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UMi Diamond Smartphone Review, Price and Specifications

UMi Diamon is a low range smartphone and has a similar design like UMi London. The smartphone comes with Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) out of the box and has an amazing design. UMi Diamond is packed with pretty good specs and is powered by an octa-core processor. The flash sale price of the smartphone is $99 and is available on gearbest. I have reviewed a couple of UMi smartphones – UMi Super review, UMi London review and UMi touch review. You can read them and other in my previous smartphone reviews. As I already told you, the design is somehow similar to the UMi London smartphone but has some interesting modifications, sure we’ll talk about them later. I will tell you all the details about this smartphone in this post, so lets start this UMi Diamond review.

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Those who don’t know about the brand, UMi is a popular Chinese smartphone manufacturer that delivers their smartphones in over 20 countries. UMi Diamond comes in three colors – Black, Golden, and White. You can choose either of the colors that suits you, by the way, black is my personal favorite. In this specifications review of UMi Diamond, I’ll tell you about its specifications in details. So without wasting any time, let’s start the UMi Diamond review itself.

Build & Design

The design of this smartphone is pretty nice. The 5.0-inch display is ideal for a smartphone, it is made of Aluminium Alloy & has a metal frame. So UMi Diamond is strong as it should be. It has a curved design from the back to provide more comfort to the user while holding the device. It rests very comfortably in your hand. The back panel is made up of plastic and has a glossy finish which looks pretty nice. The rest of the body frame is made of metal, selected for its notable strength and premium feel.


The artistry dual curved design is the slideshow of UMi Diamond smartphone. The seamless blending of the premium body with a metal frame are a mark of a sophisticated manufacturing process. On the right edge, it has volume rocker buttons and power button below them. There is nothing on the left edge of the smartphone.

Just like UMi London, it has a dual glass protection, a unique technology that makes the phone really tough. It weighs around 169 gm which is a little heavy for a 5.0-inch smartphone, so you are gonna feel a good weight in your pockets. It does not look cheap at all if you are looking for a smartphone with nice design and look but you are running out of money then this phone may suit you.

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It has speaker grills on the bottom and a mic. The rear camera is present obviously on the back side but to the top left corner. On the front, it has 5.0 MP front facing camera with the proximity sensor. It has curved back edges that look awesome. No one can’t guess the price of this smartphone by its looks as it looks very beautiful in hands.



Now coming to the display quality of UMi Diamond, it has 5.0-inch HD display with dual glass protection to protect the phone from hard times. Its screen can not be scattered easily due to this dual glass protection. The resolution of this smartphone is decent for a low budget smartphone, it has 1280 x 720p resolution. As it has 2.5 arc screen, so the viewing angles are pretty amazing. In the display department, the phone does a very good job.


The 2.5D arc screen not only gives better viewing angles but also makes the phone more comfortable and provides better grip. The dual T2X-1 glass makes the phone survive even 1.5-meter drops up to 80% of the time. Moving on in this UMi Diamond review.


Now coming to the performance of this UMi Diamond smartphone, it is powered by an octa-core processor and 3 GB of RAM. Bloody hell, an octa-core processor with 3 GB of RAM at just $99. It runs on Android Marshmallow so you are getting a better battery life as the Android 6.0 kills less battery than the previous versions. UMi Diamond has MTK6753 GPU chipset which is pretty fast. Running at 1.5 GHz clock speed, the processing speed should be pretty fine.


Now coming to the software part, I just don’t like the software of this smartphone at all. Just like the low price ranged Chines smartphones, the animations are damn slow. Using camera app will make you feel that you are using a 5-year-old smartphone. I just don’t like this smartphone, they should really look & modify it to stand in the 2k16 market.

Though the smartphone is indeed a powerful one, it also has 16 GB of internal storage that can be extended up to 128 GB. I think 32 GB should be the standard internal storage these days. Now let’s continue this UMi Diamond review.


Coming to the camera of this smartphone, it has 13.0 MP rear camera and 5.0 MP front camera. The quality is pretty nice, but as I already told you the software part will surely annoy you. The animations are weak and damn slow. Using camera app will really disappoint you though it will take some nice shots. The quality of camera and front facing camera are equally cool and good but the company should work on the user interface. Hope you are getting my point.

Even the smartphone is priced at $99 and has really cool specs, the company should work on the software and UI to stand above all the other companies like Xiaomi, OPPO etc in the market.

Buy UMi Diamond from gearbest


Now coming to the powerhouse in this UMi Diamond review, the smartphone is backed with 2650 mAh battery that sounds pretty low right ? Surprisingly, the battery backup is pretty good and it can last up to 7-8 hours on moderate usage. I don’t know what would be the performance of its battery after a few months, will count on that.

UMi Diamond Review – Final Verdict

Keeping in mind all those aspects discussed above, I’ll highly recommend you to go with it. As the UMi Diamond is priced at only $99. The phone has premium build and pretty cool specifications. Maybe they will improve the animation speed and other software issues in the future upgrades. For $99 this is really a killer deal on gearbest. That was all in this UMi Diamond review and is really a great smartphone under $99.


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  1. I have recently purchased a Umi Diamond phone & have a question regarding the dual sim set up

    I placed a 4G compatible sim in the #1 slot & a 3G compatible sim in the #2 slot

    The sim in the #2 slot shows as a 2G only & therefore wont work here in Australia as we no longer support the 2G network.

    Is there a way I can change it to 3G in slot 2 so I can get my work sim to run or can the phone only run 2G in the second slot ?

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