) thinking that i might have a different issue than some other people have. i have tried to system restore, but all my saves from before the existence of this problem have been corrupted. I’m looking at a last resort of performing a system reset (back to factory standards, not sure if “reset” is the right word).

    Do have any other suggestions or tips on what i might need to do?


  25. YES, THANKS SO MUCH!! Your procedure brought back the functionality of my task bar icons!

  26. #1 is running at the moment, it has been for the last hour (is that normal?!?)

    hasn’t changed from:

    Deployment operation progress : C:Program FilesWindowsAppsMicrosoft.VCLibs.12
    [oooooooooooooooo ]

    i tried #2, but after every line i simply got a “access denied”
    I’ll try number three in a bit here if 1 doesn’t come through.

    This same issue happened literally two days ago with my desktop. no solutions online worked for it (HP Envy 700, laptop is a toshiba satelite)

    I’m a little worried because after two days of trying to deal with my desktop’s taskbar issue, it died. i’m guessing the power box blew, because i’m seeing any lights. the fans do start, but of course nothing more than that. before the power went, it started having issues connecting to the monitor.

    I am unsure if any of these issues relate, but seeing as the time is so coincidental, i’m assuming they are.

    please console me with good news,


  27. Method 1 did not work completely. It did prevent the crashes just can’t get the start with the left mouse button now. Also, the wifi crashed as you indicated; however, the fix did not work. I can only get on the internet now with an ethernet connection. Please help.

  28. Any feedback to my start menu still broke and now my wifi. Wifi fix suggested did not work.

  29. I have used method one about a week ago sucessfully, But today, I had to run the procedure again. Not sure why I am having this problem repeat itself….

  30. Method 1 worked for me. Thanks a ton mate 🙂

  31. Method 1 worked like a charm. It’s interesting this is still a problem as of September 15, 2015. That’s when I upgraded two laptops and a desktop from Win 7 to Win 10. All three started having this problem several days after I upgraded. The task bar would work in some profiles but not others. I could not even create a new profile.

  32. I tried both options and they did not work. Using option 1 there were many errors stating i/o error unable to register
    Option 2 also failed with many access denied errors

  33. can someone help me to fix this bug on my windows 7?

  34. OMG thank you so much! No one else told me to do this! You’re the best person ever!

  35. As of today, I have had to run this procedure three times to fix the problems. The procedure does work!! Thanks!!

    Saransh, why would my PC require the running of this fix more than one time?

  36. I wanted my search box back, turns out it can’t display a search box whilst using small icons on the taskbar. dang.

  37. Method 1 worked fine for me. Make sure to run as Administrator.

  38. This is so great! Method 1 worked!!
    I now have full use of start window with Cortana and all apps! Thank You!

  39. Method 1 worked! After several days of searching and trying to fix the start menu, cortana or notification, this one really worked.
    Thank you!!

  40. just an fyi when the start button does not work you can’t right click it, might want to update your “how to” to fix the issue.

  41. None of these are working for me 🙁 I upgraded back in July and its just now becoming an issue as of yesterday

  42. I have a specific problem . When I tell Cortana to open start menu shortcut, it says its not there, missing, deleted start menu desktop app, or some other message. Now i have this message>

    Problem with Shortcut

    The drive or network connection that the shortcut ‘Start Menu.Ink’ refers to is unenviable . Make sure that the disk is properly inserted or the network resource is available , and then try again.

    I think I accidentally erased something to cause this , but it happened so fast, within a few mouse clicks that i missed it. What did i erase. The start menu opens fine, but when i type or ask Cortana to open start menu, i get this message. I can click the start menu. I assume the start menu refers to the windows menu .

    What did i do ? what is this message about, and can i restore it, is it just a short cut or something ?

  43. My other problem is, my laptop is not finding Bluetooth signals. Windows 10 shows its searching, but the Bluetooth never locates any devices i have available for the finding.

  44. Method 1 seems to have worked for me. thanks KickIt.

  45. Method 1 worked for me. I was about to reinstall Windows 10, then I saw your site when I did a search on “Windows 10 restore start menu.”

