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ulefone gw01 smart watch

Ulefone GW01 Smart Watch Hands On Review

Looking to buy a good smart watch, browsing all over the internet to get a better choice ? I think I might help you. Ulefone is spreading its roots all over the smartphones and smart watches. I had just featured a new Ulefone smartphone that has a bezel-less dispaly. Its my first time to review smart watch of Ulefone, Ulefone GW01 smart watch is a heart rate monitoring smart watch available only at $55 on Gearbest that offers worldwide free shipping. I have received the watch yesterday morning and have used it for only 4 hours and I’m doing this review according to that only so that might not be 100% accurate but yes you’ll get a clear idea about the smart watch. This is an hands on review after using the watch for 3-4 hours, so let’s get started.[quick_offer]

Design and Display

Ulefone GW01 smart watch is a heart rate monitoring smart watch having a round dial of 1.3 inch display. The resolution is quite common that is present in most of the smart watches, 240 x 240 resolution 1.3 inch IPS touch screen display. The build quality is really good and the watch attracts many eye balls due to its premium finish. I really like watches having a round dial so I’m giving a positive point due to this.ulefone gw01 smart watch

The smart watch has a single button that is used to access the application menu and do some other functions. The watch has many themes/skins which you can change according to your choice, the same can be accessed by going into the settings. The smart watch is available in 3 colour variants – Silver, Gold and Classic Black.ulefone gw01 smart watch

On the back side of the dial, heart rate sensor and magnetic suction charger is present. Not only the good looking dial, Ulefone GW01 smart watch also comes with attractive changeable genuine leather strap. Now lets come to the features and performance of this smart watch.

Ulefone GW01 Smart Watch Performance

The UI of Ulefone Gw01 smart watch is unique and pretty amazing. The easy UI and transparent features makes it quite easy to use. The single button present on the side of the watch is used to access the application menu. The overall performance is quite good and stable.

Here is the list of features/specifications of Ulefone GW01 smart watch-

  1. Heart Rate Monitoring
    The smart watch has a heart rate sensor present on the back side of the dial which is used to monitor your heart rate. To check the correctness, I compared the results with the Zeblaze Cosmo smart watch and the results were quite similar so it works pretty well.heart rate monitor
  2. Pedometer
    A smart watch is called as smart watch because it helps you to stay fit. The pedometer helps you to record every step taken by you and display a report accordingly. You can now monitor your steps, calorie burn and much more with this smart watch.
  3. Bluetooth Sync
    You can connect your smart phone with Ulefone GW01 smart watch and all your call records, messages and updates will be synced. You can also make call using this smart watch after pairing it with your phone via bluetooth. You will get real time notifications and app notifications on the smart watch itself that will make your life a lot more easier.
  4. Sedentary Reminder
    I have already discussed about Sedentary Reminder in my previous smart watches review so you can have a glimpse if you want.
  5. Remote Functions
    The smart watch can also perform some remote functions like Remote Camera, Remote Music Player and you can have fun paying with all these functions

Last Words

That was my hands on review of Ulefone GW01 smart watch after using it for a couple of hours so I can’t be so sure about the positivness of this smart watch but all I can say that its not a bad deal to buy it for $55 from Gearbest.


Ulefone GW01
  • Design
  • Features
  • Battery
  • UI

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  1. What phone were you using (Iphone or Android)? If Iphone what model and did you get messages/phone call reminders

  2. Are you using IOS or Android? If IOS did you get email/phone/text notifications?

  3. Silly review. How can you give battery life 3/5 after using it for 4 hours? Other than that, build quality is good.

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