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Is Xiaomi Mi6 worth its price? review

Is Xiaomi Mi6 worth its price or is it just a hype?

Xiaomi Mi6 is the latest flagship smartphone of Xiaomi that cost $550, well that’s a big amount for such a smartphone brand but is the Xiaomi Mi6 really worth its price? I have also posted about the top 5 reasons why you should buy Xiaomi Mi6 smartphone. Reading that post will also help in clearing your choice. Now let’s get back to the topic, Xiaomi Mi6 is not available all over the globe so if you are from a country where this smartphone is not available then you can order it form gearbest that provides free worldwide delivery, smooth? At the time of writing this post, the international version of Xiaomi Mi6 costs around $545. So let’s find out “Is Xiaomi Mi6 worth its price or is it just a hype?

Xiaomi Mi6 Android smartphone

I think I can answer the question correctly as I have used Xiaomi Mi6 as my primary driver for a couple of weeks. As far as the looks and design are concerned, the company has satisfied its customers. The phone looks very beautiful in hands and the curved edges make it very comfortable to hold and provide a better grip. It comes with top-notch specifications, the 6 GB RAM and Snapdragon 835 chipset are definitely a thumbs up.

Satisfying Performance

The processing speed of Xiaomi Mi6 is great, can compete with other flagship smartphones. The latest Snapdragon 835  chipset along with Octa-Core processor that clocks at 2.45GHz speed have done all the magic. You can play any high-end graphics games at the maximum possible graphics settings, it will give you a very smooth gaming experience. The Adreno 540 653MHz GPU handles such tasks smoothly and makes the performance even better.

Antutu Benchmark Score Xiaomi Mi6

Xiaomi Mi6 comes in different variants having different storage starting with 64 GB that is enough. But if you want to increase the storage further, you simply can’t as it does not support external storage that may be a downside but according to me, 64GB as the starting variant is perfect. You can buy a 128GB variant Mi6 if you want more storage.

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Top-Notch Camera

It comes with a dual 12MP camera on the rear side that offers very good image quality. Out of the two 12MP cameras, one has a wide-angle f/1.8 lens and the other has a f/2.6 telephoto lens to capture the best portrait shots. The camera also includes 10x digital zoom and 2x optical zoom. You won’t get disappointed by its camera, you can shoot 4K videos and offers different custom modes to choose from. It comes in handy with a lot more different camera tools and HDR is also supported.

Is Xiaomi Mi6 worth its price

The front camera is also not an exception, it works equally good as it should, better maybe. It has an 8.0 MP front facing camera that also comes with different modes and tools to try something different. Overall the camera quality is perfect.

Don’t Run Out Of Battery Easily

The Xiaomi Mi6 is backed with 3350 mAh battery and the battery backup is appreciable, the display resolution is 1920 x 1080 that uses fairly less amount of battery than the Quad HD display does. You can expect a battery backup of one single day on average use. So far, there is not a problem with the battery backup and Mi6 is doing just fine.

Bye-Bye Headphone Jack

Just like the latest iPhones, Xiaomi Mi6 lacks the 3.5mm headphone jack and they seem to be pretty clear about the decision. They have provided with a reason to remove the headphone jack. By removing it, they got extra room for the battery and the USB Type-C slot. Removing the headphone jack could affect its sale to a great extent, do share your views on this decision.

Xiaomi Mi6 worth buying


The Xiaomi Mi6 comes with their latest MIUI software, personally I am not a fan of MIUI but the UI is pretty clean and very easy to use. The MIUI 8.2 is a custom version of Android Marshmallow 6.0 you’ll be getting MIUI 9 based on Android Noghut pretty soon. MIUI has its cool features of its own like scrolling screenshots, Dual Apps, Child Mode etc.

You can also individually lock any apps with your fingerprint, that’s cool! It has a fingerprint sensor on its home button only. I personally prefer the fingerprint sensor to be on the home button only. You won’t get irritated by tapping every time on the rear side just to unlock the phone or to use an app.

Is Xiaomi Mi6 worth its price? Final Verdict

Xiaomi Mi6 is really an amazing smartphone that comes with top-notch specifications, latest processor, and dual camera. It is crazy, beautiful and a perfect Android smartphone. If you are an Android smartphone, you can definitely go with it, you won’t be disappointed.

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How to Buy Xiaomi Mi6 Android SmartPhone?

If you live in a country where Xiaomi Mi6 is not available then I will help you in getting one.  You just need to click on the above button and you’ll be redirected to the gearbest product page. Just add it to your cart, fill every detail, make payment and you are good to go. You won’t get charged for any shipping, its free!

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