    Now all my start menu and taskbar functions are restored!

    Thanks for posting this.

  46. Method 1 didn’t work for me. MEthod 2 worked perfectly. THank you so much. ++++++. Regards.

  47. Method 1 only worked temporarily for me and hasn’t worked since. Method 2 never worked. Has anyone else experienced this?

  48. there is no fix this is a continuous problem currently.
    going into safe mode and then normal mode is the only temporary fix
    way to go Microsoft!

  49. None of these worked for me 🙁

  50. hey your link to .bat file says you need permission to access the content.

  51. I had to make a new user account to solve this issue

  52. it’s work thank very match …………lol

  53. THANKS!!!, In my case method 2 solved the problem, now everything is working normally. Greetings from Mexico 😀

  54. It says the file or page has been removed when trying to download the file mentioned above, what’s the deal?

    • Now it’s giving me this.

      you do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons:

      The page has been removed.
      Your user account may not have sufficient privileges to access this page.
      If you are a trying to post, the administrator may have disabled your account, or it may be awaiting activation.

      I imagine I’m pending approval then.

    • file updated. Thanks for notifying me

  55. Hallo Second File is Down. Could someone Please upload the file again ? 🙂

  56. When I try methond 1 I get this in cmd

    Get-AppXPackage : Access is denied.
    Access is denied.
    At line:1 char:1
    + Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopm …
    + ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    + CategoryInfo : NotSpecified: (:) [Get-AppxPackage], UnauthorizedAccessException
    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : System.UnauthorizedAccessException,Microsoft.Windows.Appx.PackageManager.Commands.GetApp

    And when I try method 2 I can’t open or save anything on my IE explorer. This has been happening ever since i removed my laptops HDD and put it back in. I can barley access anything on my desktop. Whenever I click on search i con or windows on taskbar my desktop starts to flash black screen and closes all my open tabs.

  57. When I try method 3 accounts and add someone els to this pc nothing pops up and I notice under task manager when i try to open something on taskbar opens windows reporting problem and windows shell experience host and closes really fast.

  58. Thanks, method 1 worked. Problem solved.

  59. Okay – I have stumbled across a reliable way to fix this with zero effort – right click over the Start menu icon and press the Windows button on the keyboard – works every time!!!

  60. First method work after a restart 🙂 just in case if it didn’t work after the command prompt is completed, don’t give up yet.. Do a restart

  61. Method 2 worked. Thank you

  62. I’ve tried the method 2, but my wifi can not be used even though I have followed your instructions 🙁

  63. Hi,

    I tried method 2, however now my computer cannot detect wireless networks. Any ideas?


  64. My start menu and status line were gone, got my way to the control panel and uninstalled Avast Anti Virus. all good now

  65. Method 1 worked beautifully, thank you !

  66. How long does it take Method 1 to finish? I put in the code and it just says Initialized and then stays that way for a very long time.

  67. Thank you folks for the info. Method 1 worked well for me. I saved the page just in case. This only happened after the update I received just two days ago. When is Microsoft going to actually make sure something works before pushing it onto the consumer?

  68. Method 1 worked for me, thanks a bunch…

  69. Holy crap, a fix for this problem that doesn’t involve dismantling my freaking computer!

  70. I will definitely gives this a try, and soooo hope that the second option works.

    Because this will actually be the third time that I’ve had to create a new user account since I upgraded last summer. And it really is a pain in the rear.

    • Aaaand, no dice. 🙁
      I think I’m going to just download Classic Shell and use it until this thing gets sorted out. I’m not about to create a 4th user profile again.

      Thanks either way for the options to try!

      • Aaaand a new update…

        I’m not sure if it was an update I didn’t pay attention to, but everything is back to the way it was… well, the internet still disconnects at random times, but the taskbar and explorer are working the way they should.

        Yeesh. This is a headache and two thirds.

  71. groove music,video player and store are no longer working

  72. Am trying Method 1 and it seems to be stuck on Initialized. Has been like this for 15 minutes so far. Am not sure if it isn’t working or should I be waiting longer?

