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Zeblaze Cosmo Smartwatch Honest Review
Zeblaze Cosmo Smartwatch Honest Review

Zeblaze Cosmo Smartwatch Honest Review

Hey guys, hope you are doing pretty well. In my previous post I have featured all the specifications of recently launched Zeblaze Cosmo Smartwatch you must have a look at that post. I didn’t receive that smartwatch at the time of writing that post, but now I have been using this smartwatch from a couple of weeks so that I can provide you with all the real pros and cons of this watch and do a complete review of Zeblaze Cosmo Smartwatch. Cosmo is the latest version of smartwatch of Zeblaze recently launched after the previous version Zeblaze Crystal. They have improved the design and have added some more great features. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Hands On

The Zeblaze Cosmo smartwatch will come in a small square box. The box contains the watch, user guide and a charging cable. The packing of this watch is pretty good. You have to press and hold the power button present on the right side of the dial to turn on the watch. After a few seconds the watch will boot up. You’ll see the default analog screen on the dial of the watch. Swipe left or right to have access to all those pretty amazing features.

You can also tap and hold the clock screen of the watch to change the screen of the watch as per your preference. You can swipe down or up to access all the apps and settings. You will see different apps like heart rate monitor, pedometer, sleep monitor, Sedentary reminder and much more.

Overall I loved the features of Zeblaze Cosmo Smartwatch and the looks are pretty facinating. Let’s move further and talk about the features of this smartwatch.

You have to download an app “Fundo Wear” in order to get access to all the features of the smartwatch. Download it on your smartwatch and connect the smartwatch with your smartphone (Android/iOS) via Bluetooth and you are good to go.

Design & Display

The looks and design of Zeblaze Cosmo Smartwatch is pretty good but I’d actually prefer a round dial instead of this dial with rectangular design, But we can’t neglect with the fact that everyone has their own preference. Overall the looks seems to be pretty well. It has only a single power button on the right side of the dial. The dial is 5.4cm or 1.6″ in length so you won’t face any difficulty with the touch response as it has a good screen size. On the back of the dial you’ll find the heart rate sensor and magnetic suction charging interface.

It is made of stainless steel with rust-proof special material. It makes it very heard and gives resistance to water and corrosion. Zeblaze Cosmo Smartwatch has an 22mm special Italian leather strap, that is hypo-allergic, sweat proof and at the same time gives decent looks. You can also remove and change the strap. Now coming to the display of this smartwatch, it has a 1.6″ IPS full view 3D arc lens and has a resolution ratio of 256×320 which is very great for such screen size. Overall you’ll get a premium looking smartwatch and trust me you’ll love the look of this Zeblaze Cosmo Smartwatch.

Zeblaze Cosmo Smartwatch features

It has all the premium features that a smartwatch must have and all these are available onlt at $69.99. From dialer to heart rate monitor it is packed with all those premium features. So let’s discuss about each and every feature.

Heart Rate Monitor

This app of this smartwatch will tell you about your heart rate.You can check your heart rate anytime and anywhere. You just have to wear this smartwatch on your hand and tap the start button in the heart rate monitor to get started. In a few seconds it will tell you about your heart rate. There are 2 apps to measure your heart rate, one that give you the present one time heart rate and with the other you cam get the access to your real time heart rate.

Sleep Monitoring

With this app, the watch provides you with good sleep. You can adjust your sleep time and sleep quality by detecting the sleep data.

Sedentary Reminder

With this health app, the smartwatch will notify you if you are sitting for a long time. As long term sedentary is adverse to health, this app will notify you to do some rest as timely rest reduces fatigue.

Real Time Notifications

All the Notifications of your favourite apps like Whatsapp, Facebook, inbox, instagram etc are displayed on your smartwatch in real time. You can also see the name or number calling you and you can pick up the call or make a call using Zeblaze Cosmo Smartwatch. All the notifications would be pushed to the watch.

Remote Camera

This is pretty cool app. As you can control your SmartPhone’s camera with this smartwatch and you can even capture pics using this remote camera. This watch is full of pretty features that will fascinate you.

Remote Music Player

Now another interesting app is Remote Music Player, this is something anyone would wish for. You can play your music list of your smartphone in your watch.

Battery Life and Charging

Now coming to the battery life of Zeblaze Cosmo, the battery life of this smartwatch isn’t great. If you start to explore the features of the smartwatch, using heart rate sensor or music player, the battery won’t last much longer. But if you use it like a normal watch, you’ll be satisfied with the battery backup.

There are several ways to charge Zeblaze Cosmo smartwatch.. The watch will be fully charged from 0% to 100% in just 10-15 minutes of charging. You can charge the watch either by your smart phone that has OTG support or you charge this smartwatch with your laptop/PC.

The charging time is very much less and this is great. You’ll be more than happy with that.

Bugs, are there any ?

Nothing is perfect, even Zeblaze Cosmo smartwatch isn’t the exception. When I tried connecting the smartwatch with many different smart phones (5-6) the bluetooth of this smartwatch crashed and then keep crashing afterwards. I had to do a complete reset of the smartwatch to make it work again normally.

Sometimes the remote music app won’t work. It says an error “the connected device doesn’t support this app”. But this error happens only sometimes. Otherwise it works smoothly.

The app to control the smartwatch “Fundo Wear” is really annoying and buggy. You can’t even signup on that app to fully use the smartwatch.


  • Ease to Use
  • Fast Response
  • Amazing Features


  • A I’ll buggy, but doing a reset will do things correct.
  • Short Battery Life.

Last Words:

zeblaze cosmo smart watch

Noticing all the Pros and Cons of this smartwatch, I’d recommend you to go for it. As you can’t get these kind of premium features in the price range of $63.89 available on Gearbest. The response is fast and the dialler works great. Overall I love this smartwatch and also recommend you to go for it.

Zeblaze Cosmo Smartwatch
  • Design
  • Display
  • Battery
  • Value for money

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