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Uhans S1 4G Smartphone Review – The Beautiful Beast

Uhans S1 4G Smartphone is a product of innovation and technology. This smartphone is the latest being offered by Uhans and features a double glass curved panel both at the front and the back. The sleek design of this smartphone would make you fall for it the moment you set your eyes on it.  The use of advanced technology in the design offers an amazing experience to the users. This model would appeal to the people who desire a stylish and quality lifestyle. This model is available in two color variants: black and white. This smartphone is available for $169.99 on gearbest and the detailed features can be checked out from the subsequent sections.  [quick_offer]




This smartphone features a 5 inch HD display. The LCD and the touch screen have been integrated into a single layer with the aid of on-cell screen resolution. This is the reason why this smartphone is thinner and lighter. The integration of the features also makes this smartphone quite responsive. This device features a double glass curved panel at the back and the front.


Features and performance


If we delve deeper into the features of this smartphone beyond the looks then this one is quite a decent catch for the price that is quite reasonable. Uhans S1 4G smartphone operates on Android Marshmallow 6.0. Freeme OS 6.1 makes this smartphone safer, smarter, faster and nicer. This model has been designed to fit the user applications. This smartphone is more clear and stable owing to the use of modified OS. Powered by a 64-bit octa core processor, this model is quite efficient when it comes to the response time.  Increased performance is demonstrated by this smartphone model because of the use of 3GB RAM. In addition, the external memory can be expanded up to 64 GB thereby permitting you to enjoy music and videos wherever you go.  This permits the users to carry out multi-tasking with much ease.

uhans s1 feature



Two way connections are possible with this smartphone: Wireless and wired connection. The USB port makes it possible to establish a wired connection with the aid of a USB cable. This smartphone is able enabled with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support. 4G internet speed is supported by this model which makes it possible for the users to upload and download the information over the web. This smartphone offers a dual SIM feature to the users. The applications can be locked in this smartphone with the use of fingerprint recognition. This in turn helps in protecting the applications and information.


Camera & Battery


Uhans S1 4G smartphone features a dual camera: both front and back. A 13 MP back camera and 5.0 MP front camera is offered in this smartphone model. The presence of LED flashlight makes it possible to capture bright images even in the dark. The cameras come in handy in irrespective of the images being shot in the day or night. You can capture moments instantly that are accurate. The glare and noise in the images captured at night are eliminated with the use of low light technology feature. The battery capacity is 2200 mAH and comes with a non-removable battery. This permits the smartphone to sustain for the entire day with moderate usage. The phone has to be charged with the power adapter offered with the smartphone model. The battery takes less than ninety minutes to charge completely which is quite a great thing about this smartphone model.

uhans s1 front camera

Value for money


Uhans S1 4G Smartphone has been priced at $169.99 and this is quite decent when the quality being offered is considered. This smartphone is easy to use and light to carry. It offers quick connectivity and a lot of other features for just $169.99. Isn’t it amazing?


Uhans S1 4G Smartphone Conclusion


The Uhans S1 smartphone is an outstanding model being offered by the brand. Packed with powerful features and the latest operating system, this smartphone is worth having. The fingerprint sensor offers an edge to the user which is not offered in most the models within this price range. There is a lot more for the user to explore in this sleek smartphone model. You would not be disappointed with the regular usage as this smartphone model has been built to handle every day applications.   [quick_offer]

Uhans S1 Smartphone
  • Design
  • Display
  • Camera
  • Battery
  • Value For Money

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