  73. Big Thanks. method 1 worked with me by this way:
    Right click in toolbar
    then choose task manger
    then file
    then run new task
    then write powershell
    then past
    Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml”}

  74. Big Thanks. method 1 worked with me by this way:
    Right click in toolbar
    then choose task manger
    then file
    then run new task
    then write powershell
    then past it

  75. Figured it out. My avast antivirus had a conflict with Windows 10. I updated avast, restarted the computer and all my icons returned and start buttons works again. The only problem was my avast firewall was no longer working, so went to control panel, clicked uninstall and repair and now both firewall and task bar in order.

  76. FINALLY – fixed! Thank you so much. Method 1 failed – got stuck on “Initialising” but Method 2 seemed to go OK. Wireless was working fine afterwards too with no need to do anything else.

    I had been using Windows 10 for months when the taskbar stopped working suddenly. A total mystery!

  77. After successful try of method 1 now my store,groove musics,videos and some apps not working anymore!! please how can i revert back these command prompt codes? i want my old settings i dont care if start/task bar working or not! i am more using store and music,videos. Please leave a replay!
    Thanks in advance!

  78. I tried method 1 first, it’ did not work. So I tried method 2. I was able to download the fix, and run it. Then I rebooted. Neither worked for me. Cortina, Search, Start and Right Click functions in the Task Bar all still non-functional.
    If anybody knows anyway to fix this,please let me know.
    (And thanks for the efforts, saransh1256, even if it didn’t work for me.)

  79. I tried method 1 and it didn’t work. I tried method 2 and it didn’t work and now I can’t get my Internet working! Now my computer is unusable until I can get Internet back up. But that requires me to move my desktop to the modem (which is in another room so I can connect through a hardwire. Hopefully I will be able to get the Internet working. I will also need to find another fix for the task bar which won’t show my app icons.

  80. It worked! Thank you!
    This website is way more useful than microsoft forums…

  81. My Start Menu, Cortana, Search, and Notifications Center are all inaccessible in my standard user accounts…the one I use most often which contains all of my files and apps. I really don’t care about Cortana or Notifications Center, but I have grown accustomed to the easy (yeah, right) accessibility of Search, Calendar and People apps. A month or so ago they stopped working but came back twice after restarts. Restarts no longer bring their function back.

    I can access these functions in my separate, rarely used Administrator account. I would rather not have to create a new user account and transfer everything to get Start, etc. back.

    I tried to turn off Fast Start in Power Options as recommended by another site. Powered off completely, waited a few minutes then powered on. No fix.

    Then I tried Method 1 here using Powershell copying and pasting the Get-AppXPackage… text with no luck. The process ran and then I received a message saying that it could not be installed because a higher version of this already exists on my computer. What is the date of the one you are recommending? Where might my version be installed?

    I really do not want to go through the royal pain of creating a new user account and transferring everything. What the heck is causing this problem? MS updates? I have liked Win 10 until now. Egads!

    • Have you tried the method 2 ?
      It’s one of the biggest and irritating bug of Win 10, if you have no luck with the methods provided then you should contact Miscrosoft.As per my knowledge these are the only available methods to fix this issue. Try them and do tell me if it helps.

  82. Just tried Method 2 with no luck. The only result was, as you predicted, my Wi-Fi was knocked out. I did not go through your steps to bring it back. I did a system restore to a point that I set before downloading the .bit file because I’m becoming paranoid about getting too deep into changes I don’t know how to undo. I got a little worried after I did the restore and it hung in “initializing” for longer than I expected. All’s back to how it was this morning now, still no functional Start Menu, Cortana, Search, or Action Center.

    Yesterday, I tried a few other things found elsewhere before trying your Method 2: restarted Windows Explorer in Task Manager and uninstalled Dropbox…no luck with either. I did have this problem a couple months ago once or twice, but a restart solved it. Restart is not helping now.

    Because only one user profile seems to have the problem, I’m beginning to suspect that that user has become corrupted in some way. So, I may resort next to creating a new user profile, but that means I’ll need to transfer everything over from the old one. Any advice on that?

