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xiaomi mi band 2 smart wristband

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Smart Wristband Review, Price and Specifications

After the huge success of Xiaomi Mi Band 1S  Xiaomi has launched a new smart wristband – Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Smart Wristband. There were many who didn’t like the previous Xiaomi Mi Band 1S design, so Xiaomi has revised its design and added a couple of features in Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Smart Wristband. Now Xiaomi Mi Band is back with a bigger battery capacity, better design, faster performance and more features. Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is a good helper for your daily life as it monitors pace, steps, and your heart rate while you are running. Nowadays, smartwatches and smart wristbands are becoming so common just like smartphones as these gadgets make your life easy. You can easily get real time notifications, make or receive calls and do many things with these smartwatches or smart wristbands. This Xiaomi Mi Band 2 has a 70 mAh battery that can give a standby time of 20 days and a charging time of about 3 hours. As Xiaomi is a very famous brand of China and now it is spreading its root to all over the world. The quality of this smart wristband is really very good and has great features like Call reminder, Measurement of heart rate, Pedometer, Sleep management, SMS Reminding. [quick_offer]

The Xiaomi Mi Band 2 smart wristband weigh around 0.017 kg and is IP67 certified, so the smart wristband is able to withstand water and dust. IP stands for ‘Ingress Protection’ and these ratings are specified by different tests. IP is followed by two numbers, the first referring to the protection against solid objects and the second against liquids, know more about IP67 protection.

mi band 2 waterproof


This Xiaomi Mi Band 2 wristband is a very sleek and attractive looking smart band and has a better design than the previous Xiaomi Mi Band 1s. It has a small notification digital screen and on the back of is, heart rate sensor is present. The shape of the dial is elliptical, the case material is plastic and the band is made up of Silicone.

xiaomi mi band 2

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 smart wristband also has heart rate sensor present on the back of the dial and with the help of these sensors, it can monitor your real-time heart rate. Heart Rate monitoring is the basic feature of any smartwatch or smart wristband. You just have to run the heart rate monitoring app in this smart wristband and tap on the Run button, the watch will show your real-time heart.

This smart wristband is available on GearBest at $39.89 (41% off). Mi Band 2 smart wristband also gives you the real-time notifications of your smartphone. It also has a call reminder feature just like the previous Xiaomi Mi Band 1 that will tell you when a call comes so you won’t miss any of your important calls. The Xiaomi Mi Band 2 also has a sleep management feature that acts as a silent alarm so it will wake you up every morning by reminding you with vibration.

mi band 2 heart rate monitor

Not only this, you’ll also be notified if you receive any new message as the Mi Band also has an SMS Reminding feature. This Smart wristband also has Pedometer so it will record every step taken by you and will create a report with all the details like – how much steps were taken, how much calories burned etc. So it will help you to stay fit and will help in improving your health.

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Smart Wristband Specifications

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