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best budget smartwatches

The two best Budget smartwatches under $10

If you are looking for some good but budget smartwatches then look no further. Here is the two best and budget smartwatches under $10. If your budget is low and can’t spend hundred of $$$ on a smartwatch then you can choose from the following two budget smartwatches. Both the watches are decent and fully packed with features considering the price range.


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Best Budget Smartwatches under $10

Both the budget smartwatches have essential features like real time notifications, dialer, messaging, music etc. Both falls under the price range of $10. I strongly recommend you two go with either of the smartwatch if you are considering to buy a smartwatch under $10.

U8S Smartwatch with Bluetooth

U8S smart has a 1.2 inch LED screen with an interesting feature called Anti lost alarm, along with that it is a fully water proofed smartwatch. You can purchase this smartwatch from Gearbest at only $9.99, though for some of yoyu guys the installation may be tricky.

You can connect it with your smartphone (Android or iOS) via bluetooth and sync everything like dialer, messaging, phonebook. You’ll receive real time notifications of your smartphone on this watch. It does everything perfectly. The screen resolution of this watch is pretty low but what can you expect in 10 bucks?

The in-built music player app is pretty cool, the output sound is quite satisfactory. You can play your favourite music at any time with this smartwatch.

U8S smartwatch review

U8S also has a remote camera with which you can take pictures in your smartphone with this smartwatch. This watch is truely packed with features. It also comes with Pedometer that can be used to track the steps you take to achieve your fitness goal.

U8S smartwatch can also measure your body temperature, as it has an in-build thermometer. It does everything perfectly that a smartwatch must do. So if your budget is a little low, then you can go with U8S smart bluetooth watch- fully feature packed smartwatch.

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The actual price of this smartwatch is around $15.22, but Gearbest is offering 34% discount. You can purchase this budget smartwatch in only $10. Don’t be late, grab the deal.

U80 Smartwatch with bluetooth

Now coming to the competitor of U8S smartwatch, U80 Smartwatch. It’s another budget smartwatch that falls under the price range of $10.

The look and design of U80 is more appealing than that of U8S. It is also feature packed smartwatch comes with all the essential features like Sleep Monitoring -carefully monitor your sleep quality, real time notifications – calls & messages, pedometer – that track your steps to achieve your health goal, reminders, alarm clock and remote control phone camera.

U80 smartwatch review

With anti lost technology, when the Bluetooth is disconnected or the phone is out of the Bluetooth distance then the watch will vibrate and alert the user. So you can keep the track of your smartphone.

Buy Now U80 Smartwatch on Gearbest

It is available in three variants on gearbest, red, white & black. All of them are attractive. Gearbest is offering 53% off on this smartwatch as the actual price of this watch is around $22 but on gearbest you can grab it in just $10.48.


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