  83. Thanks! I Tried methode 1 and now it’s fixed!

  84. Fantastic work! I ran the batch file in method 2 and now my taskbar and icons work perfectly as they had before. Thanks a million! I couldn’t even find a fix to this problem on the official Windows forum.

    I’m curious though. What does that file actually do to fix things and what causes it to disable wifi drivers? I’m not tech savvy enough to make sense of the script.

  85. I had a similar issue. My normal user account could get to the start menu, but clicking the cortana menu or trying to search in the start menu wouldn’t do anything.

    I saw a post where a suggestion was to create a new account and copy my files over from the old to the new using an admin account. Tried it. It worked fine BEFORE I copied the files over, but after the copy I had the same result but didn’t have access to the start menu at all.

    So, I started experimenting with the file system. Setting groups of directories to .old and then logging into my normal account and see if it fixed the problem to gradually narrow down the problem. After about 45 minutes, I narrowed it down to a file in C:\Users\Brian\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\UsrClass.dat.

    I changed this UsrClass.dat to UsrClass.old.dat. When you log in, Windows doesn’t find UsrClass.dat and creates a new one, but now Cortana is working and I can search in the start menu and nothing in the start menu has changed. There must have been some kind of bad data in that file.

  86. Same problem cured with windows restore.

  87. I received 2 errors with the first option where it said there were 2 apps open and needed to be closed. So, I ran the second bat file and everything works fine. Thanks.

  88. Saransh,
    What am I doing wrong (please see my comment of January 24, 2016 above)? Your fix seems to work for everyone but me.
    Is it possible that my security softwares are blocking the fix? I have AVG 2015 Virus protection as well as ARO 2013.
    Can you recommend anything further I can do restore lost functions?

  89. ty it worked number 2 AFTER deleting avast antivirus

  90. none of these methods work for me!!!!!! please help!! i’m trying to make this start menu work for me so i can go back to windows 7!! please help! If I could meet whoever designed windows 10 i would scratch their eyes out for doing this to my computer! i have online business and it’s deterring our production and everything! I even tried and open another ms account as administrator and the start menu and cortana is still not working!! tried to run powershell on that account and all the text went red and it said error bla bla bla.

  91. I love what you guys are up too. Such cllever work and coverage!
    Keep up the good works guys I’ve added you guys to my personal blogroll.

  92. After trying multiple fixes that did not work, I have fixed mine and some family member’s (Windows 10 Home) computers that had this same issue. The following was a very quick and easy fix for Start, Search, Notification and other system icons not working or missing on Task Bar……..
    1. Go to your Desktop and right click anywhere then hover your cursor over “New” and then click “Shortcut”.
    2. When you are making the shortcut it will ask you to “Type the location of the item”, Type in “msconfig” (without quotation marks) then click “Next” then it will ask you to “Type a name for this shortcut”, name it anything you want, just something you can remember and identify for this procedure. Click “Finish”.
    3. The shortcut you just created for msconfig will show up on your desktop. Double click to open the shortcut to bring up the “System Configuration” box and click on the “Boot” tab at the top. Once in the boot tab, (with your current OS highlighted) underneath “Boot options” click to enable “Safe boot” then click to enable “Network” underneath Safe boot and then click “Apply” then “OK” and restart when prompted.
    4. Your system will be restarted in Safe Mode. (If you see a blue error box that says, “This app can’t open……can’t be opened using the Built-in Administrator account. Sign in with a different account and try again.”….just click “Close”.) Then go back to the msconfig shortcut you created double clicking to open “System Configuration” box again and click on the “Boot” tab at the top. Once in the boot tab, with your current OS highlighted, underneath “Boot options” click to disable “Safe boot” then click “Apply” and “OK” and restart again. Things should return to normal. Hope this will help someone else.

  93. Christian Fischer

    What worked for me twice was:
    Hyde Windows services
    Deactivate all
    Click okay then restart. It should now work. But you have to make the same process again to activate the services you deactivate.

  94. Hi Saransh,

    Thanks a lot for your tip. Your method one with cmd line fixed the issue but created another for me. As you noted, my WiFi stopped working after the fix. So as suggested, I uninstalled the driver. Now I am not able to install the driver, every time I try the OS is saying it found the correct driver but couldn’t install. I also tried downloading the driver from the manufacturer and installing but without success. I also followed your post on fixing WiFi issue, that didn’t help.

