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How to unlock Bootloader of any Android smartphone
How to unlock Bootloader of any Android smartphone

How to unlock Bootloader using adb & fastboot

It’s really easy to unlock bootloader using fastboot & adb but that won’t work with every Android device. You have to do a series of procedure to get unlocking code in order to unlock your device’s bootloader, many manufacturers have put up this setup. So I’ll advise you to check which method’s going to work in your case. The method I am sharing here will work with every One Plus & Google devices, though you can use this method on any device as no harm will be done even if it doesn’t work with your device.

unlock bootloader

If you are using Xiaomi, LG, Motorola’s devices, this method may not work as you’ll have to follow a different procedure in order to get permission to unlock bootloader of these devices. I can also share those tutorials if you want, just let me know in the comment section. If you’re not sure if this method’s going to work or not, just give it a try as this will cause no harm to your device no matter what.

I’ll provide you easy steps to follow to unlock bootloader using fastboot commands, you should follow each and every step carefully and trust me it’s pretty easy to unlock it. If you want to root your Android device, install a custom recovery, or flash a custom ROM, the very first step you need to do is unlock bootloader of your device that you’re using.

What is unlocking a Bootloader?

Earlier there was no need to unlock Bootloader of Android devices as they were already in unlocked state. A lock or unlock Bootloader is state that gives access to root. In simple words, if you have rooted your device then you’ll have all the hidden access, features that normal users don’t have. You’ll basically be the real administrator of your device and you can have access to those features that normal users don’t have access to. You can install a custom recovery, install a custom ROM, do some tweaks, do any modifications, uninstall system apps, and what not.

As it’s important to know about how deep the water is, before diving into it. I hope you now understand what unlocking a bootloader means.

Unlock Bootloader using Fastboot commands


To enable developer options in your Android smartphone, go to >Settings>About Phone>Tap Build number 7 timesand you’re done.

Now go back and you’ll find an option “Developer options” open it and enable OEM unlocking, USB debugging, Advanced reboot (if your device supports it)


Make sure you have downloaded the latest USB drivers of your smartphone, you can easily find it on internet, just Google the correct keywords.


Now the very next thing you need to do is download and install ADB & Fastboot drivers on your PC. If you are using Mac, you can refer to this guide to install adb & fastboot on Mac OS.

If you are using Windows, then you can simply download & install it from this xda forum’s thread.


Now boot your smartphone in Bootloader, for One plus devices long press the power button and click on Bootloader. Now you’ll see the bootloader status of your smartphone as “locked”.

bootloader unlock status one plus 6
You can see the bootloader status here, mine is already unlocked.

Now connect your device to your PC, open the C/ drive, open adb folder and open command prompt window there (>shift + Right click>Open command Prompt/PowerShell)


Type the following command and hit enter to check if fastboot commands are working or not

fastboot devices
OR if you are using MAC, type
./fastboot devices
unlock bootloader using fastboot & adb

If the window shows your device as shown, then you are good to go. Just type the last command and hit enter, your device’s bootloader will be unlocked.

fastboot flashing unlock

OR, if you are using mac then type-

./fastboot oem unlock

Wait for your device to reboot, now you can check the status of your device’s bootloader as unlocked. You have successfully unlock bootloader using fastboot and adb.

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