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UMI london review featured

Umi London Review – Android 6.0 Phablet

UMI London is a low range smartphone that comes with Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) out of the box. The design of this phone is really amazing and it is powered by quad-core processor. The device falls under the price range of $70 and in this price range, you’ll get many premium features. Umi is a great Chinese smartphone brand and the past, I have already done smartphone reviews like UMI super review and UMI touch review. Those two smartphones were pretty good and here’s one more on the list, UMI London smartphone. The phone is known for its design and it is currently a Presell product on Everbuying, you can easily buy the smartphone at $70 from everbuying, plus you’ll also get free shipping as the website offers free worldwide shipping. Now let’s come to the point and start this UMI London Review and in this “UMI London review”, I’ll explain every feature in details.


The thing I really liked in this smartphone is its design, the phone really have a pretty cool build quality as the phone is made up of Aluminium Alloy. The phone is strong as it should be. The smartphone uses a technology named as nanotechnology which guarantees the phone to be tough and light.

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UMI London weighs around 160 g and is only 4.8 mm thick. Now you can imagine how good you would feel when you’ll hold the phone in your hands. The phone does not look like a cheap smartphone, its design is really a premium one and for the people who are seeking a smartphone with good design and looks but have low budget then the phone is just only for you.


This UMI London comes with a brand new Easy-Grip design, a stylish repetition that fits right in the palm of your hands. UMI London is the toughest dual protection smartphone, the company claims. The phone comes with a dual glass protection, a unique technology that makes your phone tougher than you can ever imagine.  UMI London integrates toughened glass with DG-Twin shield technology engineered for a combination of slimness and damage-resistance. Now let’s continue this UMI London review…

umi london review display

UMI London has a slightly curved edge on the back which looks pretty awesome. This makes the phone very beautiful and to be honest, one can’t even guess the price of this smartphone by its looks and design. The build is really of premium quality. From volume rocker buttons to the edge of the screen, everything is smooth and well finished.


The curved back edges are given to give it more cozy looks and to make the smartphone easy to handle. On the front, it has a 5 inch HD screen along with the proximity sensor, of course. On the back, it has a premium plane design which really looks like metal. Volume rocker buttons and power button are present on the right side of the smartphone. UMI London looks just pretty great in hands.


Now coming to the display of this smartphone, the phone has a 5.0 inch HD display with 2 glass protection to protect the screen from getting shattered. The two glass protection adds up to the PROS of this phone. The display is pretty clear and produces colors of great quality. The viewing angles are also excellent. As the phone has a display of 5.0 inch, the HD resolution (1280 x 720) does really great.

display umi london

Apart from the DUAL T2X-1 GLASS, the phone also has a 2.5D arc display to provide more comfort and better grip to the phone. The smartphone has really very sharp IPS display and the PPI is also great. Overall the display is also pretty great and it adds up to the design and toughness of this smartphone.


Now coming to the performance of this UMI London smartphone, as already discussed the phone is powered with quad-core processor and 1GB RAM. The phone runs on Android Marshmallow that has a lower power consumption. The phone has a MTK6580 GPU chipset which is pretty fast. The 1.3 GHz processor ensures high speed and smooth processing. This MediaTek chipset is reliable and fast.  The phone is indeed a powerful one, it comes with 8 GB of ROM so many of you would be upset with such a low internal memory. Don’t worry the company kept that in mind, you can increase the storage by up to 32 GB more by using an external SD card. Cool, isn’t it ? Let’s continue this UMI London review…


This MediaTek chipset is reliable and fast.  The phone is indeed a powerful one, it comes with 8 GB of ROM so many of you would be upset with such a low internal memory. Don’t worry the company kept that in mind, you can increase the storage by upto 32 GB more by using an external SD card. Cool, isn’t it ? Let’s continue this UMI London review…

processor umi london

Now coming to the camera of this UMI london smartphone, the phone has an 8.0 MP rear camera to shoot HD videos and take average quality pictures. Umm.. I can’t say that the image quality taken by this camera is really great, but indeed, they are of average quality. The phone also have a small 2.0 MP front facing camera that might not be useful enough as the quality isn’t that good to be included in the positive points of this smartphone. The camera quality is not much satisfying but what can you expect in $70 ? So keeping in mind the price range of your pocket, some things can be neglecte, right ?

umi london camera

Now coming to the power house of any smartphone, its battery. The phone deos does not have a very large battery but 2050 mAh is what this phone is occupied with. As the phone has a uni body so the battery is not user replaceable. The battery is just fine, according to the company the phone is capable of giving a battery backup of 9 hours that is not the case. The phone will give you a backup of around 7 hours when using WiFi (heavy usage) which is pretty good for such price range. The phone does have many premium features and the price is realy very low for that.

umi london battery

UMI London Review – Final Verdict

Keeping in mind all the aspects that we have discussed, the phone is highly recommended and I will rank it #1 in this class. With such a low price $70 the phone has a premium build and awesome design, not only that the phone has a good performance and fair camera when we look at its price tag. Lower the price tag, better this UMI london is. That was all in this UMI London Review and this is indeed the best phone under such price range that I have ever come across.

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