    Can you help and have any suggestions to fix.


  95. First, thanks Saransh and all posters for the suggestions here. Instructions for remedies to the Start Button issue have been thoughtful, clear, and thorough. However, even though I followed them to the letter, I have still had no luck in fixing the problem for that particular user profile. There are many solutions suggestions on the web and I have tried most of them without success. So, I decided to create a new user instead. It was a long, inconvenient process, but I now have all systems running as long as I stay away from the old corrupt user. I have not deleted that one yet, just in case.

    I highly recommend setting a system restore point each time a change is made.

    My question now is how do I change my user names in File Explorer? When I set up the new user with Method 3, I named the new one “NewChris.” After everything was transferred over to the new user, I went back to Settings/Accounts and changed the problem user’s name to “OldChris” and the new user to “Chris.” Everything is great (sign-ins, passwords, Microsoft account,etc.) except that in File Explorer the names need to be corrected. Again, I followed researched instructions to change the names in Explorer with no luck.

    Yes, I did use a third administrator account during my several attempts. It’s highly annoying to have a new user named “Chris” that goes by “NewChris” and an old corrupt one named OldChris named “Chris’ in File Explorer. AAACCCKKK!

    File Explorer seems to want to play by its own rules. Help and suggestions, anyone?

  96. Exellent, second method works!

  97. None of these methods worked Tried all three and still did not fix my issue.

  98. how to download CWM recovery flash .tar file for my samsung mobile to resolving my firmware issue…..??

  99. I have install window 10 after install start butten and also other buttens active. when window start update left click not functional what shall i do please help me?

  100. My Taskbar Start, Search, calendar, and volume selection work intermittently. What fixes them for me: open Task Manager, select Details, right click sihost, and click End Process Tree.

  101. Methode1 is working. Thanks a lot kick it easy.com

  102. It actually works! Thank you so much!

  103. None of the methods are working. I cant right click the taskbar, the thing i downloaded didnt work, and i can even go into the users. The main things that i CAN do is open certan apps (google chrome which cant connect to wifi), open my files, and force shut down my laptop by holding the power button. Help?!

  104. Thank you ever so much. Method 1 worked for me.

  105. Hello, I used method 2. All I did was go to where said 10services_default.bat, I clicked on it not the word download as it just took me to sight where you can buy and download books and moves. Click on (10services_default.bat). It took me to a download page, I then clicked on the download bar, it downloaded the 10services_default.bat, which appeared at the down of my screen. I clicked it and allowed it to make changes to m computer. After it ran all I had to do is restart my computer. Now my start button and other buttons are working. Thanks Kickiteasy!

  106. I used the 2nd method and it worked. But after restarting the pc I am unable to connect to the Internet. Pc is unable to find the networks. Please suggest me something so that I can fix this

  107. I have tried everything.
    And they only work for a short time.
    Then taskbar freezes.

  108. My wifi is not working eve after hardware changes

  109. Thank you so much. Method 2 did work for me.

  110. the problems is on firewall
    Enable the firewall and the problem for taskbar and cortana is fixed

  111. My Wi-Fi keeps popping on and off. This is very exasperating. I keep trying to reinstall it but it just keeps saying it can’t connect. Help!

  112. Good article. I certainly love this website. Stick with it!

  113. These methods didn’t work for me. Here’s what did work!
    1. Press and hold control alt delete
    2. Open Task Manager
    3. End all tasks

    Now my taskbar and start button are all good..
    Hope this helps 🙂

  114. This method unfroze my taskbar right away! Thanks so much!

  115. Great fucking idea for method one. It’s so easy to right click on the start menu when it is unresponsive -_-.

  116. i have tried every metthod mentioned above but my problem is still not resolving taskbar still not working and is also not working. please help me what to do??/

  117. Thanks for that bat file. It worked!!!!

  118. nice post, thanks for sharing knowldge

  119. You are brilliant! Your script worked a treat for me. Thank you millions.

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